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Super sayian buu

This is a what if character if Goku and Vegeta lost against Kid Buu and he absorbed them. Super Saiyan Buu would have been born

Special Abilities

Ki Blast

The most basic form of the Ki Blast Wave. This was the first attack Kid Buu used. Although a basic attack, when used by Kid Buu it still had enough power to destroy a planet the size of the Earth.

Mystic Dragon Fist

Kid Buu curls himself up into a ball with his legs above his back and his feet below his chin and flies around using himself as a weapon to crash into enemies then hits them with a Dragon Fist.

Planet Bomb

Like the Spirit Bomb, this attack takes energy from the world, but instead drains all the energy and only leaves darkness. It's pink rather than white and can drain a planet's energy and destroy it in one shot, leaving nothing left. This is his best attack.


The ability to change body shape when damage is taken.

Buu Rocket

Buu Rocket is an attack used by Kid Buu in which he surrounds himself in energy and rushes forward like a rocket.

Instant Transmission Big Bang Attack

The user places their index and middle finger on their forehead, sensing a location that they teleport to then hits them with the Big Bang Attack.