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Goku reaching SSJ9001 during his battle with Earth Jarius.

"He can literally create and destroy universes... Such power is horrifying."

-Master Ayaka on SSJ9001 Goku

Super Saiyan 9001 is the form that a Super Saiyan reaches after reaching Super Saiyan 9000. A user of the Super Saiyan 9001 form's power is doubled by compare to the Super Saiyan 9000's power.

The first character to reach this form was Ghost Nappa, during his battle with Baby Buu(Hyper Gogeta, Gotenks, and Gohan absorbed). Ghost Nappa was able to defeat him in mere minutes after using this form.

Shortly before his 72nd death, Goku also transformed into this form against Earth Jarius, enabling him to sucessfully defeat Jarius. However, the victory was hollow, as Namek Jarius decided to head to Earth shortly after the incident to finish the job his spawn tried to do.

It should be noted that the user dies shortly after using this transformation, as the energy release on the body destroys it inside-out in about 15 minutes. Ghost Nappa was able to survive due to lacking a body.

Later, after his 75th ressurection, Goku learned how to keep his spirit in place during the use of this form while transporting his body elsewhere, making it possible for him to survive the transformation. However, this greatly weakened the transformation.

Users of the SSJ9001 transformation are considered to be Ultimortal. They contain the raw power to destroy and create entire universes out of sheer will, should the user be skilled enough in the moves nesicarry for the creation and destruction.


Someone in the SSJ9001 form has flowing locks of golden hair. When incased in it, a foe can quite easily suffocate.

Their muscle build also grows greatly. Along with the change comes a new outfit, consisting of pants(much like Majin Buu's) and no upper clothing.

Their eyes become completely blank white, as their power pulses, as well.


The personality of an SSJ9001 is pure unrestraint. A user of this form will feel almost no true emotion in this state, and they only seek to carry out the goal they initially put in place during the transformation. After completing this goal, they become completely apathetic until they either die or lose conciousness.

While feeling their lack of emotion or mercy, they often tend to play with their foes like toys. Both Ghost Nappa and Goku uncharictarisitaclly tormented their foes in this form.

A SSJ9001 user will instantly become permanently introspective after the transformation, acting much like Gohan after he become an SSJ2. It is not known whether or not their personality can ever be changed back.