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Super Saiyan 6 was first achieved by Jamie and Goku while fighting Evil Gogeta. The users most first have acquired a Full-Powered Super Saiyan 5 and transformation to a Solar Eclipse or something similar that has enough Blutz Rays.


Super Saiyan 6 is style has changed incredibly, the shoulder hair becomes rigid and longer, along with the rest of hair being rigid and standing straight up. The fur and hair have become Green but the eyes remain the same as Super Saiyan 4, the fur is even more rigid then usual. Its power is so great that fusion now last strictly 2 minutes. But in the case of Gotenks and Gobaga whose was increased due to Jamie's wish granting abilities his time is restored to and upgraded to 30.5 minutes.


Super Saiyan 6's power magnifies far pass then Super Saiyan 5 into unimaginable levels despite it being incredibly new it was not enough to stop Evil Gogeta and the required fusion to defeat him. Super Saiyan 6 power is far great then Super Saiyan 5 causing a major fall back the user will fall asleep after reverting back to normal.


  • After Super Saiyan 6 emerges, Jamie abandons Super Saiyan 2.
    • And Goku abandons all but Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 4 and 5 after transformation
    • Vegeta and Gotenks no longer use Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2 as well.
  • Gobaga is the longest character to use Super Saiyan 6 and the longest fused character via Fusion Dance.
Super Saiyan 6
Anime name Super Saiyan 6
Manga name Supa Saiya-jin 6
Alternate names Coloured Saiyan
Green Saiyan
Direct Saiyan
Debut Evil Gogeta Saga
Appears in Dragon Ball AF
Inventor Jamie & Goku
Users Jamie
Porunga (Gobaga Possessed)
Class Transformations