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This article, Super Saiyan 4(SSJ3Ascension), is the property of SSJ3Ascension.


SSJ3 Ascensions ideal of how the SSJ4 should have been portrayed.

GuideLined Information:This is what SSJ3Ascension believes that Super Saiyan 4 form should have looked like aswell, as behaved and fought like.

Physical Alterations[]

  • Gold Fur covers bodies torso and arms.
  • Hair becomes a "darker shaded gold."
  • Hair is alternated to a different style.
  • Without aurora gives off glow.


The user just as in the SSJ3 form is quite cocky, but gains a definent change in attitude in the area of fighting being that if they are faceing a lesser opponent they may try to talk and over go themselves as if they are a god completely dissipaiting the fight.

Power Increase[]

The users power is increased by x650 base statistics.

SSJ x50 Base
SSJ2 x200 Base
SSJ3 x400 Base
SSJ4 x650 Base

How To Obtain[]

The user must gain inner-piece with the SSJ3 forms emotions, power, and drainage struggle. Once the inner-piece with the transformation occurs slowly the saiyans body begins undergoing the transformation until reaching the maximum potential and physical changes of the form.