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Super Neo Kamehameha. [Goku isn't really seen using it in my story]

Super Neo Kamehameha, is a move developed by Xios, and is more powerful then a 10x Kamehameha. It's close to Black Kamehameha's level of power.


This move was developed by Xios when fighting Super Buu. Super Buu had absorbed Krillin, and was all more powerful then he was before absorbing Krillin. Xios, knowing he would have to use it in the first place, mixed his Ki and launched out a Neo Kamehameha, however, at the of it, it glowed yellowish, and launched out to Super Buu. The Kamehameha nearly absorbed Super Buu, and Super Buu was exhausted.


  • Xios, and Nail vs. Super Buu (Krillin absorbed)