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Piccolo as a Super Namek 2 following his absorption of King Piccolo

Super Namek 2 is a rare transformation of a Namekian that requires fusion. After Piccolo fused with Kami in the Android Saga, he fuses with King Piccolo after wishing him to New Namek during the Shadow Namek Dragon Balls Saga and becomes a Super Namek 2. Unlike a Super Namek, Super Namek 2 actually requires a transformation, making it more similar to that of the Super Saiyan transformation. After a Namekian has unlocked it, the form can be used whenever.


This form is used by Piccolo in the Shadow Namek Dragon Balls Saga. After being brought back to life with one wish, he wishes for King Piccolo to be brought back, then after defeating him, wishes that he would be forced to fuse with him. He became this form only to defeat Supaku, an evil Super Namek and the nephew of Nail. Rumors say that the Nameless Namek's father achieved the Super Namek 2 form.


The appearance of a Super Namek 2 is mainly the same as a regular Namekian, but with a slightly darker hue of green. Whenever in battle, the Namekian is surrounded by red lightning and a black aura. Their height also slightly grows and their muscular build slightly enlarges as well.

Appearances in Video Games[]

Piccolo becomes a Super Namek 2 in the Gameboy Game Dragon Ball Z: Super Sonic Warriors. He becomes this after he fuses with King Piccolo in order to defeat Super Buu in Piccolo's What if story.