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Super Kai
Dragon Ball Generations Character
Vital statistics
Species: Shin-Jin
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Black
Position: Former Supreme Kai
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

Super Kai was a Supreme Kaioshin one million years prior to the start of the Dragon Ball Generations series, the inventor of the Ultimate Potaras, and coincidentally, one of it's first users along with Olormi. Dark Kai, his and Olormi's fusion, is still alive by the time of Dragon Ball Generations, and is the Northern Supreme Kai.


Super Kai, as a Kaioshin, was born from a golden Kaiju around 1,000,852 years before the start of DBG, and was made the Western Kai. He invented the Ultimate Potaras, at an unknown point in time. He later fought a human villain named Olormi, and discovered that the only way to beat him was to fuse with him. He placed the earring on Olormi's left ear, and initiated the fusion, forming Dark Kai.