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Super Buu Trunks Absorbed by hsvhrt

Super buu trunks absorbed



Super Buu first absorbed Trunks after Baby had commited suicide inside of Buu, because he didn't want to be used. After this, Buu knew that only with Nappa absorbed he needed much more power. So he flew around for a while until he sensed a great power (this power being Trunks). Knowing if he confronted Trunks he would easily be killed, he flung a piece of himself in Trunks direction. The piece quickly and silently absorbed Trunks. After absorbing Trunks, Buu began a search for the Z fighters in order to get his revenge. He soon sensed Goten's power, and they had a great fight, at least until Pan arrived on the scene. As she was not being cautious, Pan was easily absorbed while she was in her Super Saiyan 3 state.


  • Super Kamahamaha
  • Kamahamaha
  • Planet Destroyer
  • Burning attack
  • Finish Buster
  • Mou Chuska
  • Spirit Bomb
  • Dust Breaker
  • Buster Cannon
  • Tree Cannon
  • Chocolate Beam
  • Explosive Wave


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