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After both Super 17 and Super 18 were destroyed, they were sent to hell and formed an alliance. They soon escaped hell and went forward in time to Earth’s future to cause chaos. Future Trunks, being the only Z-Fighter, along with a new hero created by both him and his mother, go on the attack


Super 17 and Super 18, being part human, were still consider an entity and were sent to hell in their new super forms. They soon had meet each other and decided to form a deadly alliance and return to Earth, but not before sending their creators, Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu, spiraling down an endless void for the rest of eternity.

They decided to return to Earth but in the future, where there would be less of a threat to their plan of Earth's ultimate destruction. They soon arrived and started their deadly onslaught of the human race. Future Trunks, being the only protector left on Earth quickly went in to battle, but was no match for the Androids's combined power, even having reached the height of Super Saiyan 4.

He soon returned home where his mother Bulma suggested using the remaining parts of Android 16 to create a new Android to help Trunks combat the two Super Androids. They soon created the new Android, Android 30, being sure to give him a human heart so he would feel compassion and emotion.

With their combined forces they were evenly matched with the two Super Androids. But Bulma appeared with a paralyzing device, paralyzing Super 18, letting both Future Trunks and Android 30 attack Super 17 at the same time, and then doing the same to Super 18.