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This article, SuperHuman 4, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.

Super Human 4 is the fourth form of a Super Human. Hunku was the first person to obtain this form. Its power rivals one super weak Saibaman.


Super Human 4 Hunku

How to Obtain[]

  • The user must be pure human and have a heart of pure, malicious evil.
  • Must train in Super Human 3 form and exceed its limit.
  • The user can't leave Super Human 3 form for two years, and beat one Saibaman which is basically impossible, also a Pink Gi.


The power of this form is so great that it must be used in space if the user does not wish to make the planet they're on explode. This form amplifies the user's power by -10000. The speed in this form exceeds the speed of a slug. The user may also blow up themsleves with little effort.


The user's hair lengthens farther down then Super Human 3, and is the natural hair color of the user. Their muscle mass increases only by a little, but still gives the user enormous fat and gayness.