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Anime name Suide
Manga name Suide
Alternate names The Tailed Namek
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth Age 737
Height 182.8cm or 6 feet.
Weight 56 kg or 123 lbs
Address Planet Namek
Allegiance Saiyan Army (former), Namekians

Suide (ソイトー) is a Saiyan who defected to the side of the Namekians after being sent there as a child. He appears in an alternate timeline to the main Dragonball timeline, and kills both Frieza and Cooler.

As with all Saiyans, Suide’s name is a pun of a vegetable, in this case a ‘’Suede’’.


Arrival on Namek[]

Suide was sent to Planet Namek as a child, in order to take it over and sell it on the Intergalactic Market. However, a kind Namekian Elder discovered him as a baby, and cared for him as his own son. Suide was trained by various Namek warriors, as he grew in power. He learned the Tri-Beam after having a vision of a human use it, and developed his own variations of it. By the time he was 20, he was the most powerful warrior on Planet Namek.


When the evil space tyrant, Frieza arrived on Planet Namek to start collecting Dragon Balls, Suide immedeatly set off to stop him. He encountered him at [Moori’s village, and commanded Frieza to stop. Frieza would have killed him, except for the fact that he then unleashed his hidden power, the ability to turn Super Saiyan. Suide quickly killed Zarbon and Dodoria, and then engaged Frieza in battle. Even when Suide went Super Saiyan 2, he was still no match for Frieza, who had entered his second form. Suide then turned Super Saiyan 3, and unleashed his ultimate attack, the Super Ultra Power Drain Tri-Beam , which doubled in power at the cost of Suide’s own life force. Dende pulled Suide back at the last minute, and started to heal him, as Frieza’s remains fell into the Namekian sea.


As a result of his near death experience, Suide’s power doubled, and so, when Cooler came to Namek, looking for revenge, he could match the tyrant blow for blow, once in Super Saiyan 3 form. However, the form took it’s toll on Suide, and, just as Cooler sensed victory, Suide unleashed the Super Ultra Power Drain Tri-Beam, this time letting it completely consume his body. Cooler was vaporised, but at the cost of Suide’s own life.

Power Level[]

  • Before Frieza
  • Normal Form – 3000
  • Super Saiyan – 20,000
  • Super Saiyan 2 – 200,000
  • Super Saiyan 3 – 20,000,000
  • Super Ultra Power Drain Tri-Beam – 40,000,000
  • After Frieza
  • Normal Form – 6000
  • Super Saiyan – 40,000
  • Super Saiyan 2 – 400,000
  • Super Saiyan 3 – 40,000,000
  • Super Ultra Power Drain Tri-Beam – 80,000,000


  • Ki Blast
  • Flight
  • Namek Bomb
  • Basic Namek Tri-Beam
  • Super Namek Tri-Beam
  • Masenko
  • Ultra Namek Tri-Beam
  • Galactic Tri-Beam
  • Super Ultra Power Drain Tri-Beam