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Stealth Bomber is a technique made by Preach. It is Preach's signature attack because he uses to finish his enemies.



Stealth Bomber is invented by Preach by concentrating his energy at 13 years of age. Just putting his hands together to concentrate power and ki, Preach is able to fire a large spherical ball just to throw at a person. Preach first uses it at the Chern Saga, whom he kills. Fischu, Preach's classmates learns it 4 years later.


Stealth Bomber is formed when someone puts their palms together just like Kamehameha, the ki will become bigger and you will have to rise up in the air and then a spherical shape ki would come and attack the person. Stealth Bomber, isn't just called Stealth Bomber for no reason. It is called that because it can not be sensed with ki, so this gives the person a chance to attack their opponent.

Variants of the Technique[]

  • Super Stealth Bomber - A more powerfull variant of Stealth Bomber
  • Killer Stealth Bomb - An instant kill version of Stealth Bomb.
  • Impaling Stealth Bomber - Like Killer Stealth Bomber, but has then diving through the opponent.
  • Stealth Kamehameha - Preach demonstrates this technique to Goku.
  • Spiraling Bomber - A merged technique used by Breach


  • Originally, this technique came from Stealth Bomber, the killstreak from the Call of Duty franchise.
Stealth Bomber
Anime name Stealth Bomber
Alternate names Stealthy Bomb
Debut Unkown
Appears in Unknown
Inventor Preach
Users *Preach
  • Fischu
Similar techniques Super Stealth Bomber