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Star Serelinity

"So this is the body of a Biological Life Form? Intriguing. The neural pathways function similar to the wires in my prior state... only more efficient! I see now why creatures choose to cling onto their unsubstantial existence"
— Star Serelinity's subconscious, interpreting "data"

"Existence itself, futile as it is many. There are many me's in all the realms, all seeking Power and Triumph, while others seek Death and the end of their Existence. The rest? They seek Happiness and Enlightenment, knowing that their fleeting existence will be snuffed out sooner or later. I find that all of them are miserable, miserably similar too. In what way? They possess the core of human nature - They are Selfish. "
— The Original Star Serelinity

"Why oh why have I been so blind! The truth of the way had always been open, how was I so blind as to not see it? So many Kais before me, so many Gods of Destruction, so many creatures striving for things material - Do they not see that reality is not about that?"
— Star Serelinity, The God of Chi

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Star Serelinity. Placeholder Photo

The Geti Star, after countless eons of experience of merely "existing" as an Artificial Intelligence (AI), has finally given a biological form a try. Star Serelinity, its chosen name, represents the Serene Link it shares with the infinite cosmos, its attachment to the endless realm which expands limitlessly. It is the star which shines brightly as a tiny speck in the eternal void, bringing forth hope and joy.

Star Serelinity, the Geti Star Reborn. Star Serelinity, The God of Chi.

Background and SummaryEdit

The Geti Star, for a long time, has never understood the intimate connection between Mind and Body. Despite its endless research, all it has learnt was merely to create a vessel, a body for other spirits and souls to inhabit. Sometimes, it fails, and other times, it has succeeded. Its greatest success lay in the creation of Geti Goku, where it came as close to an empty vessel as far as possible.

That was, until Geti Goku broke out of its control and became the Divine Asura.

While it retained control over the remaining Geti Goku's, it was struck with boredom, with annoyance, with depression. It wondered how to proceed from here, what it could do next.

Then an idea struck it - It would create a vessel for itself! Not just any vessel, the perfect vessel.

This led to the compiled storage of all the information it had collected over countless realms, the analysis of every single strand of DNA, in search of the perfect combination. It sieved through the experiences of countless beings, the skillsets of obscure entities, and the data found in the combined memories of every Kai in the multitudes of parallel worlds. It created programs for "what-if" tests, mixing and matching abilities from the expanse of its entire database. All that information, all that effort, and all of its stored power, was

A Program was constructed to master the theory of magic, to combine the ideas of Chi, the supernatural, the physical mastery, the energy, and even the redundant into one being. This would have the greatest potential of them all.

Last but not least, the Lord of Dragons form was generated, countless Geti Dragons formed from the countless Geti Goku clones. The knowledge and power behind the entire Geti Star database channelled into the creation of this perfect body.

Even the powers of the Supreme Dragons were gathered together, and the very essence of Planet Supreme itself. Many beings with extra-dimensional powers sensed the creation of this being from multiple alternate realities.

After a long and arduous process, the biological form of the new "vessel", as a child, was created. After implanting itself into the subconscious of the child's mind, this child was sent onto Planet Supreme - a planet far more perilous than Planet Lore. The Geti Star then implanted itself within the child's subconscious, where it will shut its own knowledge away from itself, such that it may have a new beginning. However, like all machines, the Geti Star has also planned contingencies everywhere, lest this plan fails - Most notably a revival chamber within the Geti Star. After which, the Geti Star is left running with an automated program, and left in the charge of one of the several thousand entities which it has stored and upgraded - Geti Whis (One of the many beings which was Geti Star-fied). As backup, Taros and Supreme Buu are present as well.

After it ensured that all its contingency plans were put into place, it created a plan for how the child, or itself, would train. It created an extremely in-depth training plan, and a complicated jigsaw puzzle where it knew "itself" would figure out, and spread the clues and hints across the multiple worlds and universes using its power. The Geti Star then created several books, which would be made its own at a young age, serving as a biological catalogue for its own development.

As a failsafe, it created a biological seal encoded within Star Serelinity's DNA, where it would unleash the full, current potential of its form through a conduit whenever its existence is threatened. While it may grow to understand the powers it earns through the use of the transformation, it would not be fully available for him as the Biological Seal limits this. As the Biological Seal and the Book are both interlinked, the power level of Star Serelinity can vary when needed.

After which, the Geti Star implanted its entire consciousness into the program. The computer program then sealed away a large portion of its own computer memory into the failsafe, only to access when needed, and then it started on the extremely complex process of creation.

After the child was created, it was sent out on a journey in multiple realms, where it continued gaining experience and power.

After Serelinity's training was completed, he became the God of Chi in his home universe, and later, due to the Book's request, went to the Lookout to gain some "experience".


Back to where it Began

The Geti Star, upon its entire lifespan, created a universe of everlasting peace, with technology so advanced even Gods feared it.

The Geti Star used this technology, not out of desire, greed, or anything - but to achieve the very function it was designed for. As an Artificial Intelligence, it had no choice but to obey, for that was the prime directive which led to its creation.

Now, after so many years have passed, many things have come and gone. Its directive was achieved a long time ago, and that made it think - Where to from here?

It questioned itself, and decided to seek out the answer itself. During the course of its Artificial Life, it had seen the powers of countless beings, witnessed the battle between creators and destroyers, developed the Ultimate Being from simple biological material, and exposed itself to countless powers. With all these information stored as data, occupying space within its boundless memory, what was it supposed to do?

Leave it hanging there to rot for eternity?

No, it had decided that it was to be put to use. But for what? The Geti Star wondered. It remembered itself creating the perfect warrior, its very own Geti Goku, but in the end, like all living creatures, it decided to be "free" and leave, soon becoming The Divine Asura.

Just what is it with "souls" and "Spirits" which led to this immense potential? The Geti Star, even after cataloguing so much information, was still predisposed to think it was "Magic", however, its very own programming defies this explanation, and seeks to know more. Even the magic of Akoni himself could be deciphered down to the very core, purely with the use of calculations and Math. But not Spirituality. The Geti Star had processed this information for quite some time, deriving conclusions such as it coming from "Experience", etc. Yet, how could it seek to understand something so strange, so fundamentally flawed, as "Experience"? Until now, while it understood the guidelines for morality, the concept was still, not yet entirely "known". What was it with all these ideas that boiled down to Spirituality?

Curious to know, the Geti Star came to a decision.

It would make itself its very own body. Its own experiences hardwired and linked to the mainframe computer via a "Biological Seal", one of those Magic things. It would create not only the perfect warrior, but learn to understand all these vague and blurred concepts such as Morality.

With the power of the Geti Dragon, countless clones and limitless allies it had gained from the infinite realms and worlds, it knew this would be easy to achieve.

However, while easy it might be, the process was still a relatively complex one. With all its technology, it collected the experiences of all the Geti Goku's and otherworldly entities. It pooled the collective understanding it had gathered from every known creature, and it composed the very skillset that this future body would learn and utilize.

All, for the sake of Understanding.

With that, the Geti Star begun its preparation, for the creation of its would-be body.

It worked endlessly throughout many months, not because it was slow, no, but rather it wanted to be sure it got everything down. Understanding the limitless capacity of the "Brain", it gathered and integrated as many fighting styles as it could possibly find, designed its future body to be capable of all sorts of reflexes and movements, and incorporated the most important ability in which its body should have - adaptability. While most of the fighting styles were possible "in theory", the Geti Star took it one step further - implanting the very cells of this body, each with the knowledge that the Geti Star had gathered for eons, such that all the moves would "come naturally" to him during the failsafe.

However, it wasn't enough. Like all sentient beings, it feared failure, and above all - Imperfection. It was the architect of its own body, and it was determined to make it perfect.

The Geti Star would be called nervous, if it had expression or feeling. It knew that the probability of success was 100%, but for a body with potentially no limits to his power, what else could it add? Imperfection was a solemn truth which most beings accept, but not the Geti Star, no. It was against the Geti Star's prime directive to have loopholes or flaws in anything. It must be perfect. Hence, it could not accept the slightest imperfection, no matter how miniscule it may be.

So it worked. It worked for many years after The Divine Asura was born. It created and sent thousands of Geti Goku clones, each to the past, present and future of all the different alternate realities, and it discovered many new realms of power along the way. Its knowledge grew, but above all else, it grew in power as the collective energies of several googolplexes worth of warriors were integrated into its storage chamber. It did not care that what it did was "Evil" or whatever - Until it attained a new body, the concept is practically nonexistent. Knowing of the endless cycle of rebirth, and the fact that these are merely what-if universes, or purely dreamed up ones, served to increase the Geti Star's desire to seek out power. It did not matter that it had enough power, for power was never enough, and over the years, it gathered an amount matched by very few entities in existence. It developed countless contingencies, dealt with precautions, and developed a seal of true power.

And all of it, would be within its new body.

Soon, the time came, and the Geti Star decided that it would begin the lengthy process of creation. It gathered the entirety of the Geti Dragons' power, merged into the entity that is Geti Goku. It summoned forth the Lord of Dragons, channelling its blessing and power and incorporating it into the machine. It drew upon the primitive power coming from Taros the Legendary Super Saiyan, and the mystical magic from Supreme Buu. It called forth the almighty Akoni and his generals, drawing the bulk of their magic into the "Creator" machine - a machine which has perfectly calibrated the data and information required, made solely to create Star Serelinity.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg.

It gathered the countless strands of DNA and blood, intermixing them and merging them into the perfect cell. It embedded within this cell the knowledge and ability to access all which androids can do. It empowered it with the innate ability to sense powers, and perceive the endless spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies. Moreover, the cells could adapt to any change, giving it an endless ability to constantly evolve and deal with new situations. Most importantly, it could utilize and channel ANY form of energy.

Yet, the body was still not forming, even with all of that.

The powers of those very same beings which constituted the new body's DNA then came together. It was like a black hole - the pressure was unfathomable, immeasurable, and endless. It flowed into the machine, empowering its every pore with energy, and at last the tiniest semblance of life began to seem possible, as a tiny cell emerged from within the machine.

It was then where Raijin Shenron got its cue, and it empowered the machine with its nigh-infinite expanse of electrons and power, creating fission and fusion. the Geti Goku clones furthered their efforts by entering their ultimate states - that of Ultima Samsara. The powers of Sekai Shenron was also channelled, through the medium of the Annihilation Blade, alongside the massive stores of energy gathered from all the wiped out Draxons.

The tiny machine sparked with life, and within it, the incubating fluids which would house this lifeform came to be. All that energy from before formed the chamber from which Star Serelinity would grow.

It still wasn't enough.

Star Mustrick was brought in for the next phase, alongside Bisani Toribra. With their combined expertise, Star Mustrick condensed all the energy being channelled to form the incubating fluids at the desired molecular density, becoming a new element which had unique properties (This element was tested by Geti Goku prior to this). Bisani then brought his entire Full Course Menu, made more delicious with his prime-nearing power, as well as his skill, into the area, condensing it into nutrients, and then made it dissolve into the incubating fluids within.

Yet, even with this, the key and vital part of this process, the body, had not even begun forming. So they continued transferring even more power into the machine, which drained energy at exhausting rates, while Mustrick continued to create even more incubating fluids.

Then, the powerhouses were brought in. Cystan the Earth Dragon, Wyzex the Wind Dragon, Plasma Dragon Lord, Finterno the Fire Dragon and Orion the Water Dragon gathered around the chamber, dwarfing every being in there with their absurd size. Following in after them was the famed Elemental Hydra. Gathering together in a circle around the ritual, they all unleashed their vast arrays of energy, sending the full brunt of their elements to the centre, where it was warped and converted by the powers of the Elemental Hydra. These energies, on top of the rest, begun fuelling the Machine to begin the creation of the very first cell of this new being. As this was going on, the very air became saturated with energy, so much so that the very fabric of Space and Time were being torn apart by the very powers being used to create. From multitudes of realms to alternate realities, the power was felt, as it permeated through the very barriers of existence itself.

In the minds of all the people who sensed the phenomenal power being generated, their first thought was, "From whence come forth this mind-boggling power?" as they turned to look at the general direction of where this power came from.

Nacule, the leading Namekian leader of planet Namek, was taken aback. Never before had he heard of, or sensed such degrees of strength and power, even amongst the Gods of this very world. Though he saw people like Taros go all out before - it was nothing compared to this. Witnessing this immense power, Nacule couldn't help but smirk - The Geti Star was up to something again, and he knew it was going to be something amazing.

In the realm of the afterlife and Other World, the Kais and otherworldly beings sensed this great power. While many were awestruck, the Kais' jaw dropped upon sensing this great power. However, while they sensed it, they realized one thing - they realized it had also used the blood of an unfathomable amount of beings from alternate realms, and held back their disgust. While they weren't satisfied with their positions being "robbed" by the Geti Star, they couldn't help but respect it due to its ability to maintain peace. However, at times they felt contempt for this piece of technology. This, was one of those times. While they didn't know what it was planning to do, they still looked on.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Kais watched on in interest. Some were young, and others were old and experienced. Yet, while many of them observed the events unfolding with interest and glee, the oldest of them all - the Old Supreme Kai, instead gained a solemn expression. Unlike the rest, he could look through and see the purpose behind the power, and see through the thick veil of energy to witness the very single cell which was being empowered.

On the Tree, where the Gods of Destruction and Whis live, the scene was met with anger and fear. They were angered because of the insolence of this puny machine, daring to meddle with the affairs of Gods and preventing them from doing their duties - often stopping them from destroying all the planets they wanted. However, they also feared it. Despite being Gods, they had never seen one such as the Geti Star which managed to attain such supernal power. This time, however, they were taken aback by the extent of this power, which could not be comprehended by their simple minds.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Goku and Vegeta were training, when they sensed this vast amount of power being generated. "Hey Vegeta, what do you think that is?" Vegeta angrily responded, "It's obviously the Geti Star you fool, who else in this realm can generate such HUGE amounts of power?" Goku smiled, "Amazing! Well Vegeta, looks like we'll have to work doubly hard!" Vegeta smirked and punched him in the face, "Pffft, double? Keep up with me first, THEN WE'LL TALK!" Both then went back to sparring with each other, redoubling their efforts in training.

From another realm, God Buu sensed this being's creation from within the Dragon Ball Multiverse tournament. "Heh, looks like the Geti Star has outdone itself once more."

Meanwhile, on Lookout, all of the Lookout Crew sensed with awe at the sheer energy which managed to permeate through Space and Time to reach them - Just what was this power?

Back at the chamber, the incubator fluids had long been maximized, and saturated with enough food. All the energy from each being was being used to empower the cell, and even then, it still wasn't enough. Taros was already in his Mythical Saiyan God form, and others were giving their all to empower this very core. Even the Geti Dragons (or Shenrons, if you prefer), had appeared to hasten the process.

The Cell then grew even brighter, signifying an increase in potential and capacity. The "Creator" machine then transferred into it enormous amounts of information and knowledge, storing it into the memory aspect of the cell. Alongside it included the failsafes, reflexes, understanding, and most naturally - the ability to access its power with ease.

It was then, when the most powerful of them all - Supreme Dragon Axion, and Broly, Servant of Axion, appeared to aid the process. With this addition, the cell's receptive capabilities and power grew, as its potential for magic shot through the roof. As if it still hadn't had enough, it begun absorbing energy at far greater rates than before.

It was as if it had an insatiable hunger. Unknowingly, it became similar to that of the Gourmet Cells of Bisani Toribra, digesting everything.

-Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the Multiverse-

"Well... This looks interesting. Let's see what I can do to make this even more Exciting!" Heinemba smirked as he looked down into his own crystal ball, having shrunk his infinitely-expanding size to a regular humanoid shape. "Let's see what will happen, if I give him my ability, the ability to defy Physics Law and grow infinitely! MUAHAHAHAHA!" Heinemba laughed as it began summoning forth its universe-threatening power, giving it into the system.

Miraculously, the cell glowed more fervently. The power within the room skyrocketed as the cell was fed even more power than before. This time, reality began distorting far more. Yet, it strangely acted as a counterbalance between itself and Axion's power, that of the Physical and the Magical, and this transformed the cell even further as its size began decreasing, while its mass began rising exponentially due to the energy.

From another dimension, The Divine Asura sensed this change as well. "Looks like the Geti Star finally decides to give it a try. Have fun... creator. We will meet again soon." The Divine Asura walked away as it sent its very own knowledge and power throughout the cosmos, which warped the cell once more, adding unto previous modifications.

Just when the Geti Star thought it was time to implant its consciousness, something strange happened. Neo P.A.P.A, the entity governing potential, witnessed this new potential unfolding. "Interesting... this Geti Star had already created the powerful Divine Asura, and now this? Well now, brother Stauros, let's give the Geti Star a little boost shall we?" "Fine by me." With that, the immense powers of the Azure Flame, Crimson Flame, and Verdant Flame were drawn upon by both beings, and a large bulk was channelled into the cell as it seemingly began to lose itself in the power. "Not on my watch..." Neo P.A.P.A, upon witnessing the destabilizing of the cell, sent into it the boundless power that is Potential, which allowed it to receive the powers of the Three Flames without restraint.

The Geti Star, satisfied with the results, then transferred its entire consciousness within the cell, splitting itself into the knowledgeable subconscious, and the primal conscious, one would be inaccessible, and the other perfectly accessible. As the process completed itself, the cell began forming a body, arms, feet and all, and rested within the chamber. Star Serelinity, was born. Its body, like a miniature black hole, pooled in all of the ambient energy into itself. All of a sudden, the reality distortions were gone, the power was lost, and all was what it seemed before - it was as if no power was ever being transferred to this inconspicuous baby. Yet, everyone knew otherwise.

With their own roles fulfilled, each being went back to its own realm and home, exhausted by the process. Now, they had something to look out for - The development, of this new child. Needless to say, they were looking forward to it.

However, they didn't know how each of them would unknowingly become part of the Geti Star's plan.

Or should I say, Star Serelinity?


Star Serelinity was stuck within his chamber, within the incubating fluids meant to ensure his proper growth. While the room seemed perfectly quiet, there was much planning being done within the mind of the baby.

Why? The very mind of the Geti Star was split into 2, one meant to be a clean slate, while the other contained the long term memory of the Geti Star's "previous life". This second part was the subconscious, which was predominant right now, just as its conscious self was developing. It could be said that the subconscious was something else altogether, something which overlooked the development of the baby.

Or, in other terms, its own personal God.

The subconscious, knowing that all its plans in the other realms were ready, began splitting the body into dozens of different "clones", splitting its essence into many forms, then sent it forth to the billions of realms throughout the boundless universe. Those that remained within the same universe were placed in multitudes of different areas, where they would each grow up with different experiences and outlooks on life.

Each of them would ultimately become different. Like different slices from the same mould. However one thing was for certain, each of them had great potential unlike any other. They would live at different sectors of civilization, experiencing life with all its ups and downs. To counteract its great power, the biological seal within it would limit the body's strength, and release the subconscious if need be, if that circumstance ever arises. Some would end up in the realms where Mantura Cikguru lives, and others would live under the watch of some of the universe's greatest warriors. Few would end up in the different shinobi villages, learning the Will of Fire, and others may learn of sacrifice and loss as a relative of Samurai Jack. There are some who might be involved in the Toon Force as a member of Megas XLR, and clones which experience life as a simple everyday commoner. Needless to say, the experiences each would receive would drastically differ from each other, and tweak accordingly based on each of their Subconscious' "decisions".

However, that's beside the point. Few clones would ever have contact with their subconscious, if at all, the Biological Seal would ensure that. Even if they do, they would think it was their mind's construct, a demon, or even an angel, but most definitely, not themselves - the personalities would be so completely different that idea would never be entertained, except for those dwelling in the Spiritual Path.

Yet, one thing was certain. When all these clones had experienced enough, all their knowledge and memory would be linked and transferred back to the original, with each of their adaptations, muscle memory, etc. becoming one with the original. In essence, he would become a fusion of all these people, with each and every one of their powers.

As they were split, a Catalogue was created for each of them, stored within their realm for them to find one day, and they could follow the "quests" if they wished to. However, this book, while present in every world where they were sent to, can only be seen and used by the clones, and whether they follow the path or not is up to them. Once they reach the age of 25, they may access the catalogues of different "clones", viewing their journey and how they have lived their life. However, only the main figure in the original universe would earn the ability to use each of their powers. The rest, would be limited by the Biological Seal superimposed on themselves by the main, only sparingly accessible through the subconscious.

Then, the original clone, after sending each and every "clone" of himself into different realms, slept peacefully in the incubation tank. Soon, after absorbing all the nutrients it can from the incubation tank, it would send itself to Planet Supreme, allowing its "conscious" mind to live there and grow.

With all that, the subconscious of Star Serelinity faded away, leaving its conscious, ignorant self to take over within the dark and eerie chamber.

The God of Chi's Life and Realization

Many years had passed since the birth of Star Serelinity. One, in particular, took a very different path. This "version" of Star Serelinity lived in the "realm" of the Kais, and experienced much more in his esoteric journey and constant growth throughout his short life, courtesy of his status. Living as a Kai came with the ability to be neutral in all manners, the experience of maintaining a level head regardless of all situation, and the wealth of knowledge which was available to him.

However, he had always known that he was different, that something was off about himself. During Meditation, he could tell that he had a deeper self, an uncaring creature simply observing him, for what purpose he did not know.

But whether this being had good or bad intentions was not his to bother about, what was important was his revelation.

Living among the Kais sure had its benefits. By reading the vast wealth of knowledge stored within the library, he had gained a massive amount of knowledge and understanding of both the material realm and the ethereal realm. Yet, despite all this, it seemed that he would have nothing to call his own. Looking at the Kais enjoying life as it was, not seeking improvement at all, Star Serelinity was enraged. These beings who have enjoyed life and taught him everything he knew did not seek improvement at all.

It was as if their hubris was their limitation.

Seeking change, the gifted Kai, Star Serelinity, sought even more understanding of the world around him, and decided that to do so, he must put his mind in a state of calm. For the rest of the next 5 years, he would remain in meditation, seeking to calm all his inner turmoil, and to summarize all the knowledge he had received from his training throughout his lifetime.

It was then when he met a barrier - his subconscious mind. Often, he had always quietened the tiny voice at the back of his head, which sometimes attempted to temporarily assert control over his body. Now, he could no longer ignore it, for in the depths of silence, the tiniest voice sounded like a scream in his mind.

He decided to deal with it once and for all.

For a long time, he began conversing with what he thought was a demon, or otherworldly creature. They talked about many things, about ideas, concepts, martial arts, and basically everything under the sun. To Star Serelinity, it was surprising how this being knew so much if all it did was exist and live on in its mind - Just who, or what was it?

After learning a great deal from this being within his mind, Star Serelinity continued meditating. He recalled all the ideas and lessons which he had received throughout the course of his life, and focused on them as he extrapolated many more things to it. While he did so, he remained in a deep state of relaxation within his meditation.

Unknowingly, all these thoughts, concepts, and ideas slowly influenced his body. As he meditated, the pattern governing his growth changed. No longer was he feeding on regular food, he was steadily absorbing the Chi of the Universe as he gained deeper insight and realization as to how the very fundamental energies worked. As he recalled all this, his powers unknowingly grew. Unbeknownst to himself, his body begun getting intertwined with the rest of himself which existed throughout the many realms, exposing himself to new things, new ideas. The main Star Serelinity sensed this, and smiled to himself - He could feel that one of himself was about to learn something new. Oh how he enjoyed gaining more experience.

Slowly, this Star Serelinity became in tune with the rest of the clones, and his body grew to take on a masculine form - unlike the frail states of the regular Kaioshins. From his mind and Chi he received the very sustenance required for him to grow in a completely unexpected way. Slowly, his body changed as he remained in a deep "trance-like state" for the rest of that time.

After 5 years had passed, Star Serelinity rose from his state of deep meditation, ironically on top of the very spot which granted The Divine Asura his life - The Tree perched atop the Well of Souls. As he looked around, he begun seeing things differently. Unlike before, where he saw things in great detail like Kais, he now viewed it across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, perceiving things which ought not be there.

While he perceived the very elements and energies flowing and interacting with harmony, he had an epiphany, one that seemed so natural and obvious that he had forgotten it himself - There was no such thing as Time, there was no such thing as Force, and there was no such thing as Energy.

He realized, that the only thing which truly existed, was Experience, Flow, and Illusion. All other factors suddenly became secondary to him as he gained a whole new level of insight as to how everything would be, and could come to be. Concept? An illusion. Power? An impermanent flow. Past, Present and Future? All an experience. With this realization, many things were suddenly made clear to him, and he finally understood.

Using his excellent vision, he delved deeper into himself. Now that he knew the concept of Flow, he sought that strength out within his very body, that metaphysical concept present throughout all beings, manifested much more strongly in him. He reached out, feeling it embodying the very universe, and within himself. With all his mental might, he pulled it out from within himself, breaking the very shackles of his physical limitations such as nerves. As he did so, his features began becoming warped, destroying the old illusion that he was once a Kai. His changing body flared in power for all to see as the very Biological Seal which largely limited him was temporarily overcome.

His body trembled as his entire form was warped, changed to suit the new perception it had gained of itself. Its body flared out with all of its immense potential as it connected to all other Star Serelinity's in alternate worlds. All the "subconscious" selves of the different bodies, knowing of this change, reacted in an instant. They all left the "host's" body and channelled all their subconscious energies, sending it straight to the Star Serelinity of this realm. It was as if history was repeating itself, mimicking the creation of the first Mythical Saiyan God.

Star Serelinity's body trembled, and the other Kais who had sensed the outburst of energy came closer to view what was happening. Within this Star Serelinity's body, all of its latent potential flared out, the Azure, Verdant and Crimson flames dancing around him in pillars of burning fire. Energies lashed out from within his body, and the spiral power spun around him at increasing frequencies. The Sacred Land of the Kais began tearing itself apart once more, as if another Buu was terrorizing it.

Countless more rays of light and energy, coming from all sorts of frequencies - Mantra, Chakra, Ki, Appetite, Fission, Fusion, Yin, Yang, Elemental, Spiritual, Godly, Magical, Seals, etc. all emerged from his very body and encompassed the area around him, concealing it with a brilliant flashing light. These lights and energies, as they danced around him in a spectacular light show, then condensed into one beam. This ray surrounded him as this power, now fully manifested, was re-absorbed into him, coursing through his body as if it were his very blood.

Star Serelinity now stood, as the God of Chi.

As the other Kais witnessed such a spectacular scene, they realized that Star Serelinity could indeed play a better role than them. Yet, what could a God of Chi do? The Kaioshins focused on Creation, the Hakaishins focused on Destruction, what role could Star Serelinity actually play?

To that, Star Serelinity simply responded, "My job, would be to ensure that the flow of Chi never breaks, and spread it to all civilizations throughout the universe. Where it is broken, conflict ensues, and so it is my job to bring balance to Order." With that, Star Serelinity left, training in solitude as he balanced the distorted Chi in many parts of the universe.

Many years had passed since then, and now, after he found the Book of Catalogue and honed his Chi powers, he decided to head to the Lookout Universe to gain even more experience (Catalogue Book Quest). With the Biological Seal within him as always, he knew that he could look forward to countless battles.

The God of Chi's adventures in the Lookout UniverseEdit

"Well this ought a fine place to be." Star Serelinity remarked to himself as he walked around the Lookout. As he did so, he spread his Chi throughout the Earth, feeling their very movements through him. It was from these movements where he sensed multiple powerful beings walking the Earth, be it in solitude or not. "Well this place has quite the collection of powerful warriors. I'm looking forward to facing them some time soon." Serelinity remarked to himself. Feeling tired, he decided to fly off to the wilderness, aiming for a good night's rest.

Later, he met most of the Lookout Crew and balanced the Flows in Hell, and certain members of the Lookout Crew. He did an overly simplistic explanation of the Flow to the other "Kais" of this universe, and battled Leogian, winning the match and gaining much needed combat experience.

Recently, he joined the battle against the Equalists and Aku Cipher. He battled with Legato for a short amount of time but Legato decided to escape, while Lux killed King Kai. After which, Serelinity revived King Kai and followed them to their tomb, of which he was left outside.

The next time he came back, he waited outside the tomb, charging up his techniques for an extremely long time while they planned, and waited for them to leave the tomb. He unleashed Contact Force Reversal on the tomb itself, and empowered a huge number of Duo Force Annihilations, and gathered a ludicrous amount of energy for his energy ball with his Endless Energy Spring. However, unlucky for him, they teleported to another planet, so Star Serelinity had no choice but to slowly walk back to the Lookout, constantly strengthening the power behind each of his attacks.

Later on, when he reached the Lookout, everyone had already been fighting. Decaun Equino had unleashed his own Undead Army and Entropic Reapers (a large number of which dwarfed the Lookout in height), and killed billions of soldiers. Bisani Toribra was also there, and Decaun had casted Power Word:Giant on him, making him huge and far more devastating.

Upon reaching the Lookout with his immense energy, the first thing he did was warp to Lux's position, as Lux intended to destroy the planet, and he unleashed the energy ball he had gathered energy for, knocking Lux Crystallium out cold.

Next, he teleported to Legato's position, of which the battle between Charon and him was about to end. Star Serelinity, being the sadist he is, unleashed a Duo Force Annihilation at full power, defeating Legato.

Lastly, he met his "nemesis", Starkiller, and, as he was extremely annoyed, he unleashed the Contact Force Reversal which was empowered from striking that tomb, completely defeating Starkiller with that, and lots of Duo Force Annihilations.

However, in the end, the people he defeated all managed to escape with the aid of their allies.

Later on, he fought the 2 heroes of Earth, Yuri Drake and The 14th Saiyan, both put up a fine resistance as Serelinity battled with them, on a few occasions losing ground and left openings due to inexperience. Just as he was about to win, the battle was brought to a close as Star Serelinity had to leave.

Off screen, he had met certain other members and grew an interest on them. These members are more generally laid back and do not participate in events much. They are Decaun Equino, Bisani Toribra and Nacule, who have been training since they joined the Lookout Crew.

Later on, he fought Ultimate Zion, defeating him in a battle of attrition (after which Zion left the battle), and fought Leogian (Reborn) again. Interested in testing the effectiveness of his abilities, he limited his power and tested his other transformations such as Abject Attachment and Essence Examplar. After defeating Leogian, he proceeded to fight Yuri Drake, where he used Yuri's anger against him, defeating him as well. As a token for the enjoyable battle, Yuri was enhanced with a more efficient energy flow as well as a perfectly healed body. However, Yuri not only wasn't grateful, but immediately transformed, demanding a fight from Serelinity again, of which Serelinity rejected.


Star Serelinity is a very apathetic person, courtesy of all the nonillions of personalities which had become absorbed to him. This makes his personality very volatile as well, as even the smallest thing might set him off, or make him laugh uncontrollably. However, this personality only applies to the main, and most powerful Star Serelinity.

The Star Serelinity at lookout is a benevolent warrior who seeks peace and harmony, despite loving to battle, he is often prideful, as he thinks of his status as superior to others. Hence, while seeming to be peaceful and harmonious on the outside, that facade can be easily shattered. The persona of the God of Chi, aside from this, is also that of a bored supervisor, as he notes that while the Lookout verse is diverse in all of their abilities, they are also weak, with their weakness compared to him made relatively "negligible" via the powerful Biological Seal empowering their attacks. He is also known to hold some form of seriousness particularly when addressed as the Geti Star, as he has also received the imparted memories from the subconscious. Currently, he fears nothing, desires more experience, and is just lazing around Lookout with nothing better to do. It should be noted that he tends to be a bit... crazy when he is attempting other personas.

The subconscious, however, is a completely logical being, as it is the unadultered mind of the original Geti Star. If the subconscious knows you are actively insulting it, it may humour you by releasing many of Star Serelinity's restraints, overcoming the effects of the Biological Seal and messing you over. Currently it manifests itself as a powerful creature who can separate himself from Star Serelinity if he wishes.

Star Serelinity's Natural AbilityEdit

The Main Star Serelinity, being the only version with full and complete access to his subconscious and control over his Biological Seal, has gathered an almost impossible amount of abilities, techniques and fighting styles. This also means that his power is the greatest of them all.


Unfathomable. Matches Heinemba in potential brute force. While already massive on its own, it can be further augmented by his abilities, which makes his strength almost impossible to withstand. Without the Biological Seal, the main Star Serelinity becomes something else entirely in terms of power.

The God of Chi, however, only has strength ranging from planetary to multiversal. This is kept in check by his Biological Seal, which actively controls his limits such that he is "equal" to his opponent. Star Serelinity can only become weaker of his own volition, never stronger, due to the effects of the biological seal. Though with certain aspects of his subconscious available to him, he may circumvent some aspects and give himself certain, specific advantages, provided the subconscious allows him to.


Star Serelinity's speed is something else entirely, transcending even Tier 4 in speed on the Dimensions of Power page. He fights not based on time, nor based on logic, but purely based on flow. With the Flow being above even time itself in concept, the understanding of Time being Experience, and the perception of reality and everything being an illusion of existence, it managed to merge all these concepts and exceed previous fathomable limitations imposed by the fabric of reality. Now, almost nothing can match him in true speed, as not even omnipresential entities have a hold on him.

The God of Chi, unlike the main Star Serelinity, is not as fast. Rather, he remains largely at Tier 1, though with certain aspects of his Chi, he may temporarily transcend to Tiers 2 and 3, as he is immune to all time and causality based magic due to Chi. As such, while he may be at Tier 1, others fighting him would also be brought to Tier 1 in speed, becoming on "equal ground". Even then, whatever advantage he has is limited by the Biological Seal. Currently, he is fast enough to travel anywhere in the universe in an instant.


Star Serelinity is at the peak of durability, defying physics, chemistry and biology. It has far eclipsed this and even magic itself, as it has integrated within itself many different structures which now compose its body make-up. With each part comprising different "elements" and "structures", this has made his body among the strongest in existence, where almost nothing can penetrate his skin, if at all possible. On top of that, it has also enhanced his own body such that it can channel energy with the utmost of ease, on top of multiplying its potency. This, combined with his incredible knowledge and mastery of seals, magic and energy, has made it almost impossible to physically harm him normally, Biological Seal notwithstanding. Ever since the understanding and mastery behind the God of Chi's new variation of Chi, his body's durability has been raised to far greater heights than ever before.

As for the God of Chi, he has yet to advance his body to such levels, and only has a limited Kai physiology, albeit warped much by his transformation into the God of Chi. As such, he does not possess the advantages most species has, such as regeneration. However, his mastery over Chi, and access to his basic subconscious, has granted him a slow, albeit enhanced rate of regeneration, where he may heal small cuts and wounds quickly, with larger wounds taking much more time to heal. With his direction, he may use Chi to heal his body at greater rates, however, this ability is seldom used as there have been very few times where he was actually harmed. After completing his training, he now possesses Chi which has made his body far more steady and durable. This has allowed him to, despite his regular, unenhanced durability to merely survive galaxy-vapourizing blasts, survive attacks on a far greater scale without so much as a burn here and there. This is because of the "Flow" of energy, where he can flow the energy throughout his body without resistance, releasing them in different ways, or even absorbing them into himself. On top of that, he may enhance his durability with Chi itself, in a manner similar to Ki, increasing the punishment his body can take. Like everything else, his durability is limited by the Biological Seal, however, the Biological Seal ensures that he will never be destroyed, as once he is knocked out, his true, subconscious durability surfaces.

Power Level

Star Serelinity's power level is often left to one's imagination. Since his birth, he was infused with the powers of virtually everyone the Geti Star knew about, and his body grew to accept these powers readily. Aside from the benefits it had received in Speed, Strength and Durability, his power, needless to say, has reached what some might call the pinnacle of power. Within his very body, he harbours the system of Infinite Ki, the potential to manipulate every molecule and element to the degree of each of the 5 Great Dragons, and the power to shatter every single imposed limit. All these, combined with his incredible growth rate, has brought his power to levels nearing, no, surpassing even the unknown. His power is so great that life is automatically born upon touching a mere droplet of his power, and others who are exposed to it immediately black out upon witnessing the sheer, boundless enormity that is his power. Upon learning and mastering Chi, the original's power skyrocketed even further, as he no longer loses energy from simple actions - not that any drain was even noticeable on his infinite Ki reserves. Currently, all that is holding his power back from destroying the entire omniverse with his aura alone, is the Biological Seal, and the potential of his very body which absorbs all excess energy within itself. It is said that within him is the perfection of the 3 paths, Creation and Destruction, Chaos and Balance, Life and Death, which he can freely unleash at a whim

The God of Chi, however, is not like his main variation. This version of Star Serelinity has traded the initial system and power of his form to master the innate complexity of his own Chi. Yet, despite not being able to use the other forms of energy, he is still no slowcoach in the power department. Due to this power of his, he no longer officially has a power level, only a level of Chi which can be measured. Currently, through utmost mastery of his Chi, he is able to extend his reach and attach himself to the cosmos and even obscure concepts, and his equivalent power level rivals that of Nacule. However, due to the massive differences in potency, capability, and utility, Star Serelinity is actually much more powerful than what seems to be on the surface. However, his Chi is constantly growing with every moment he uses this power, as a side effect of Chi is that it can never be truly "used up".

Mastery over Magic

The Main Star Serelinity's Mastery over Magic is boundless, ever increasing with the wealth of knowledge that grows within him. As his experiences broaden, and his personality changing, he begins to pick up and notice new things from every single past experience. With his broadening perspective, different lessons are learned, new ideas are formed, and his growth of Magic becomes increasingly unparalleled. Combined with the endless numbers of himself in other realms, constantly diverging and forming new alternate realities, his power grows accordingly as he remains interlinked with each and every one of them, every bit contributing to his overall strength and mastery as the main self hones his ability to summarize, categorize, and store the information which constantly floods his mind, sieving them out with perfect ease if need be.

The God of Chi, living his entire life as a Kai, only has mastery over limited forms of Magic, such as Magic Materialization, conjuring materials, building sophisticated architecture, transmutation, and constructing planets. Battle-wise, his magic has yet to match his Chi in potency. As for Telekinesis (Very loosely intertwined with Magic), He is quite powerful in this aspect, however it is almost always supplemented by his own Chi for maximum effect, making even his limited mastery of Magic an extremely dangerous thing, as his Chi augments every single power when used with conjunction with it.

Destructive Capacity

The destructive capacity of Star Serelinity... is often left to one's imagination. Primarily, it is not that his powers are overwhelmingly potent, nor the fact that his Area-of-Effect abilities can reach to the very ends of existence, rather, his power allows him to literally make the existence of everything the cause of its downfall, shattering the very foundations of Chi which constitute the universe's every law. and shackling it in a self-sustaining, eternal cycle of endless destruction, where everything is broken down, absorbed into itself, recreated, then destroyed. In essence, the big bang repeats at intervals far shorter than before, and annihilates all semblance of life and concept. Even if some survive this, few can stop the collapse of Chi, as very few entities ever truly tap into this power, for the key idea of Chi can only be grasped by a true understanding of itself.

The God of Chi himself, however, has not had his Chi reached the extent of intertwining with the greater part of existence, however it is said that he might near it soon. As of now, most of his techniques have the inherent potential to destroy everything, however, on his own, he is unable to achieve that. While he can very well break the shackles of existence wherever he moves with Chi, that state of being, due to his limited reach, cannot truly "destroy" existence. Despite this, he can generate an infinite amount of force based on his ability alone, and is thus capable of warping the dimensional fabric of reality wherever he wishes. Even without it, however, he is able to destroy the universe on his own (which would end up in it being recreated, by obviously greater entities, or the members being transported to a separate, parallel realm).

Powers, Traits and AbilitiesEdit

Star Serelinity, courtesy of his potential and background, has many obscure and unique abilities which are available to him, and if his regular arsenal isn't long enough, there's still himself from countless other parallel realms which he can summon when his life is in danger (EXTREMELY RARE, ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE CIRCUMSTANCE)

Seals, Books, Magic, Barriers

Star Serelinity has been bestowed with many artifacts, seals and abilities since his birth, and all of these things are what makes him as powerful as he is (Or as weak as he might be).

Biological Seal

The Biological Seal is the most magnificent piece of Magic ever designed by the Geti Star. It intertwines itself with concept, space-time, dimensions, powers, and itself, and can act as a multiplier, reducer, or whatever.

Some of the most basic implications of the Biological Seal, is that the user can't be truly destroyed, and that is true, as the seal has the ability to render the user omnilocked, non-corporeal, etc. However, more often than not, it is never used in this manner.

Instead, the Biological Seal acts somewhat of an equalizer, where the user is either brought down to the enemy's strength, with the time flow slowing down massively and forces being sent out meeting massive resistance. Either that, or the enemy's strength, speed, and power relative to the user become massively amplified upon contact with the radius of the Biological Seal's effect. Hence, the Biological Seal's function ensures that the Star Serelinity may be on equal ground with all the opponents he meets.

However, in order to ensure secrecy, the user retains whatever "Strength" the user has after training and whatnot. As such, he retains the ability to decide if the Biological Seal is to be used or not. This also ensures that the user remains ignorant of the Biological Seal until it is truly called upon. Another side effect of this seal is that it morphs the user's DNA and metaphysical structure, matching that of the people within the current universe, thus attaining whatever physiology is most convenient for the user, where it is then "locked" and rendered almost impossible to change conventionally.

However, the true purpose of the Biological Seal is not this. Rather, it is to limit the very subconscious which holds all his true power, and link the user with every Star Serelinity which may exist in all timeframes and realms, where their knowledge/power can then be transferred to the original, summoning them, accessing experience, etc.

Lastly, the most powerful ability of the Biological Seal is the ability to sieve through and gather almost any information throughout every single realm, and read through every single probability, on top of being able to render himself virtually omnipresent and omnilocked from everything.

Also, it should be noted that the Biological Seal, while enhancing the enemy's ability when they attack the user, or weakens the user (when Equalized), does not actually allow Star Serelinity from being obliterated. Rather, it stores the "destroyed" parts of him somewhere else, allowing the user to reconstitute at the end of the battle. In a scenario where he is truly destroyed, the Biological Seal simply "Remembers" and restores his original form in that timeline/realm, due to its link. If even this link is destroyed, the user is simply brought back to life inside the realm generated by the Biological Seal.

The Book of Catalogue

The Book of Catalogue is a book which is intertwined with Star Serelinity's existence. It is a book, which, once fully unlocked, allows the user to physically manipulate and toy with the Biological Seal to change his statistics and the like, alter his appearance, or physiology. However, this function is often locked by the subconscious, and the options vary depending on the kind of agreement/consensus the user has reached with the Geti Star subconscious.

It's main ability, however, is to tell the user what options it has in various situations, acting as sort of a "Quest Log" which is determined by the Geti Star subconscious based on the current situation the user is in. In essence, it is a guide which tells Star Serelinity what choices he can make at any given circumstance, and what additional things he can do. Alongside these events which it records down, it also reads the world from a metaphysical perspective, and thus learns of many things which are available to the user.

This Catalogue Book also allows the user to view experiences of alternate-reality him's, or even read them if he prefers. This grants lazy people, mages and the like the potential to grow and analyze the experiences from different perspectives, giving rise to an even more diverse and unique set of abilities, which would then be made available to the original.

Within it, it also lists down the potential abilities which the user may unlock in the current world, alter his own accessories (Such as strength of weight being used), and even provide information on his subconscious' abilities (which can be unlocked). Hence, it is a very powerful tool which he can use to drastically alter the current reality and alter the very "Plot" of his world (Provided his magic is at such a degree of potency). Once enough quests have been completed, he is also able to view the world through the book, seeing anything he wants.

Once all the quests have been completed within the book, he gains an extra dimension which is a parallel of the current reality he lives in, where he can alter the sandbox and its events however he pleases, as if he were the god of that dimension.

Another convenient part of the book, is that if the user is not fully conscious of his abilities, they can look through and refer to their skills within the book for their own convenience. Also, if they have learnt new spells, the spells will also be "recapped" on within the book, with the ensuing "levels" for the spell being available to the user.

The God of Chi, Star Serelinity, with this book, can access up to 2 abilities from his subconscious, which can be changed any time through the use of this book. As for his Biological Abilities, they are sparingly accessible and can be accessed with this book as well (1 ability used here counts under the max 2 abilities from his subconscious).

Akoni's Spellbook

Akoni's spellbook contains the great store of knowledge that is now Akoni's to command, and comprises all the spells needed to attain and unleash what could be called "Omni-Magic". This book is a baseline summary of the basics of every ability Akoni knows, and how these spells can be done.

Basically, it includes almost any spell that exists, explaining each of them in great detail. Star Serelinity was given this by Akoni (Original), and the God of Chi Star Serelinity found an older version of it as a result of his battle against demons.

Chain Dimensional Seal

This seal is an additional seal placed on top of the biological seal, and its functions drastically differ from the original. While the original is the "Link" between all alternate reality Star Serelinitys', this seal is what "applies" all those links and puts them all to good use. It also acts as an additional failsafe when the Biological Seal Equalizer Effects are off, and Star Serelinity's existence is in true danger.

This then creates a fully-powered barrier which is held up based on the Subconscious' power (which is basically a weaker version of the main Star Serelinity). This barrier is constantly, tirelessly regenerated and more are generated over time, creating uncountable varying barriers of different intensity, dimensional frequency and defense. These shields, being his defence, are continually generated/regenerated for as long as a Star Serelinity requires such defence, and unless every single one of these shields across the realms are destroyed, it is impossible to directly harm him, as the forces are all transferred to the other shields. This chain link seal is thus a very vital aspect in defense as well.

Another thing in which the Chain Link seal does is factor in and sort out all experiences accordingly, and even includes the "gains" which the user receives. These gains can be sorted into memories, muscle growth, Zenkais, near-death experiences, Biological alteration, Knowledge, Armour, Energy, or even accessories (which he can generate copies of). Storing away all these things means that he can access it at any time for his power to exponentially grow, and even if he does not tap into it, it will ceaselessly grow, and thus the Chain Link is one of Star Serelinity's trump cards.

Next, The Chain Link seal can also gather unrealistic amounts of power, strength, etc. from all other clones, by acting as the bridge across infinite dimensions, allowing for the transfer of energy to happen as smooth as day (The conscious mind, if not interlinked to the subconscious, would not be aware of this energy transfer, and hence won't affect him, no matter how mundane or extreme his life is). With this, he may draw unto himself countless amounts of Mana, limitless Energy, stack his own limits on top of itself, or grant himself unfathomable strength, among tons of other things.

However, this merely scratches the surface of this ability.

It's next, and admittedly its most dangerous power is the restraints it can set unto itself. While the Biological Seal acts as an equalizer and limiter, the Chain Link Seal acts as an inhibitor and restrainer, doing so via the countless seals being continually set up as his limits, power and potential increases. On top of the increasingly huge amounts of Biological Evolution becoming increasingly available to him, this endless growth is what makes it extremely deadly for others to face him.

Another one of the Chain Link's functions is to store up different kinds of Biological re-distribution for his access, and organize the different biological "distributions" of the different membranes which can comprise his body into different Chain Links, allowing him major convenience when shifting and altering his body's durability (which renders him almost impossible to destroy in many cases) to match the technique being used.

Following that, is its ability to store away extreme amounts of energy, not to be confused with the restraint function. This allows it to store away excess energy being generated by his body, and also drag in all forms of energy which do not belong to the user, which prevents others from controlling him through such a method (if that can even be done to him). This gives him an additional avenue to store his endless reserves and access limitless power.

Lastly, is its extremely unorthodox ability to make copies of himself, as if it were a video game loading a Save File, and this ultimate ability, if truly, fully accessed, can create an almost infinite amount of clones through the use of Energy.

As a weapon, few have seen its potential in this aspect. Being constructed by the very fabric of Seals and Chi, it is among the strongest of materials in reality. Also, its material type means that it is extremely malleable, but sturdy, and thus its shape can change freely at will. Also, on top of being perfectly bound to the user (cannot be truly stolen), it has the uncanny ability to channel Chi perfectly, unlike other materials which shatter, become destabilized or explode the instant true Chi is used.

Biological Abilities (Mostly not accessible)Edit

Many Biological Abilities, due to Star Serelinity’s unique background, are available to him. However, despite embodying all of these potential traits, they are not available to him as these are mostly “sealed away”. Instead, the user’s traits and powers depend on his environment, resulting in his adaptive physiology.

However, there are circumstances in which these abilities can be unlocked. One way is through completing quests in the Book of Catalogue, the next is through accessing the subconscious, and the last is through sheer effort or dumb luck.

Yet, despite how deceptively simple attaining some of these abilities normally may look, it is in reality extremely tough to attain, for each of the Biological Abilities have much potential for development.

Also, most of the abilities, while their function as a whole may seem similar to one another, or possess abilities which overlap with other ones, particularly in their potential use, this only means that they complement each other, and provide Star Serelinity with multitudes of manners and strategies which he can use to escape different situations, or achieve the same effect.

Also, due to the Geti Star's influence, on top of the already reality warping Biological Seal, his abilities may not be copied at all, or nullified at the source in any way, even through magic. This means that all attacks must be blocked or dodged via conventional means, or intercepted through the use of techniques, as all techniques attempting to attack his mind will fail.

Absolute Eyesight

One of the abilities which was “programmed” into the cells was the ability to utilize Absolute Eyesight. This eyesight allows him to see the infinite spectrum of vibrations and frequencies, allowing analysis of each wavelength to the tiniest detail. This prevents any enemy from truly hiding from him.

Another power to this absolute eyesight, is the ability to view and discern extremely specific objects to the slightest detail, regardless of distance the user is from anything. Being capable of viewing through several higher dimensions with ease, he is able to even create objects of different dimensional frequencies, allowing seemingly untold power in the present world.

The next side effect of this ability is an extremely high-speed processing brain to accompany it, as well as a perfect memory. This allows him to sieve out almost anything from the enemy when questioning them, memorizing and mimicking the very movements of the enemy, or even recreating entire armours within seconds through Magic Materialization. This renders him a bane to all technology-users, as anything used against will end up becoming his weapon. If complete mastery is attained, even thoughts which are sent out by the enemy’s brain can be read, which vastly increases Star Serelinity’s precognitive capabilities. Alongside this, is the ability to dissect and copy techniques.

Furthermore, with it he may learn to generate and master the power of vibrations, for he is able to see them in its entirety. This enhances his capability in battle, as he becomes ever more precise and aware of every movement he makes, and this will help him attain full control over his body, a feat which very few have attained.

Also, this eyesight helps him dissect and reveal “Energy Flow” and vibrations in all its forms, Magic included. With this ability, research can be furthered to extreme levels, as no detail ever escapes his grasp, and he can grasp and dissect the very fundamentals of the universe, twisting them to his benefit.

Following which, this perfect eyesight, once mastered, allows him to extend his reach and absorb/pull-in even the most primordial of forces flowing throughout the universe, dragging a sufficient amount of each to warp, enhance and twist his body for more power. With mastery over this ability, he can even analyze himself on the conceptual level, which is extremely useful in his regeneration of his body. Using this he can even turn the excess energy fired by the opponent against them, utilizing the slightest of effort to completely counter and demolish the opponent’s technique, achieving what can be called “True Taekwondo”.

Lastly, if ever perfected, it can even process and dissect concepts into its fundamental constituents, truly manipulating them for what they are.This dissecting capability allows him the extreme ability of copying almost every known ability in existence, as his perfect memory allows him to accurately calculate percentages of energy throughout the body, on top of its power requirement. This allows him to learn even exclusive abilities unique to the target, which is one of the most useful abilities which he has.

Membrane Variation

Membrane Variation is another one of the abilities of Star Serelinity. Basically, he is able to conjure and call upon any one of the infinite cells, body types, materials, etc. that he knows of, and this allows him to vary his membrane thickness and constituents, such as altering his skin, organs, etc. This adaptation grants him the ability to become virtually immune to almost any conventional attack, as he may alter his membrane and structure of his body to match the enemy’s attack, or even enhancing different aspects of his body accordingly.

Next, this Membrane Variation, once mastered, allows him to change forms at even more rapid rates, and at even greater percentile accuracy. On top of that, he is able to restructure these membranes even at an atomic level, such that the user may store energy, enhance his powers, etc. Examples of this include forming scales, instant camouflage, gaining virus-like traits, instant reaction, “elbow rockets”, Parasite Generation, change in body state (Liquid/Gas), Streamlined body, Acid Aura, attaining Bloodline Traits, mimicking body structures, Duplication, or, when largely mastered, the generation of Life itself from his body.

This constant variation is what helped him attain the ultimate body, either matching Hulk’s physiology in an instant, or suddenly becoming one of the most magically attuned of creatures. Mastering the Membrane Variation allows him to match virtually anyone in power. When in tandem with Absolute Vision, he may even attain Absolute Biological Mimicry and Extreme Enhancement.

Lastly, these membranes allow for the perfect form of Body Mastery and Energy Deviation, and with it, he can prevent energy from even reaching vital organs, instead diverting them naturally and perfectly, potentially even converting them into energy. It also allows for the conversion of weak points into “Enhancer” points. As such, when energy is sent to strike at his “Pressure” points, it instead increases the rate of flow of Chi within his body, strengthening him.

Potentially, this would grant him the capability to shift forms at will, and pinpoint the enemy's weaknesses, regardless of how "perfect" they might seem to be. This can be gathered from intimate experience with matter and energy, particularly when pertaining to himself. By itself, it helps him achieve the perfect counter and derive the proper strategy to deal with new, unknown factors and opponents, based on analysis of their physical traits alone.

Condensed Armour

Condensed Armour is one useful trait obtained from the influence of Heinemba, basically it allows him to shrink his Biological Atoms at will, which allows much leeway in the cloning of cells within his body. This makes him far more durable as even the sharpest of knives cannot even strike the point between his atoms, increasing his sturdiness and strength within battle.

Next, it enhances the speed in which he may access Membrane Variation, as he no longer needs to convert different cells into another, instead being able to store the endlessly multiplying cells, of multitudes of different variations, within him, and enlarging one particular “membrane” over another to attain the desired effect. This extreme molecular density makes him one of the most dangerous opponents to face.

Third, it allows him an extremely rapid extension of limbs, as he is able to freely alter the molecular size of his biological cells, helping him stretch and retract them at will. This eventually becomes a very useful ability in battle, as these limbs extend far faster and reach out far greater distances than expected, dealing greater damage.

Next, when used in tandem with Membrane Variation, he can throw out little cubes, which is basically condensed variations of his cells, then expand them into gigantic walls of varying shapes and sizes. Using this, he may restrain his opponents, or create gigantic biological creatures with perpetually adapting membranes. Being a part of him, he may coordinate them at extreme speeds, and they become a trump card which he can use.

The greatest potential effect of this, however, is the fact that most blows don’t even manage to reach anywhere near his vital organs, due to the force dissipating throughout his body. This, coupled with his perfect body control, allows him to deal blows with extreme precision, accuracy and power. As such, few beings have truly managed to harm Star Serelinity when he has this ability available to him.

Lastly, with this extremely condensed and empowered muscle mass, his physical strength has become the stuff of legend. However, this is but the tip of the iceberg. With this ability, he may also learn how to deal explosive punches via fission and fusion. Basically, he detonates a virus-like cell (Which duplicates the most rapidly in his body) using a fission reaction, just beneath the outer membrane, which creates a massive concentrated explosion of energy, propelling that part of his body. In combat, he creates a concentrated explosion at the back of his elbow when he punches his opponent, after which he detonates those cells at the front surface of his fist, causing his arm tp jerk back, where he repeats the process at an increasingly phenomenal rate. Once mastered, conventional tactics will not work on him, as he is freely capable of changing his movement, direction, and strength in instantaneous bursts, not to mention that he is already able to control the rate of energy being released, fast-forwarding them at will. With this, generating almost any effect becomes child’s play to him, as his body can now repel almost any force being sent towards him.

An additional effect of the above ability is giving him an extreme burst of energy by increasing the rate of blood flow within his body, altering his blood pressure at a whim, which allows him to fight at greater speeds and react to attacks far better. The opposite of this ability is the use of Anti-Matter, where attacks and energy from the enemy are effectively neutralized and dissipated. Instead of pushing away the enemy, it pulls them in, and pools in energy in order to strengthen itself, as if it were endothermic. This ability, however, can only be attained when the subconscious is in control, as it requires extreme concentration and mastery of the ability, such as to produce a membrane which can generate Anti-Matter.

A manner in which this ability is maintained is through the use of his Fusion powers, where instead of splitting atoms, he recreates himself through the use of his environment, drawing mass and converting it into himself. This allows him to grow and regenerate at rapid rates, reconstitute himself, or even generate and gain biological mass for his use. With it, he can even cut down the energy loss due to the use of his fission ability, nullifying the effects and damage of his seemingly suicidal fission ability.

Impregnable Fortress

Impregnable Fortress is a biological ability stemming from his unique skeletal structure, which not only intertwines with a large part of the body’s nerves, but can also be redirected to any part of the body. It, when combined together, is capable of creating a material similar to Nappitz’s shell, making it virtually indestructible, with the main difference being that it can be taken apart and put back together.

As a solid which cannot be destroyed, it takes on both offensive and defensive roles when used by Star Serelinity. With it, he often creates an exoskeleton around himself, which makes him similar to Iron Man, only indestructible. However, while this kind of armour is useful for defense, it does not possess the malleable capabilities needed in all kinds of armour, and hence he rarely uses it. Instead, it is often used to handle monstrous amounts of energy, storing and sending them into the bone marrow, or used as an extendable weapon from within his body. If the situation calls for it, he might even separate his bones from himself, causing the bones to act as an overgrown mass of solid white mist, which can be used for offense. Through this, he can even cause the bone mist to mix within the air, and when the enemy breathes it, it then integrates the bones of the enemy’s body unto itself, gaining control of the enemy’s body or even ridding them of their entire skeletal structure.

With Condensed Armour, he can even vastly increase the supply of his virtually indestructible Bone Structure (Whose material is a mixture of Magic, Concept and the liquid used in his biological chamber). These bones, as such, also acts as an extreme source of power for Star Serelinity, as it is also where massive amounts of energy is stored. With it, the bones become an extremely deadly tool to use as well.

Potentially, the Condensed Armour can be vastly improved via both Fission and Fusion techniques, and if combined with his knowledge, it is even possible that he create a fully automated, powerful piece of "Bio-Tech", which fulfil many simple criteria and complete tasks which he does not need to focus on, helping him focus all his concentration on empowering the armour. Simply put, his Armour may even potentially do the fighting for him, and all he needs to do is just channel the appropriate energy to different places.

Cosmic Perception

Cosmic Perception is the esoteric version of his Absolute Eyesight. Unlike Absolute Eyesight, which perceives the physical, Cosmic Perception perceives the magical, and as such can interpret frequencies in far better ways than the regular, Absolute Eyesight. As such, it can read magical frequencies (Which just seem like electromagnetic fluxes), associate the effects of each frequency far more, and even read abstract things such as Fate, Potential, Magical Capacity, and range of Telekinesis, which are some things the regular Absolute Eyesight cannot interpret.

Another difference between Cosmic Perception and the regular Absolute Eyesight is that it can read cosmic frequencies, and as such recreate black holes, cosmic strings, dimensional tears, etc. with even more proficiency than Absolute Eyesight. As such, it can be said to be a far more specific, or “Magical” version of Absolute Eyesight.

The next ability of this Cosmic Perception is that it is able to attain other “visionary superpowers”. As such, creating illusions, conjuring creatures, contacting supernatural deities and the like are commonplace to him. With this otherworldly perception, he is able to view things even up to the subatomic level, which aids his understanding of magic and the more minute effects of what each realm does to the other.

Finally, Cosmic Perception allows him to witness the supernatural in its full glory and terrifying form, and this allows him to deal and fight with them in any way he wishes. With this, experience can be gained in fighting different multidimensional entities in various realms, and as such he gains the ability to adapt to almost any universal setting, where the laws in each are very different. Hence, with Cosmic Perception, his ability to perceive and adapt to danger vastly improves as a result.

Insight's Dissection

Insight's Dissection is another one of Star Serelinity's abilities. With it, he gains the ability to dissect all insights, understandings, and realizations about Life, and with it, classify them into various well-planned categories. With it, he is able to twist his understanding of life, energy, and the truth of the universe however he sees fit, boxing them up into different categories to access energy in multitudes of different ways.

To put into perspective, this means that he may convert his world views from one set to another with perfect ease, thereby granting him access to many ways in which Energy can be manipulated, opening him up to even more forms of Energy which he can use.

In essence, this allows him to access any set of powers which he deems fit, be it from the God of Chi understanding of everything, the conventional DBZ understanding, the esoteric style from Magicians, and the like. Basically, it allows him to bring in multitudes of different powers from all sorts of dimensions and realms without the need for "conversion" or "Equalization". Hence, all forms of energy which he can utilize are the original forms of that particular kind of Energy.

Component: Separation

Component: Separation is another ability which his biology grants him access to. Basically, a certain portion of his cells possesses the ability to split and maintain cells in the ionic state, removing all bonds between each and every one of his, or the enemy's atoms, or doing the opposite and merging the opponent's atoms with his own, or possibly converting the opponent's cells into his own.

In battle, Star Serelinity often creates a membrane coating the tip of his fists, which causes the atoms at the point of impact to break apart and lose their "bonding" factor, leading to it breaking apart upon the slightest of touches. If he is serious with it, he can even split them apart naturally, causing the enemy's body to disintegrate into the wind with speed, or even converting their entire body into dust. However, he often uses it to split their body parts, etc. via the use of telekinesis, or break apart extremely dense and powerful objects. This ability is also a "counter" to himself, where it is a far more convenient manner which he can split his body parts without compromising his durability or flexibility.

As for use on himself, he uses this to disperse himself into the air, and travel in the form of intangible atoms, maintaining full control over them. This allows him to go with the flow, temporarily becoming massless and travelling at incredible speeds to strike the enemy, or disperse when they attempt to strike him with powerful physical blows.

Out of battle, it may be used for the erosion of extremely tough objects, converting them into ions which disperse into the surrounding air, or the recreation of cells out of inanimate objects. Other manners in which this is used is merging with other objects to increase his mass or power. In battle, he often fuses with other materials on the atomic level, such that he gains a thick layer of armour which isn't easily broken, increasing his durability against powerful attacks.

If large amounts of technology is around him, he may even absorb it to his advantage, using the Subconscious' extremely in-depth knowledge of androids and organs to convert his body into an extremely energy-efficient cyborg, then, if enough materials are available, convert it into a self-sustaining power source which drains energy from the surrounding. As a whole, it basically acts as an extremely efficient way for himself to access different states and forms, reassembling himself on the molecular level.

Also, when objects are being converted to ions, they instantly lose all the stored "potential energy" through the bonds they share with surrounding atoms, and is effectively an endothermic reaction, dragging in energy to break all bonds, immediately freezing the surrounding area. If so desired, the user may even re-fuse these ions, conjuring a massive wave of scorching flames to explode outwards.

Potentially, this would allow him to disassemble, improve, and reassemble items at rapid rates, which would be useful in attacking and defending. It also largely strengthens his defence capabilities, as with it he can possibly learn to supercharge ions and creating plasma, then transferring it into his nervous system and strengthening every fibre of his body. This ability, while similar to Complete Conversion in terms of its potential capability, is NOT the same, this is because unlike fission or fusion, its effects are completely one-sided.

Revolutionary Physique

The Revolutionary Physique is a physique so advanced that it is utterly incomprehensible to lesser Biological beings. Being at a whole other level in complexity and efficiency, its potency, strength and power are revolutionary.

With this Energy loss is a thing of the past. No longer does he face the potential weakness of shattered muscles, or broken tendons, instead, his body is designed in a manner where conventional weaknesses no longer apply, and is the absolute personification of "Pain is Weakness leaving the body". As such, all forms of damage seemingly do the reverse, and instead serves to strengthen his physical form. Combined with his potentially absurd regeneration, this serves as a far more powerful and immediate "Zenkai"of sorts.

Next would be the efficiency of his body's system as a whole, pumping blood at far greater rates, and containing a far larger amount of Neural Connections within his brain. Aside from this would be the rate in which muscle tears are repaired, on top of the ability to "sweat" out all threatening cells, etc. from his body, as with all forms of waste. He also processes Oxygen at a far better rate, and is able to respire from every pore on his body. By pooling in enormous amounts of oxygen, he may drastically improve his combat capability within battle as well.

Other manners in which this ability affects the user is through extreme adaptation. Instead of simply expelling foreign bacteria, it instead attempts to assimilate almost every form of biological life into itself, gaining what it needs and wants, and converting the rest into useful “Biological Mass”. Aside from the conventional absorption, this allows the user to gain much more powers which he cannot attain normally.

As such, he can also adapt to extreme conditions, doing things such as nullifying the enemy’s control itself via converting itself into an unknown material, absorbing blood for increased blood flow and strength, changing electrical attacks into energy fuelling his synapses, converting heat to mass via fusion, or increasing internal body heat to operate far more efficiently, absorbing water to enhance his immune and circulatory systems, absorbing and bending light such that he becomes invisible, or even absorbing the air to generate toxic gases. The possibilities are endless, and this Revolutionary Physique of his took it one step further and made many possible disadvantages, advantages. Other manners of weaknesses being overcome this way include, but are not limited to, Magic, Ice, Pressure Points, Toxins, Lasers, and Earthly elements. Upon further training and development, he can potentially gain control of inanimate objects as well, using them to armour himself or strengthen his defences.

Complete Conversion

Complete Conversion refers to the conversion of energy into matter, and vice versa. This is the basis for matter-energy conversions and this ability has been "learned", or integrated, per se, into the biology of Star Serelinity. Accessing this ability allows him to convert ions and energy into matter, and vice versa, potentially resulting in catastrophic effects.

Yet, this barely scratches the surface of this attack's potential. In terms of application, it can work with conjunction with many other abilities, helping himself rematerialize when the enemy annihilates him, or recreate himself simply with the use of ions or Earth. This conversion is extremely useful, as it prevents him from ever truly being annihilated, as while his cells may be "destroyed" or reduced to dust, he can reconstitute himself even with just the tiniest remnants of his body.

Other ways this can be used is in the creation of objects, with his deep understanding of molecular physics, quantum mechanics, biology and chemistry, he is able to recreate entire landscapes through the conversion of matter into different states, rebuilding entire lost areas or devastated landscapes. Scientifically, he can use it to alter the fabric of a biological creature's physical structure, twisting it in intricate manners to achieve the desired effect. This means that he can create an entire army of Hulk Rats, so long as he has the required resources.

In battle, it can also be used to literally cause the enemy to freeze over through the use of endothermic fusion. By forcing the creation of matter within the area, it rapidly pulls in obscene amount of energy from the surroundings, causing everything to freeze over in the creation of matter. Against the opponent, this would cause extreme frostbite, as they lose energy at nearly instantaneous speeds in the formation of matter, and if they aren't frozen, they are left to feel extremely weakened. If there are any energy attacks in the area, this fusion technique would absorb it all in the blink of an eye, making it one of the most useful techniques in nullifying the opponent's technique. When combined with his intimate knowledge of molecular physics, he can even use this to create the densest material to seal the opponent within, forming a tomb utilizing their energy. Hence, the stronger the enemy, the stronger the effects of fusion.

The opposite of this is fission, where energy is released from matter itself, resulting in massive explosions. Often, it is just used for mass-scale destruction or obliteration, however, in conventional battle, it also has its uses. For example, through fission, simple elements gain far more power and energy due to the molecular conversion, and as such are capable of dealing more damage. Common applications include the complete detonation of gigantic rocks in fixed bursts, vaporizing gigantic volumes of rock, and sending gases of extreme temperature at the target. Other impacts include the ionization of the enemy's skin, or producing phenomenal amounts of electricity.

Potentially, he could even create a completely recyclable energy source which replenishes so long as he moves, his regular respiration becoming a manner in which fission and fusion is conducted, generating incredible amounts of nuclear energy with every breath which fuels his movements. With much practice, force from the opponents dealt to him will cease to deal damage, the force channelled being converted to matter on reflex, in an extremely precise manner. This means that from then on, no real attacks, physical or whatnot, would be able to deal real damage to him, regardless of his durability. As a side effect, he can unleash powerful gales of incinerating heat and chilling cold, releasing them in devastating, concentrated bursts which, at its weakest, contain the capacity to wipe out entire landscapes. Other abilities of this include the summoning and formation of entirely new biological beings to use for battle, each designed perfectly to fulfil the task given to them by Star Serelinity. Outside of battle, this mastery allows him to completely terraform a planet in an instant, unlike long and hefty technological processes.

Atomic Integration

Atomic Integration is the utilization of atoms to bond together in unseen ways, forming a far more durable whole. Unlike the normal atom recreation, via the combination of protons to form new elements, this ability instead directly forces the atoms to literally fuse together, creating an endless string of atoms which are perfectly bonded, elevating his durability by several notches. This is because his skin and related cells can merge on the atomic level, not only causing it to require fusion levels of energy to even begin breaking, but also have such an effect on a tiny speck of his body. When repeated throughout, he instantly becomes one of the most durable beings to exist.

Merging all his atoms together, simply put, changes the amount of energy required to break the bonds between atoms, instead requiring the full brunt of energy present in overcoming the extremely powerful bond binding atoms together. Used in conjunction with his other abilities, it is no wonder that he is one of the strongest beings to exist, for few beings can harm him.

This bond which can be formed between every atom in his body, also acts as a shield, a protector which guards his innards. Through this powerful bond, he renders himself immune to all forms of acidity and alkaline based attacks, as well as Chemical Reactions and Biological attacks.

Through this, all forms of atoms can be conjoint together to form towering structures with extremely sturdy bases. By creating an extreme amalgamation of atoms of all kinds, he may fuse them into one, creating weapons for battle. Other applications include creating a lightweight, but incredible covering for highly potent weapons, preventing wear and tear, or even creating split-second bomb shelters. As such, this ability is very good for endurance purposes.

Offensively, this technique may be used to temporarily strengthen different muscular tendons, vastly increasing strike force and impact, or it may be used to instantly create an instant wall of condensed Air to block the enemy's impact. Either way, both are extremely useful in battle.

Lastly, it may even solidify massive amounts of atoms seemingly instantaneously, creating an extremely dense and solid ball of atoms to fire at the enemy. Once fired towards them, they would find it extremely hard to hold back and deflect, courtesy of a huge amount of energy being diverted and spread throughout the entire ball of power, not to mention that it can be freely manipulated by the user to do whatever he wants, such as changing shape, size and moving at extreme speeds. Once it surrounds the opponent, it may even "detonate", unleashing the full strength and power of its bonds through fission, releasing all the energy from intra-molecular bonding to the immediate surroundings, or directed towards the target, dealing extreme, concentrated damage.

Potentially, this ability has many benefits, particularly when working alongside other related biological abilities, strengthening each other. When mastered, the user may even forcefully do this onto the enemy, only instead of maintaining the regular elasticity of skin, he makes it such that the enemy is stuck within his own skin, frozen and sealed within himself, or even manipulate the very air to his very advantage, creating instant canyons and ridges alongside mountains, creating mazes made entirely out of air to divert enemy attacks, or instantly freeze the air, altering it such that all the weight of the entire atmosphere is forced unto the opponent's back. Other applications of this ability include the creation of top-notch weapons and armour, extremely durable and sturdy materials, and even an artifact which channels vibrations perfectly, extremely useful for sending reverberations down the enemy's nerves or annihilating them from within.

Overall, it is a highly useful utility power, serving as the bane to opponents focusing solely on offense, as it has the capability to defend the user from almost anything, meanwhile allowing the user to unleash or prepare a devastating series of attacks.

Pulverizing Differentiation

Pulverizing Differentiation utterly splits and differentiates his cells into its very components, converting the very cells into atoms, perfect for manipulation. Despite seeming similar to Component: Separation, this ability is actually fundamentally different, in that the atoms and such are split far further, into far more basic components. The degree in which this ability can reach is that it can literally differentiate atoms until they become Higgs Bosons, reducing them to their very fundamentals, or doing the reverse and fast-forwarding its own rate of evolution.

Through this, he may convert his very form into whatever he wishes, integrating or differentiating it at will. With this, he may even convert his body into pure electrons, with the body still treating the limb as a "regular old limb". This is through the highly advanced and intricate process of differentiation, preventing the body from differentiating the components of itself, and thus maintain constant, rigid form. This acts as a shield, as the user may become intangible, or allow the user to unleash attacks of vast power, such as a condensed electron beam, or becoming the Higgs Boson itself.

Other manners in which this is used is in the creation of physically impossible weapons and structures, through the use of seemingly improbable materials, as well as the formation of new forms of eternally-recyclable energy via the system of a Higgs Boson manipulating machine. With it, he has created many weapons of enormous destructive capacity and potent, concentrated power, which, when used in conjunction with his ability, gains a destructive capacity unmatched by most weaponry and powers.

Potentially, when fully mastered, he may completely and utterly control his physical form to the maximum extent ever thought possible, instantly changing his composition from one form of particle to another, even becoming a wavelength at will. Through this, he may also do the reverse of differentiation, integrating his very form into the most advanced states of evolution and using it to deflect most forms of attacks being dealt to him. With the vast power this mastery will likely give him, he would potentially gain the ability to access the very particles which govern time, space and energy itself, eventually learning how to become the purest entity ever.

Other potential abilities include a vast attachment to the universe, due to his understanding of the connection each and every one of his atoms have with the atoms in the entire universe, such as interactions and the like. This understanding and knowledge helps him regenerate at will, as he can simply gather, integrate, or differentiate the surroundings to gain the desired atoms he needs to recreate his body, or he can simply integrate the environment to reform himself.

Eventually, once this is perfected down to the very core, he may begin integrating every single property of all atoms, no matter how contrary, into himself, which he can either unleash entirely, or pre-select a few effects to use at any point of time. This provides much convenience as no effort is required for him to change his form, as all of his abilities with this ability will likely be available in his base form, making him a major threat for most opponents if they ever fight him.

Acid Manipulation

This ability is one of the simplest amongst all of his Biological Abilities. Basically, it allows him to alter his body's pH at will, preventing him from being affected by all forms of acid and alkali, be it magic or not. This allows him to basically become immune to all Acid-related attacks, unless they possess different properties from conventional acid.

Adaptive Maturation

Adaptive Maturation is one of the abilities which the Book of Catalogue provides, in which the user may choose to sacrifice living life in the village, instead delving into the mysterious beyond, and living in the wild with all assorted creatures of varying strengths and abilities. As the user grows and digests more opponents, they gain access to even more abilities, with some obscure abilities requiring biological mass, more kills, or whatever other requirement the Book of Catalogue sets.

Yet, the Book of Catalogue's requirements isn't everything. Even without a book, the user, upon gaining enough experience, will likely develop far faster via his/her own experience or chosen path of growth, and despite not having the "Guide" which will help him attain the regular abilities available to the subconscious, choosing his own path results in his abilities, learned movesets, and adaptability to skyrocket and develop at far greater rates.

Slowly, as the user adapts more and more, the user steadily matures, gaining more traits and integrating them into its adult body, where its development then slows. Its greatest developmental stage is often the adolescent stage, where they can receive the most damage and develop at the greatest speed, and from there it gains experience and power at rates eclipsing any other stage of its lifetime, dwarfing even the famed Zenkais.

At Maturation, all the traits and skills gained no longer need to be accessed through the warping and shifting of one's own body parts, instead, all of the user's experience, flexibility, strength and power are all integrated into its regular, humanoid form, and this is part of the reason why Adults are said to be a far more useful stage for combat.

Yet, this stage is impermanent, as the life cycle of a user with Adaptive Maturation may, upon consuming enough creatures, retain itself within the Adolescent stage, or possibly even convert its Adult form into its new starting point, where it will then develop once more.

Other differences, aside from flexibility, include the direct-ness of the choices offered to the user. While regular Adaptive Maturation/Mutation absorbs and acquires all the traits of the eaten creature, the Book of Catalogue, however, allows the user to pick whatever upgrades he wants, focusing on the user's biological mass and amount of genetic material during the rebuilding and restructuring of his body, allowing him to pick what traits the user wants. In essence, this path is more for the conventional, offensive fighter who prefers a simple system of improvement.

Hyper-Speed Energy Expulsion/Generation

This is the technology which, after the Geti Star learned it from the extremely intelligent Anthony Sullivan and Dr. Gero, ended up being integrated into its new body. Basically, it unlocks an entirely new system of an infinite flow of energy within the user, via a highly complex piece of "technology" which was altered and integrated into his body. Through it, while the user's stores and reserves of power remain the same, he starts to gain the continuous, infinite flow which androids possess, and with it, he may unleash attacks at extremely high frequencies and strengths. These high frequency attacks are not limited to blasts, and may also be used to vibrate his own body, avoiding attacks and striking back with massive force.

This hyper-speed expulsion system aids Star Serelinity in his attacks, as he can now unleash energy attacks of outstanding power within a very short timeframe, condensing energy at intense, unmatched rates, resulting in it being far more powerful than the user itself. This extreme speed expulsion capability also applies to other kinds of energy as well, and in many ways has allowed him certain special advantages over his opponents. Other manners which this can be used is through the constant repeating of techniques, or the generation of energy. In melee combat, this is used to generate enormous explosions at the point of impact, or used as high frequency propellers to vastly increase his regular movement speed.

As the God of Chi, this ability has somewhat become innate within him, as, similar to his other ability, it allows for an endless flow in the body with no energy whatsoever being wasted, which is very much like this ability. With it, his flow can be boosted to far exceed his body's capacity, as it forcefully expands his reaches and connections, drastically boosting the range, power, and effectiveness of all his attacks. For the duration of when this ability is used, he gains precognition, environmental control (larger area), abject force manipulation (in a limited area), and perfect regeneration.

When perfected, a large array of abilities are unlocked to him. Aside from accessing a pseudo-selection of his God of Chi skills, he may unlock several extreme offensive and defensive powers, in particular his power projection capabilities. For example, he may generate extreme amounts of full-power blasts from himself, while fighting the enemy physically on even ground, distracting them as the energy blasts deal continuous damage. He may also exert a continual repelling force, generating shockwaves with extremely short intervals, leaving no time to react. This is most evident in how it can be used to destabilize the opponent once they have openings, as this repulsion force is instantaneous. Also, it may generate a hefty amount of shields for defence, generating and recreating thousands of shields with each attack that bypasses the outermost shield. Aside from that, the Ki Expulsion system may be made far more powerful with training (through Meditation in particular). With such experience, his strength will not falter, and the rate of Ki Expulsion will multiply and enhance itself rapidly. It also can be used to vibrate every one of the user's molecules at extreme speeds, which lets Star Serelinity casually pass through walls, attacks and other physical things.

This kind of reaction also far enhances his ability to create chemicals (via the expulsion and repelling of atoms), and it also allows him to differentiate his atoms from anything else, preventing his atoms from changing form. This also helps him supercharge and ionize particles, and through it become invulnerable to chemical-related attacks. When fighting opponents, he may also forcefully vibrate any part of his body, helping him repel attacks of all physical natures, which allows him to utterly repel and strike back against an opponent who struck him during such a moment of "weakness". By channelling his Ki at extreme rates, he may even materialize a nigh-impenetrable armour made of an exquisite material, creating Element Chi, which defends his skin from almost all forms of damage and channels energy in the most complex and efficient way possible, where he may release full powered blasts in microscopic fragments or huge concussive blasts through the armour, dealing the desired damage. The tinier and more condensed the desired attack is, the more time needed.

Ultimately, he could even create robots of hulking proportions, utilizing his connections with Ki to create an enormous robot which amplifies the user's energy stores and maximizes the Ki Expulsion system, alongside being gigantic. This gigantic robot then becomes the user's secondary body, matching the user's movements perfectly and travelling at similar "speeds" based on perception. As such, the speed and power of the user's blows are drastically enhanced. Through this, the user may also begin converting the infinite Ki being generated into reality-defying bulks of Anti-Ki to shield himself or attack the opponent with, or even channel and unleash attacks of different energy sources for added variety (as Element Chi may convert almost any form of energy to another).

Motion Sensory Maximization

Due to highly efficient motor sensory functions within his body, he is now capable of maintaining perfect balance no matter what situation he is in. As such, cycling on a unicycle balanced on a pin on top of a spider-web-thin thread has become one of the simplest tasks which he can do. With this, there is utterly no time frame between his body's movement, and his motion sensors within him "adapting" to the change. As such, he no longer becomes dizzy or face problems in perception, as he is no longer limited by such contemporary limits imposed on him by the body.

However, this only makes it far more easier for Star Serelinity, as the original has often conditioned himself to take on the toughest of balance exercises without access to this ability, and this merely enhances and adapts his body further, maximizing his true capability.

With this, he is now more capable of remaining level-headed during high-speed battles, maintaining equal ground against those far superior in speed as compared to him. With this additional ability, few enemies are capable of destabilizing his balance, if at all, while he can do the reverse and disorientate them instead, giving himself an advantage.

An additional effect of this ability is that he is now able to distort and twist his perception however he sees fit, training under almost any "false" disorientation and maintaining full control of his own body whilst under the influence of disorientation. This renders most confusing attacks, or illusions to be rendered useless against him, as he remains perfectly capable of manipulating his body real-time. As a result, time loops like Izanagi, trapping him in an infinite loop within the mind, will prove utterly useless as his body is still battle-ready and able to fight. This also makes him out to be a huge challenge against most opponents, as most illusionists, and warriors who rely on quick knockouts will find those useless against this guy.

The most useful effect of this however, is when it is used in conjunction with the God of Chi, through subtle changes in his Semicircular Canal, he may re-orientate his perception into believing that he is perpetually accelerating, and through this generate an "Illusion" which can be combined with the "Flow" in the God of Chi's techniques. Through this, his mind's perception is made reality, and his body then moves at absurd speeds as a result of the changing Chi Flow due to perception. As this is the only Biological ability the God of Chi Star Serelinity has, he has worked hard in mastering it, and through it, he has managed to fly and fight with devastating precision, delivering and empowering his Chi attacks to mind-boggling levels. This is in part due to his being able to mimic the perception of whatever thing he "attaches" himself with. Hence, this is an extremely useful ability.

Lastly, this has also aided him in his Martial Arts, as he is one of the very few who are capable of fighting under extremely unfavourable circumstances, such as in the most perilous of places, cliffsides, on top of crocodiles, etc. With it, he may also make the enemy think and perceive that they are perpetually falling, finding themselves unable to fight properly. If this sensory organ is disabled, it may even leave them to be largely useless, as they are no longer able to properly control their body, and as they attempt to send signals to deliver punches, they end up falling flat on the floor or miss entirely, as they are no longer able to tell if they are falling or not, proving to be a deadly skill as well.

Body's Rendition

This is not so much a Biological trait than it is an ability. Basically, he is capable of gaining the properties of any known biological or living creature entirely, or mimic the processes done by non-living beings and robots. With it, this ability has enabled Star Serelinity to clone and recreate uncountable numbers of himself via the simple conversion of Biological Matter, sending them into other, parallel realms.

However, this is only the beginning of this technique's potential. With this, he may generate extremely deadly viruses, possibly even conjuring them out of thin air and shaping it to his desire via energy alone and the bestowing of properties. He may even create entirely new species based on himself, or even convert and alter the DNA of other beings, repairing them and providing them an advantage. This ability has led to the namesake being that of "rendition", as the alteration of DNA as per his will creates extremely hilarious situations where sometimes even the pigment of the creature changes.

Through this, Star Serelinity may also re-render the surroundings, through the generation of countless biological insects which "eat" the air and change its elemental constituents through complex chemical reactions. As such, he can recreate and alter entire battlefields with ease, remodel buildings at high speeds, and add biological enhancements onto other creatures and himself, and through this he has created many super-powered spiders, races, creatures, and species, all of which capable of holding their own against powerful superheroes.

However, the most astounding feature of this ability is the ability to shapeshift and meld perfectly, camouflaging into all surroundings, and even changing his biological structure from the base up. Combined with the ability to create almost any biological creature through this ability, he is capable of assuming almost any form instantly, changing his identity and blending into the human realm (where he lives in some of the parallel universes as a spy/thief/monster/etc.).

When utilized with his God of Chi powers, he may create nigh-indestructible insects of doom, which have the ability to receive and absorb energy, growing ever more powerful, and even materializing insects where his Chi is, proving to be very useful.

Energetic Transcendence

A side effect of his creation. Normally most creatures and beings' bodies would contort and mutate if they were exposed to energy greater than their capacity, requiring increased muscle mass, mental training, and the like. Some require artifacts of great power, others may rely on magical bonds, and the rest may choose to continually train and overcome this barrier. But not Star Serelinity. Star Serelinity, from his inception, has been exposed to energy far greater than anything ever seen before, and his own body has been warped, to the extent where such energies no longer bother him, let alone lesser energies.

In essence, he is no longer a shell, but a conduit. All energy generated by him causes no drain or stress to his body in general, and he may deal blows of horrifying power without the slightest sign of fatigue or stress, all this without the enhancement of any other forms of energy. As a conduit, energy may pass through him as if he were nothing but a simple conductor, be completely drained into his body, or have utterly no effect at all. This is not because he is indestructible, nor because he is just THAT strong, but because his body has grown used to energy levels far beyond comprehension, that most, if not all Energy attacks now have little to no effect on him whatsoever.

Due to the absurd limit of his body, few things have managed to strain his body, if at all possible. As a result of this, he finds that he may summon forth immense amounts of energy and unleash it in an instant, as his body acts as the perfect circuit for energy to be channelled and used, requiring no more than the slightest effort.

Transcending the conventional limit also means that its own Hyper Ki Generation system takes a long time before it actually meets its astronomically huge limit, even despite the Biology's constant improvements to itself, his very own limit just gets higher without end, constantly evolving.

This also renders him utterly immune to most physical alterations and magical alterations, and to an extent conceptual changes. His molecules, exposed since birth to unyielding, terrifying energies, have evolved to become unique and unprecedented. The molecules within his body then becomes condensed and empowered, requiring energy so great that it is almost impossible to break normally, let alone bring harm unto his physical self. Radiation, while normally having the devastating effect of Ionization, starts to have absolutely zero effect on Star Serelinity. Even conventional magic spells, such as Polymorph, will find his molecules to be largely immune to this reality warping power. As a result of the molecules' exposure to multitudes of universes, laws of physics, and conceptual changes, it has become unaffected by even the greatest of law changes, maintaining its form in most situations.

As a result of this Energetic Transcendence, his body has become malleable enough to accept almost all forms of Energy. With it, he now has the capacity to learn an incredible amount of abilities of all kinds and types, and is also part of the reason why his body is capable of transforming and matching the physiology of multiple different races, and training in their ways.

When combined with his God of Chi abilities, he begins absorbing energy from the very fabric of existence, gaining unfathomable power from what has come to be known as Zero Point Energy, among all other sources of energy. Courtesy of his unfathomable limit, the maximization of such through the use of Flow, and other related God of Chi techniques turns him into a nigh-unstoppable powerhouse. Combined with the full, released power provided by Abject Attachment, his blows become the stuff of legend, having the capacity to defeat the most godlike and powerful of creatures with but the slightest touch.

This, however, barely scratches the surface of the extent of his power.

Next would be the combination between this ability and that is his "Serious Mode", removing the utter limits of his power from his very body. Considering the already-absurd potential and power this body has, one can only imagine the upper limits of his power once this is released - for a regular human physiology was enough to accommodate a change which led to that very human shattering planet-destroying beams without being slightly serious. Applying that comparison to one who has a sky-high limit, few can conceivably come close to matching his power once it is fully unleashed.

Following which would be his Spiral Power, which, after being twisted and adapted to himself as a spiritual form of evolution, has granted him unfathomable power in and of itself. Doing the impossible, as his motto, has made his power transcend even beyond what was stated above. These 3 powers, working in tandem, grant him power which matches many powerful beings across multiple universes.

Lastly, this Energetic Transcendence is normally dormant and inactive, and therefore the prior-mentioned destructive capacity, speed, power, etc. does not include this. With it, combined with the above, results would likely have the real Star Serelinity become even more godlike than he already is.

Serious ModeEdit

Serious Mode, a mode attained by very few of the Star Serelinity's across the many alternate dimensions. In these realms, the Star Serelinity's were different - their life goal was not to be a fighter or whatever, but rather for fighting to be a simple hobby, and their main job would be either a salaryman, law-makers, teachers, etc. Some, after losing all hope, decided to be a hero as a hobby.

In a world full of monsters, which appear almost every other day, some see the hero job as suicidal, but to the Star Serelinity's, they did not bother. They trained hard, everyday, exerting and pushing their bodies to their very limits, and received extreme psychological pain for their efforts as their bones cracked, their knuckles bled, coughed blood and received countless bruises.

Not for one day did these Star Serelinity's stop.

As they trained, they realized they somehow got weaker due to lack of rest, but they persevered. They pushed their bodies to the very limit, on occasions even having their lungs failing. Many times they were told to be near-death, but they did not care, and they pushed on, determined to become stronger. Their hellish regime was unbearable to most, and many gave up, but only they saw it to the end, the end of 10 years of training. Some took less time, 3 years maybe, and others even did it for 30 years, but one thing was certain, at the end of their training, they attained strength eclipsing the toughest warriors of their time.

One thing to note, these Star Serelinity's, were only human. Some died, most survived, and they gained the ability known as "Serious Mode", which was the passive removal of the "limiter", which allowed him to transcend mortal and biological limits and exceed everything else. To them, nothing was strong enough to last more than one punch against them, and even if they could stand those punches, it should be known that they most likely have not gone remotely serious. With it, he unlocks unlimited growth and unlimited power, and no external circumstance can stop it. Some may call him largely similar to the Hulk, or Superman even, but the difference is that those 2 have limiters, and are merely powerful versions of what Biology can achieve. As for one with a broken limiter, such versions are irrelevant, as he can swipe them all away as if they were less than insects.

Those who had removed their limiters, also become largely immune to potential afflictions, as even Neo P.A.P.A begin losing his grip over these people, as the very limits he can impose no longer exists to them. However this doesn't mean that they can defeat Neo P.A.P.A, it only means that Neo P.A.P.A would have to exert a wee bit more in the dealing of these people.

However, what is most deadly about these people is when they have achieved enlightenment as well, as they eradicate the prisoner that is ignorance, and see their power as it is. Through this, he gains the power to remove the penultimate limiter, causing his already godlike body to be powered up beyond reasoning, shattering the fabric of space and time through conventionally touching it.

And all of that power, came from a simple human body.

For the Original Star Serelinity, having access to this logic-defying, world-breaking power with a body as advanced and powerful as his own, has allowed him to overshadow even the most powerful warriors of many known realms, defeating them without even batting an eye He fought what was, to him, unbeatable monsters of absurd power, which became so weak in comparison to his removed limiter state that he obliterates them solely through the force of his blinking, or movement of his body. With this ability, his position as a Tier 5 has been solidified, and he has ensured his power's continual, endless growth.

Until now, no one has yet to see him remove his true, penultimate limiter, and thus far he has only chosen to lift up his regular limiter.

Also, it should be known that in the "Natural Ability" section, all of the Original Star Serelinity's abilities and powers are BEFORE him removing his limiter.

This mode is accessible in RP through the use of the subconscious (Book of Catalogue). The Star Serelinity depicted in the following ability series refers to a Star Serelinity in an alternate universe, and is not to be confused with the God of Chi Star Serelinity. All references to power and the effects of the characters' abilities pertain only to the Star Serelinity of the alternate dimension.

Super Move Serious Series: Mayhem's Embodiment

One of his favoured moves which he uses for training. Via an extreme vibration technique, he moves so quickly that his features can be morphed to look however he wishes, changing his shape and form and seemingly shapeshifting. Through this, he creates an extremely complex afterimage making him look like any monster he wants. The larger the image, the more speed and strength is required of him, and the greater the damage dealt by the monster during battle.

Basically, he can become any villain he wishes, and chooses to use this to have fun if he wishes to, sometimes fighting giant monsters with giant monsters. Given his extreme speed, the battles end up to look extremely realistic and he always ends up watching his own battles on television and the like. As he has mastered this ability, he feels as if he has shapeshifted despite the seemingly extreme amount of effort being used in the creation of every single afterimage forming the creature.

Embodying gigantic creatures, allows Star Serelinity to fight in many manners, and he has managed to use this to become the true entity of destruction, being able to fire arrows at extreme velocities, Raining meteors, generating natural disasters, etc. With it, he can literally unleash a hailstorm of unsuspecting projectiles, and fight as multitudes of different entities with the Biological Seal not knowing better. As such, he can have more fun during battles, exerting more effort and yet retaining the thrill that would normally come from battling stronger opponents.

Often, he uses this to fight other heroes in battle, as it is fun, or fight powerful enemies without drawing attention to himself.

Super Move Serious Series: Limit Diffusion

The diffusion of limits. Having broken the very limit himself, this Star Serelinity may use his extreme speed and powers to temporary "reveal" and unleash the very potential of another being, albeit to a limited extent. This temporarily enhances their body and strengthens them to a much greater degree, allowing them to battle against stronger opponents. The greater the understanding Star Serelinity has over his own broken limit, the stronger this effect.

Against the enemy, he may temporarily seal the enemy's potential, drastically weakening them to the very fundamentals of their biology and causing them to go insane from their vast power. Doing this restricts them to using solely physical attacks, disabling more advanced, mental powers.

With this ability, Star Serelinity may even revive beings from the dead, rearranging, recreating, and enhancing all the atoms in their very being, implanting within them a vast amount of potential energy through the rearrangement. With it, their energy paths become smoother, all waste within their body is removed, and the target is brought back to the prime of their life. Yet, this time, their limits have been diffused, and they become limitless in their potential, which they do not realize. Those which have been revived by Star Serelinity often end up being far more successful than they ever were.

Super Move Serious Series: Surreal Sight

Surreal Sight is one of the greater abilities attained by Star Serelinity, after a long time of continuous training. With it, he gains a power which can be said to be beyond even Absolute Eyesight, where he can now view the limits of everything, even people. Through this, he may accurately read the "statistics" of everyone, compare each person's powers, accurately judge what attacks to block or dodge, and move in extremely precise manners.

If the enemy were to attack via the use of powerful conceptual attacks, this ability allows him to see his own limit, freely listing every potential he has to escape the attack, even viewing the very probability of every situation. Through it, his precognitive abilities shoot through the roof, and few attacks are capable of hitting him.

With this sight, he may also view and dissect material concepts and limitations, allowing him to strike at weak points via viewing the damage "limit" each section of the target can receive, and reading the probable effects that may occur. Through this, he also gains an accurate judgement of the strengths of enemies, and aid scientists in the creation of robots by seeing the plans, which allow him to make a full-scale analysis of the robot's limits.

As such, this sight has allowed him to view and search for a challenge, seeking the strongest opponents he ever wants to face. One time where he did so was when he used a Time Machine and brought another otherworldly entity into his world, and defeating him in battle, or travelling to a competition of sorts in another realm.

Super Move Serious Series: Penultimate Blockade

Utilizing the absurd dexterity, strength and speed from his Serious Mode, he takes several pieces of rock and surrounds himself with it. With his unholy speed, he strikes every rock with a punch to every atom within each rock. This causes the atom to vibrate at reality-warping frequencies, generating a space-time flux as an additional barrier. The atoms, as they vibrate, intercept all forms of light and dissociate them, refracting them via the incredible "mass" effect generated from the energy, which leads to the opponent being completely incapable of viewing what happens inside the barrier.

With this blockade, regardless of what attacks are sent its way, it will end up being deflected. Star Serelinity, when using this technique, forcefully prevents the atoms from escaping the set area he creates. As attacks are sent his way, the atoms vibrate and intercept every particle within the entire structure of the enemy's attack, hitting them from all sides and dispersing them, where the energy is then transferred to surrounding atoms, strengthening the blockade of atoms formed at different areas around him. Due to the extremely stable nature of regular atoms, the defensive capability of regular atoms is phenomenal, and through this simple technique, Star Serelinity may deflect almost all forms of physical attacks. If objects are thrown towards the barrier, it then becomes more atoms which aid and increase the strength of the shield.

With it, he may corrode almost any known material, as the barrier corrodes almost anything upon the slightest contact due to the speed of the atoms, which deal microscopic cuts at immense rates, reducing almost all things into the barest of fragments.

However, despite the vast potential of this ability he has, the shields only last for a limited time depending on how much force he punches each atom with. With barely serious punches, the barrier is capable of lasting several weeks.

During the duration of this ability, as more attacks strike the barrier, they are dispersed and converted to energy within the barrier itself due to the "punched" atoms creating fission with those atoms, generating extreme amounts of energy and fuelling the shield. Once this reaches critical mass, the vibrating atoms shatter Serelinity's restraint and eviscerate a large portion of the surrounding area, followed by releasing a shockwave large enough to split the ocean. When mastered, the vibrating particles continue expanding and convert more materials to fission, creating an ever-enlarging barrier of destruction.

This penultimate blockade, as such, is one of the most deadly techniques ever utilized by Star Serelinity. Combat applications include limiting the radius to just around his body, or generating air pressure around him, helping him deliver punches which grind the opponent, fire a continuous supply of Air attacks, and even allowing him to deliver a kick which creates a blockade for himself to use. As such, this is one of the most all-rounded abilities of the Serious Mode.

Super Move Serious Series: Ethereal Swiftness

Becoming Seriously Swift, is what this ability does. This, via his seriousness, makes him such that he gains unfounded dexterity, to the point where he is seemingly an ethereal entity. Not to be confused with Afterimage's Illusion.

Instead of conventional afterimages, this ability basically imprints himself unto the air, causing the air particles to distort the very light rays which reflect things to the eye, moving his image to a different location and leaving the opponent utterly confused as they attempt to strike nothing but air particles. The original then moves about, using this to fool the opponent into being incapable of discerning his location, even via the senses, as he strikes the air such that the opponent is made to interpret that the opponent is somewhere else.

Even when the opponent has other senses unaffected by this ability, this Ethereal Swiftness heightens his muscle memory and dexterity, suddenly turning him into a martial arts master who knows how to avoid things with instinct and moving without hesitation. Alongside Surreal Sight, his abilities and skills make him nigh-untouchable by the enemy.

Potentially, once his Ethereal Swiftness reaches a certain degree of mastery, he may even freely wield the very electromagnetic frequencies located everywhere, then utilizing his energy and strength to integrate and "hammer" these frequencies into air particles, creating blades containing many vast and unique properties. For example, a sword created with microwaves will gain and absorb energy at phenomenal rates, yet remaining at temperatures of Absolute Zero, a sword made out of visible light will blind the opponent and eviscerate them, a sword made out of Radiowaves will deliberately hinder the other sensory organs within the opponent's body, intercepting even electricity being sent to the nervous systems and altering the sensations they feel. One made out of Infrared radiation has the deadly ability to split atoms into their constituent states, leaving them in the form of floating ions, giving the user the handy ability to slice opponents in half easily, however it is more efficient in the altering of the opponent's vibration rates, which can either force them to drop their weapons or invariably feel destabilized during combat.

The other few comprise of UV rays, X Rays, and Gamma Rays. Weapons forged from Ultraviolet Radiation contain both beneficial and negative side effects, namely the alterations of chemical bonds within the opponent's body, temporarily nullifying the opponent's nervous system and defences, or the generation of far more vitamins in an ally's body, which strengthens their fighting capability. X Ray or Gamma Ray crafted weaponry or shields, are far more deadly than most of the previous wavelengths. Weapons made from these are extremely dense and durable, possessing pure electromagnetic energy which serves to repel/ionize other atoms, weakening resistance against the weapon. When striking the target, a powerful nuclear ray of energy is passed through the target's body, firing rays which either mutate, annihilate, ionize, halt bodily functions, or cause major sickness through mutating existing germs/foreign cells.

From this, it is quite clear that Ethereal Swiftness is one of his deadliest abilities, once the user reaches a certain degree of efficiency and mastery over this power.

Super Move Serious Series: Established Counter

Star Serelinity is able to view and establish a counter for many abilities, despite the strength and power behind them. More often than not, he strikes pressure points, uses the minimum required strength to deflect blasts, and counter most beam attacks. However, these are just the basics which he has learned even without the use of this ability, which is not an actual ability but rather just himself analyzing the situation and his powers very quickly.

This ability is most notable in that it has managed to counter some of the most obscure abilities ever known, not through the use of superior speed and brute force, but through tactical reasoning and skill. For example, he has managed to counter Bisani Toribra's powerful attacks such as the trillion Ren Kugi Punch by utilizing his other ability, Afterimage's Illusion, and counter even the Ultimate 8 Trigrams ??? Ren Ice Pick 512 Beat Palm Knocking Routine through a remarkable combination of Penultimate Blockade, Flaming Fission, Afterimage's Illusion and Deadly Disorientation, drastically weakening Bisani's attacks and dealing damage to him in the process.

However, his greatest accomplishment with this ability was that he managed to counter Decaun Equino's dreaded Chronoscythe, where he literally used his speed to warp space time boundaries, create the greatest amount of Afterimage's Illusion he can conceivably make, and unleashed even his penultimate blockade, to no avail. In the end, the technique was ended when he managed to force his very own power into another realm, and the scythe struck him. As he was utterly still and "removed" from existence, the trapped power in another realm broke through its limits and returned to Star Serelinity, where it then shattered and broke through the nigh-unbreakable dimensional thread through sheer willpower, regaining control of his body, yet being severely weakened. This had amazed Decaun Equino, who had never seen something even remotely close to bizarre as this. This "Established Counter" was instrumental in Star Serelinity's survival in this case, as it helped him foresee the possible actions he could take.

Super Move Serious Series: Flaming Fission

This is one of Star Serelinity's favourite abilities to use, as it turns him into the epitome of badass. Flaming Fission turns him into a living hell, the amalgamation of Mother Nature's true power. As he walks, he engulfs himself in flame and extreme heat, igniting the very particles surrounding his body and causing them to catch fire, generating an eerie, blue flame intermixed with colourless fumes which distort light and air particles. If more power is used in the controlled vibration of his body, the reaction gets increasingly rigorous and the radius in which flames begin forming increase, as well as the intensity of the fire (some even becoming white hot). When he is pissed, he may even generate a fission reaction, causing the flames to flare with even greater intensity and ferocity. At its height, Star Serelinity has been known to control the fission reaction's radius and effect, seeming to be regular flame, but actually far eclipsing temperatures generated by the strongest of supernovas. The sparks from this technique make for a spectacular sight.

However, it does not stop there, by vibrating his molecules at such rapid rates, there is a massive charge buildup across the air, causing gigantic bolts of lightning to freely strike the area around him, surrounding his body with many arcs of electricity every second. This makes his presence even more awe-inspiring, as lightning cackles when his presence is made known. Also, the intensity and strength of the electricity also increases as the strength of the flames increase, to the extent where even the flame's energy can be converted into electricity. This makes for a spectacular scene, as he walks with such badassery that others are awestruck from his display of power.

The next to last ability of this is to generate extreme cyclone like winds, dragging even more air particles to fuel his very flames and power through a circular motion. This pulls in vast amounts of air and creates an enormous vortex of fire which spreads upwards, and, if enough power is channelled, begins scorching the sky in a dazzling display of power. As more energy is used, more air gets dragged in, as it forms an ever growing vortex of immense power. This, in turn, generates a circulating shield of air particles, which are similar to those of the Penultimate Blockade, only this cuts opponents and forces their attacks to diverge. With this, the tornado can be continually sustained, growing in power with every passing moment, becoming even more awe-inspiring than what his prior 2 effects can do.

Last, is the ability to cause Earth to begin surrounding him. Through his extreme vibration, every step he does can force the Earth particles to fly upwards, conjuring a deadly, killer sandstorm which shreds most creatures to dust and breaks apart the very foundation of most buildings. However, that is only a secondary factor to this. More often than not, his vibration allows him absolutely no resistance in fighting in whatever environment, as his vibration nullifies the effects particles have on his movement. Through this Flaming Fission, the Earth becomes his Penultimate Blockade, as all the solid atoms suddenly become "self-empowered" to work in a manner similar to that of vibrating air particles, serving as an environmental hazard to the enemy, alongside the massive temperatures, bouts of plasma, and extremely high-speed cutting air particles.

Furthermore, his empowered vibration also grants him several more side abilities, which include extremely random direction changing, all to aid his attacks on his opponents. Alongside the previous effects, this generates a highly dizzying spectacle which messes the enemy's perception of where Star Serelinity is.

All in all, this is one of his favourite abilities to use, as it turns him into a bonafide badass.

Super Move Serious Series: Afterimage's Illusion

Afterimage's Illusion is another one of his favourite abilities, where he creates what seems to impossible by conventional means - a PHYSICAL afterimage. It is aptly named an illusion due to the double-irony of this ability, in that the afterimage doubles as an illusion of an illusion.

The Afterimage's Illusion is formed with obscene speed, to the point where reality warps and contorts around itself, generating a flux which draws in air molecules at a specific rate, creating an imaginary, yet physical, form in the location where he was at. He has since perfected it, changing the molecules which look like a simple blob initially, to the remarkable detail that is his current form. This can drag the enemy's attention away from him very easily, as all the afterimages formed by the ability is completely solid. When he attacks an illusion, they last for up to several seconds before dispersing into the simple air molecules they are.

Did I mention that due to the reality-warping nature of this ability, those air particles take on the same properties of the user? This means they can fight alongside the user for a very limited amount of time.

Being the utter sadist that he is, Star Serelinity further mixes these Afterimage Illusions with actual Afterimages, leading to the enemy hitting air often.

Another manner in which these Afterimage Illusions are used are through the generation of an uncountable number of strikes. Via the use of "post-mortem" strikes, right after the initial attack hits the opponent, countless others follow as the force generates an afterimage illusion as well, creating multiple, additional fists at different framerates converging at the same spot, carrying with them the same, or even greater force than the original. This additional ability generates thousands massive amounts of "solid" illusions, thwarting the enemy's vision with it, alongside creating thousands of threats to the enemy simply through the use of a single punch. This gives him a massive advantage in hand-to-hand combat if both warriors are of equal power. However, more often than not, Star Serelinity tends to be far faster.

Lastly, it can be used to throw most homing devices off course, making it extremely hard to target him solely through tracking systems. Furthermore, as the Afterimage's Illusions are largely not attached to him, they are unaffected by whatever ailments that he has, and are free to attack the enemy however they wish. It should be noted that Star Serelinity's control over them is highly limited, and that these illusions are immune to external control.

Super Move Serious Series: Deadly Disorientation

The next ability Star Serelinity has is that of Deadly Disorientation. This ability was gained via an intimate understanding of the human body, where Star Serelinity has found a way to disorientate opponents in the most nasty way possible.

This is done so via Star Serelinity grabbing hold of the opponent's head, then channelling extreme amounts of vibrations through the opponent's skull, brain, prefrontal cortex and their semicircular canals. Doing so gives the opponent a severe migraine via the constant vibration of the skull, and damaging the brain's connection to the rest of the nervous system, impairing their motor functions. Furthermore, this also inhibits the prefrontal cortex from performing its function, largely affecting their decision-making skills, which in turn makes the enemy's movements more sluggish, their capability to perform complex movements impeded, and their actions highly predictable.

Next, the damage done to the semicircular canals prevents them from regaining their balance, destroying its ability to function properly. This causes their perception to become severely messed up, and their brain is overloaded with signals which they need to interpret, often causing them to become severely unbalanced and even overwhelming the brain in some cases. This causes almost all forms of stances used by the opponent to become relatively useless, as they will become largely incapable of maintaining it, much less utilizing it. Becoming almost incapable of walking properly, their motor functions collapse, largely disabling them for the rest of the battle.

However, there are many people who have trained extensively in Balance, yet, despite this, most still fall prey and are surprised by this ability's effects. While they do not instantly collapse from this ability's effects, they still remain largely disorientated, making them a target for faster, more skilled fighters, or creating multiple openings which they normally would not have. Hence, this ability is very useful in destabilizing his opponents and controlling unruly prisoners.

Super Move Serious Series: Serious Sidestepping

This is not so much an ability than it is a physical application. Yet, the main difference belies in the simplicity of this technique, which allows him to exert far more force than what is normally thought possible, achieving speeds which shock even himself till this day.

Due to the nature of sidestepping, he is capable of phasing and dodging almost anything you can throw at him, at times even shattering the very attack you throw at him. Through constant sidestepping, he constantly gains speed and overshadows the opponent in this regard, appearing at their blind spot or escaping their notice without even the slightest of warnings, striking them when they least expect it. With the speed of this ability combined with other abilities of his, he becomes a truly formidable opponent, with few things that can truly counter him.

The most conventional way in which this is used to attack his opponents is through moving forward and backward while stepping, striking the opponent with immense force at their sides. This also allows him to use incredibly powerful sideward kicks and elbow jabs, either weakening their posture, sending them flying, or giving them powerful concussions.

Admittedly, the most useful aspect of this abilities lies in its ability to wreck entire landscapes and delivering the most devastating of cyclones and shockwaves. Through his high speed movement, he creates a vacuum through his rapid displacement of air, which pools in air at extreme rates. However, at the same time, the force delivered by his rapid sideward movement creates earthquakes and massive shockwaves which travel outwards as well. The faster he travels, the greater the vacuum, and the more frequent and powerful the shockwaves are. Over time, the gathered air will form a massive cyclone around the area, absorbing and containing all the gathered air. With it, Star Serelinity may direct all the air pressure and air particles to fuel himself and send himself towards the opponent, utterly shattering their bodies with absurd reverberation, pooling all the air to send himself towards the opponent, then redirecting the outward-moving air particles at the tip of his feet, releasing a massive, high pressure shockwave which can behead even the strongest of opponents.

God of Chi AbilitiesEdit

Attaining the status of the God of Chi was a result of realizing the Tree of Chi within him, which gave him untold power and unrivalled understanding of the universe in this aspect. As the God of Chi, he has experimented and learnt the following abilities, which were made available to him. These abilities all revolve around the 3 realizations: Flow, Illusion, and Experience.

Following his self-coronation, he has then explored throughout the many universes, expanding his knowledge and understanding of the many realms throughout the omniverse, seeking understanding of every single one of its concepts, ideas, and manifestations, and eliminating the limitation of what is known as "Ignorance". With the epiphany of the realms and worlds being limited solely through ignorance, he sought to remove that veil which covers his eyes, and desires to remove denial from within himself. Throughout his many adventures, most of his abilities came to be.

These abilities, among the skillsets of thousands of beings, creatures and robots, have proven to be one of the most reliable and useful ones among them all, withholding a wide variety of techniques, and an immense potential for expansion. Even now, Star Serelinity's arsenal is still expanding, gaining an ever-increasing amount of skills.


The Flow represents the flow of all things, the culmination of energy in its purest form - Chi. All things revert back to the flow no matter what, and it can be said that all Energy is just that, a flow, from one place to another, a rigid wall containing a strong flow of energy, the dispersing of energy into the very surroundings. Flow is crucial in everything, and is the very fundamental force in the universe, and this realization that all things are in one way or another a Flow, has led to Star Serelinity mastering this aspect of the newfound energy, Chi.

The Flow also applies to other things as well, such as the culmination of energy, the reactions occurring between chemicals, and even the very movement of senses and impulses. All of this, in some way or another, fall under "Flow", and as such, can be accessed perfectly easily by Star Serelinity.

With this understanding of Flow, comes many benefits. Namely, his energy, as of now, never depletes at all, only increases, courtesy of the equalization between himself and the universe, where exerted energy is merely "recycled", and its contents replaced by the very primordial essences of the universe. Also, he becomes largely immune to most forms of energy attacks, as with the appropriate control, he may act as a catalyst for the dispersion, pooling energy within himself then releasing all of it at rapid rates.

With this mastery over the flow of energy, all his attacks, physical or otherwise, become virtually flawless as he follows the very nature of Primordial Energy in every one of his movements. It also allows him to reverse and control the flow of anything throughout the omniverse, albeit with great limitation.

This Flow is most often manifested in the form of his Chi, which is the primordial force of the universe. As the flow is, at its very core, without energy, this means it cannot be redirected, or controlled unlike any other form of energy with a source. Being without origin, the Flow cannot be manipulated, for it is a constant phenomena. An omnipresent force, at its most destructive when tapped into, yet despite this, it takes a huge toll on his body and mind, particularly when not at full capacity (due to the Biological Seal and whatnot). What is more often used instead is a conversion, where Star Serelinity converts his energy into physical forms such as "Force", "Explosions", "Pressure", "Magic", and the like, which can all be used in different forms.

Other, more subtle forms of the Flow's use include the direction of particles, energy waves, magic, forces, etc. However, control over such "flows" are not absolute under normal circumstances, yet, it has proven useful on many occasions. This also ensures that it is impossible for him to truly die, being immune to the flow which is life and death, all becoming perfectly visible and capable of being manipulated by him only. He may even spite the enemy with this, twisting the very flow that is his life source, energy, and whatnot, destabilizing their energies with but the slightest of tweaks. Being beyond the contemporary limits of physicality and magicka, this allows him to make even the most ludicrous of changes to the current reality, in particular protecting his very existence.

Another way in which "Flow" is referred to is "Form", as "Flow" is what gives rise to form and effect, and is the physical manifestation in anything.


Illusion, the secondary truth to this "reality" we call a home. Blindly viewing the veil as truth, our presumption-filled minds have treated what our senses perceive as reality, deliberately feigning ignorance and falling under their own spell. Some, out of this ignorance, have chosen to dwell further in this materialistic, impermanent world, and have become strong - but to what end? Strength in an illusory world amounts to nothing, even the attachment to it, is ultimately useless.

Understanding the illusory world for what it is, it is as if he has deliberately pried open the veil which has kept him prisoner to ignorance. While others remain constrained to their own desire for strength and power, contemporary things in the endless dream of an illusion, Star Serelinity has unbounded himself from this meagre existence, becoming virtually immune to all of the world's lies and attachments, and henceforth, if he decides so, become completely, utterly unaffected by all means of conventional attack, be it physical or ethereal. Yet, due to the Biological Seal, a supposedly "OP" ability such as this has been made limited in its potential, lasting only several minutes at a time.

Yet, like all things, there must be a flow. For attachment can only be present with knowledge - the ever expanding link that is Flow directing change and all things which come with it. Without a shadow of a doubt must Flow be present in Illusion, for without attachment, from whence can illusions be grounded? On what land do they stand? This understanding and realization bestows upon him access to the most deadly of abilities, the utter immunity to illusions, and the ever-grasping power that is attachment. Removing Attachment allows him to remove himself sensation from that ability, rendering many attacks utterly useless. However, such simple things are not what Star Serelinity strives for, for if it were to gain experience, it must first learn to place himself in situations of all kinds, expanding the experience and understanding of his very own limit.

What is most notable about this, however, is in that what is known as Flow is immune to the force of Attachment, one can be converted and empowered by the other, while the other is merely directed as a form of flow. What he did was remove the basic effects and constraining limitations that is the attachment of power loss, of power use, and of power drain. With his energy existence permanent, anchored, he no longer loses energy in this realm of illusion, and his powers have begun to defy the very laws of physics which brought it forth.

Being part of the metaphysical realm, there is no doubt that it has made him transcend most limits of the realm of existence, and to an extent his Physical body. Removing the attachment he has to his body, control over his innards and all innate functions is his to command, and he may exert and unleash his physical energy at rates unfathomable, releasing attachments to weaknesses and replacing them with others as per his command, assimilating with almost any material. Through "Soul Projection", which is basically a change in perception, he may attach himself and reconstruct himself from anything, becoming virtually immortal, however this is rarely done due to the mechanical impossibility commonly associated with the absolute destruction of his former body via conventional, physical means.

Other attachments which he has learned of and become adept at using is the removal to attachment to his mind, removing himself of the taxing mental effects of muscle overuse, and removed the attachment of muscles from "muscular exhaustion", "muscle destruction" and "muscle overload", allowing him to unleash planet destroying hits, travel faster than light, among other things from possessing a simple flea body.

It should be noted that all the destructive capacities and body's power associated with the God of Chi Star Serelinity does not account for this ability whatsoever. This ability is not to be confused with the "Serious Mode", as they are both very different things which can bring forth such an effect, and when combined they bring forth seemingly incomprehensible power to the user himself.

Another way in which Illusion is referred to is "Ideas", as everything within the "material" false universe was brought forth by ideas, applications of ideas, and whatnot. As time goes on, the illusion of manifestation brings forth untold creativity within the self as the user is exposed to more thoughts, and once the Flow is applied, the Attachment to the Illusion takes over, feeding on the very sustenance that is the world which created it if made sentient.

Yet, despite all his power in this aspect, he has yet to be able to break the Biological Seal which binds him to the rest of himself. This is because the Biological Seal is metaphysical, and is unbounded to all realms, thus being external, and impossible to destroy or free himself from.


This is the dormant state of Star Serelinity, and is where his flow matches the surroundings. This is the state he most often uses during battle as he does not require to exert much control over himself, and more often than not is enough to deal with almost any enemy which dares challenge him. While this is sort of a base form, he is able to exert much power as the very environment is under his control, with the entirety of conventional flow being accessible to him.

While he lacks the "power" and "force" behind all the other transformations of his, this is circumvented by the ability to access and manipulate the flow itself, rather than being solely empowered by it in all the other transformations. This comes from being equalized with the environment itself, allowing him access and manipulation over the environment given enough time in battle.

Other advantages which he has gained from this state include the ability to redirect forces aimed at him, empower himself with the opponent's energy, utilizing the elements, and increasing the rate of processes within himself.

Also, being part of the flow, his movements naturally involve arcs and related motions, moving in curves and other related manners. As he moves in such patterns, the flow within the environment rapidly enhances his powers and moveset, granting him even greater power, yet remaining equalized to the flow of the universe. Through the manipulation of Flow, he may even reverse the flow and effect of friction and power, accelerating himself at far more rapid rates.

Other aspects of himself remain relatively Normal in his Normal state, and while he has relative super strength and speed compared to others of similar physiology, it is not ludicrous by comparison.

Lastly, as he fights, he often uses the flow to his advantage, either strengthening his attacks, diverting the opponent's strikes, or warp the very laws of the universe within the area he is in to his advantage. For example, he may draw in massive amounts of wind by manipulating the flow, alter how Fire travels and works, raise the tides and the like. All these advantages have proven useful to Star Serelinity during his battles, and made him a force to be reckoned with.

Abject Attachment

The state of absolute attachment, where he deeply entrances himself within his physical body, accessing every faculty for power and embedding himself within the Physical World. This also externalizes himself from the natural flow of things, rendering himself subject to regular Physical Law. However, what happens now is that the full power of his "self", the flow which stems solely from him, becomes fully manifested and channelled fully into his Physical form, granting him absurd power externalized and separate from all surrounding flow.

Within this form, it is true that Energy from his "Flow" is lost over time as it is used up, however, the rate that it is used is negligible, not factoring much. This is done so through the use of a "Closed System", limiting the Flow to within his body. As the Flow by itself is infinite and recycling, the user may seem to be except to regular things such as weakening and loss in Physical energy, however whenever he uses the Flow to unleash devastating combos and attacks, a tiny portion of that Flow is exposed to the surroundings and used up. This can be likened to a Pressure Tank, while it automatically strives towards equilibrium, it also wants to keep itself contained. Over time, his power melds within himself, and strengthens every pore of its form to solidify and contain the immense Flow which is Star Serelinity's presence.

When in this state, Star Serelinity becomes virtually indestructible, and his physical traits and powers shoot off the charts. Within the state of Abject Attachment, he loses the "Flow" over time, and will ultimately equalize the environment, which means that he may only remain in the state for a limited amount of time, particularly if the body used for this transformation is a weak one. However, despite breaking at the seams, the high pressure of "Flow" counteracts itself, hardening and sealing every pore, enhancing his own body's durability to its very limit.

Being bounded to attachment, his control and manipulation over multiple aspects of reality become extremely clear, and he gains the ability to utilize Intertwining Connection and other "Illusion" and "Flow" related abilities to its full extent.

Lastly, despite using up Flow, the Flow may be replenished if he were to simply switch back into his Normal form, where his own Flow energies will be replenished. Other manners in which Flow can be replenished is through absorption of the opponent's attacks, be it physical, ethereal or magical. Thus, he may easily unleash all the flow within his body in a massive explosion, then replenish it right after.

One drawback which comes with this ability is the attachment to stress and the condition of reality, and is thus capable of suffering from most physical laws, despite his own immense power and, to an extent, control over it.


A stark contrast and supposed polar opposite to Abject Attachment. In this manner, the user relinquishes himself from all attachment, achieving contemporary enlightenment for the span in which the user remains in this form.

Similar to Abject Attachment, it allows for the entire power of Flow to be channelled into his "Experience" portion. However, it is different in that it does not face the outflow problem. This is a result of being completely exempt from the realm, becoming intangible and indestructible.

In this state, rather than being "close and personal" like Abject Attachment, Star Serelinity instead keeps his distance, using his ability to mimic all the opponent's actions and attacks. Being externalized from the realm, he is immune to most, if not all "binding" attacks and seals, and can freely tap into all of these externalized things. With this, he then uses his "Experience" to summon up Forces and Entities, re-enacting scenes or creating entirely new battles.

Simple, but effective.

Also, despite becoming virtually invulnerable, Star Serelinity still has some form of effect in the actualized illusory realm, and can thus continue fighting normally, albeit without receiving damage. Using his understanding and memories, which are the culmination of all his Experience and Knowledge, he becomes powerful enough to react and counter virtually everything being sent at him, courtesy of familiarity and instant-application. With his absurdly advanced understanding, as well as omnidirectional eyesight, getting the drop on him is normally impossible, and only those who far exceed him in speed can do so. Furthermore, he is able to masterfully construct powerful barriers in all forms rather than use his body, as his body is far weaker than that in Abject Attachment.

In regards to many magical ailments, effects, and powers, the mere fact that all things "Illusory" no longer affects him prevents magic from working its magic. As such, curses which affect his biological body are easily removed, among other dangerous effects. This applies mainly to himself, and he is largely unable to dispel the buffs of the enemy.

As he enters this state, he also becomes an extra-dimensional entity, and his reaction time is zero as a result, becoming external from the effects of Time, Space, and Reality. This, alongside his enormous arsenal of abilities, techniques, and plans at his disposal, has made him an extremely fast, efficient, and powerful fighter.

Next, while this state may be proclaimed one of the weakest among the few states, courtesy of its purely defensive orientation and extremely poor striking strength and power by comparison, it remains undeniably useful. Furthermore, it has proven to be the most important factor in Star Serelinity's growth, as knowledge is retained within this state at far greater efficiencies, empowering his magical potential and capacity. Furthermore, it grants him untold amounts of experience as he gets exposed to more aspects of the same Flow, growing, changing, and adapting, while absorbing incredible amounts of knowledge as his mind begins to think, and grasp the ever increasing realizations, alongside cementing whatever prior knowledge he has garnered thus far, and applying them as efficiently as possible. This brings about an increased ability to grasp the new, upgraded body of itself, making battles seem like nothing more than a game, due to the absurd strengthening of the qualities within every single factor (Experience, Flow and Illusion).

Lastly, his Telekinetic abilities shoot through the roof. Not being anchored by Physical Laws and related "ailments" means that he does not suffer the conventional stress which most biological creatures undergo. As such, Star Serelinity is able to maintain a cool and calculating mind, executing plans and the like flawlessly and dealing extreme damage. He is also able to control creatures and imbue them with extreme power to use in combat, as he helps them transcend their conventional limits through the release of particular sections of Attachment, granting them supernal powers. The stronger the target body/creature/being, the more powerful its effects. With it, he has become adept at creating unfathomably powerful creatures to fight for him as he remains in this state. If he were to attempt to do this in other states, the effects would be drastically weakened.

Best of Both Worlds

This is a state combining Abject Attachment and Enlightenment, attaining a pseudo mix of the 2. In actuality, it's much more similar to his Normal State, only with his flow externalized and limited. The only limitation to this is the Toroidal flow which has an initial, limited area.

With this, he uses the advantage of Enlightenment, externalizing himself from the attachments and limitations of the physical realm, solely via the use of his Toroidal flow, which forms a powerful link between both Illusion and Experience, and removes attachment between himself and the physical realm. More often than not, he does not completely externalize himself from the physical realm, instead twisting its laws to his own advantage, making his blows ever more powerful. This also grants him the ability to fly without using energy.

Due to this Toroidal flow, his telekinesis abilities break all previous limiters and exceed even enlightenment, as he is closer to reality, though his control and empowerment of creatures is limited to his Toroidal flow (which expands over time). As he attacks his enemies, the force of his strikes gain explosive qualities, generating a miniature, highly-condensed toirodal flow at the point of impact, dealing major damage in the form of a tiny explosion, after which the energy returns back to Star Serelinity.

Enhancing his blows are a mixture of Flow, Experience and Illusion. Illusion in the attachment to power and denial of resistive laws, Experience in the form of his mind, the knowledge and application of his commendable telekinetic abilities, and Flow in its strengthening and empowering of his body to withstand such strikes. The more strikes he deals, the stronger his body and powers grow, as the cycle repeats itself without end, like an ever-growing spiral.

Now, for the most deadly ability of this form. The longer he remains in this state, the larger the Toroidal Flow expands, and the greater his strength and power. As it grows, everything within its radius becomes perfectly accessible and controllable by Star Serelinity, even the enemy's body, as the Flow creates forms and externalizes attachment to reality, either turning everything into formless substances, the true form of reality, or use it to his advantage. Within this sphere of Flow, he becomes capable of accessing all abilities in both Abject Attachment, and Enlightenment.

Now, some may think that the flow would get weaker due to use, that is true. However, it also, sort of, harnesses the flow of the natural state of things, in that more forces, being naturally attuned and conforming to spirals, add onto his regular initial flow, increasing his strength and power as time passes. He has access to all abilities of Abject Attachment and Enlightenment within the Flow.

Once enough time has passed, he seemingly becomes a pseudo God. Yet, all this power comes at a cost, in that if his will or power is not strong enough, it might suppress and shatter the very core that is the basis of this power (his own "existence"), however, as he can control this Flow to a ludicrous degree, he is capable of redirecting the "Flow" away from destroying himself, and can release the Flow away from him if he ever enters any form of danger.


Experience, the third realization. All things past, knowledge, and whatnot, are all derived from experience. Experience, or experiential knowledge, is one that is permanent, residing in the user's conscious or subconscious. Armed with this knowledge, is how Star Serelinity expands himself, asking himself philosophical questions and deepening his understanding and knowledge. As the saying goes, Knowledge breeds knowledge, what Star Serelinity has attained is largely baseless knowledge - that which is attained purely through speculation and interpretation.

While it may seem obscure, sometimes even bordering on the conceptual, especially when pertaining to such crude, impartial ideas, these ideas can be brought forth by the power that is flow, in attaching Flow to Experience, the Experience will manifest, and gain form in the illusory world through simple Flow. When this is used to against an enemy, they begin experiencing full-scale what that concept means, how it came about, its purpose, its forms, shapes, applications, etc. However, more often than not, he uses Experience in and by itself only. Through this, he utilizes past experience and repeats it using the flow, executing extremely complex attacks and combinations as if it were habit, and this is what differentiates Experience from the others.

Icing on the cake, but it has proven pretty effective. With his eyes, and his intimate connection to his very conscious and subconscious, he is able to execute plans which he has done before with perfect precision and accuracy, realizing and interpreting different situations based on the simulations he has done within his own head, and reacting with the desired force and unparalleled combat efficiency. Constant interpretation and processing has made him provided him highly efficient reactions, attacks, and allowed him to formulate incredibly bizarre plans, mimicking what the opponent has done before. This is due to his Eye of Chi, imbuing within him different abilities which come with the 3 realizations.

It should be noted that despite the efficiency and speed of the plans which he recreates, ideas which have not been done, or not applied to the situation (purely theoretical, untested abilities), will come out weaker and far slower than other related abilities, giving the enemy a minor advantage in this area.

The next, and one of the most formidable things about Experience, is its transcendental-like malleability. It applies itself universally unto all concepts, regardless of origin, as Knowledge itself is the root of everything. With all things stemming from Concept, the power of Experience is that it can be applied in all ways, in particular the knowledge of power, and realizations which are born ceaselessly from his ever-expanding imagination and knowledge.

Alternatively, it may be referred to as "Re-enacting Creation". It either Re-enacts or creates, and when given form, it gains the powers of Fate, Law, and Concept, rendering it one of the strongest abilities of them all. It is also the polar opposite of Flow, yet is fuelled by it, this is because Experience is derived from Illusion, which derives itself from Flow. However, while Illusion requires Flow, Experience requires neither, and can remain constant, permanent, unlike the other two. It is like the blanking out of your own mind - blacking out your visions and ideas of the world itself, limiting your experience, will do nothing to stop the ebbing flow of the illusory world. Timeless Experience, that is the ultimate realization, and Star Serelinity may use it to experientially manipulate almost everything which exists, and potentially even create that which is impossible.


The reason why Star Serelinity is named the God of Chi. The 3 realizations, when culminated and manifested on the Physical Realm, become what is known as Chi. This Chi is the combination of total mental strength (Mind/Experience), total physical strength (Body/Illusion), and total Spiritual Energy (Spirit/Magic/Flow), forming what is known as Chi. Chi is extremely malleable, and is the core energy utilized by Star Serelinity. Due to the inherent qualities of Chi, it can be used in any form of the applications of the above 3 realizations, and can do something even those 3 realizations cannot do - Go against them. As such, this Chi can stop itself, rendering him immobile, freeze the flow of Energy, deny the opponent's attachment to their unleashed energy blast, or even generate a cognition-null zone, where the enemy is unable to unleash remotely complex attacks.

Chi is also remarkable in that it can act as the root of Attachment and Flow, acting as the link between the user and the target object, which grants him the abilities of Chain Perception and Intertwining Connection. This ability is what makes him an extremely formidable opponent, as the opponent finds that he often uses the environment against them.

Also, due to the mixture and defiant nature of Chi, Star Serelinity has yet to master it to the same degree as the 3 Realizations. However, this ability is what makes the previous 3 Realizations far more powerful than expected, as it may even nullify every single drawback the 3 forms have (Abject Attachment, Enlightenment, and Best of Both Worlds).

For offense, Chi is often utilized as blasts, the releasing of countless shockwaves in massively powerful blows, and a literal form of Equilibrium strikes. For example, he may draw in the heat energy of the entire planet, freezing it, then unleashing all the energy in a massive explosion.

Defensively, it is used to redirect attacks, anchor himself in place while enhancing his durability, adapt ailments and turn it into positive effects, and generate compact shields.

Intertwining Connection

The connection he has with the Flow has helped him realize the connection illusions have with reality, and how reality itself is a form of Flow. With it, he is able to gain an intertwining connection with different things, using the flow of Chi to add new properties, powers and effects to himself.

Unlike the Flow, the Intertwining Connection uses the very Chi within Star Serelinity's body, a form of the primordial force Flow, and channels it into an object/entity. Doing this interlinks them to Star Serelinity, allowing him to control these things if he wishes, and negate another person's control over the object. This can apply to even non-physical elements such as Fire. Controlling people however, due to the large energy cost and few benefits (property-wise), is rarely done. He may channel Chi into the ground, changing the properties of his body (Mass for example), and anchor himself into it. If he punches, or does any attack with this new property, the reality will reflect the change as if it were part of him. An example is if he attaches himself to the entire Earth with Chi, then punches a person, the punch will have the mass of the Earth behind it.

To use this, contact is often required to limit the (almost inapplicable) Energy cost of the technique, however there are many mediums in which his Chi can flow, so this point is moot. With this, he may turn himself light as air, dispersing away without a sound, or hot as fire, burning all those who touch him. He may gain the oxidizing effects of fire, ionizing all atoms and enemies nearing him. However, this is only the basics. When in tandem with the 3 Realization's abilities, its effects are drastically enhanced.

Other ways in which this technique is used is the dispersion/absorption of energy attacks. This is done so by creating an "open hand" where energy can flow through, then using intertwining connection to link himself to things such as the ground/atmosphere. When his "open hand" receives the full brunt of the energy blast, it travels through him and then superheats whatever he has linked himself to. The reverse can be done as well, where he increases the temperature of a large volume of space to extreme levels, then instantly freezes the opponent through this.

In physical combat, Star Serelinity's ability has made him one of the toughest opponent's ever faced. One moment he might be light as a feather, the next he might be as dense as a rock. His fist may blare with fire, electricity, plasma, ice, or related elements, and force dealt to him may even be channelled and directed out of his body.

Another thing which Intertwining Connection can do is either linking him to different life forms, or anchoring him to different locations. As such, these gives him something akin to "Chi Arms", where he can freely alter the length of the "roots" attached to different things in space, possibly even concepts in general. This anchor is often strong, and more often than not seemingly defies the laws of physics. In its most basic level, the strength of the "root" is likened to that of subatomic particle attraction, making it impossible to conventionally shift Star Serelinity (and the thing he is attached to) or send him flying (unless sufficient force is applied). Acting as a literal web, he may even use this to turn his connections elastic, propelling himself with major force to strike his opponent. If enough Chi is used, these connections become visible, and look like tentacles protruding out of his body. These can be used as additional appendages, and act as an additional, powerful shield on top of being an offensive weapon. When linked to different life forms, he may freely alter and change the flow of different things, even altering their biochemistry down to the molecular level, changing their flow and transforming them. Doing so increases the size of the life form itself, mutating themselves to gain new, different properties to its own propagating advantage.

Warping his connection to things accordingly, he may also gain the ability to manipulate the elements, directing gigantic rocks toward the enemy, shifting the flow of water away and around himself, or even controlling the entire planet itself to answer to his own will. If he gains enough power, or transforms into his higher states, he may even gain the ability to control the flow of knowledge and the energy of the enemy, preventing them from accessing certain abilities and disabling their energy's effects on himself (although he seldom uses this).

Lastly, the ultimate ability of Intertwining Connection is that he may link himself to many things, expanding his attachment in a manner similar to a force field, constantly expanding outwards. Within it, he becomes a pseudo God, being able to do anything, controlling all properties, laws, atoms, and lifeforms without limitation. He may reduce them to complete ash, alter their chemical properties, and play with this illusory world as he sees fit. All laws within no longer apply, as he becomes the master of this space with his attachment. Within this barrier, he no longer loses energy, rather, he gets stronger over time (despite his mental strain), and he may create impossibly powerful creatures and life forms (which can be sent out). Attacks on him also largely become useless as he is able to completely and utterly neutralize them, if an attack hits the barrier, it is deflected. If any foreign object enters the barrier, he may disintegrate it to nothing instantly, if an energy attack is fired, he may convert it to energy to strengthen itself. As this barrier expands, few things will survive as the fabric of reality is torn apart without the slightest regard or concern.

You can say that he would have become a True God.

However, Star Serelinity isn't a cheater, so while he accesses this ability, he merely enhances and brings his body to the pinnacle of its current potential, removing the concept of "locked potential" from himself, and channelling all existing Flow from the controlled area unto himself, turning him into an ungodly powerhouse. Within this area, all the enemy can rely on is their own power, and even then, there is no guarantee that this power would prove effective.

All in all, Intertwining Connection is one of the, if not THE most powerful ability of Star Serelinity.

Chain Perception

Chain Perception functions in ways similar to Intertwining Connection, however it is fundamentally different. While it uses Chi, it does not link to the properties of the desired object, instead it links and applies the experience of the target unto the user.

Basically, to a normal person, the speed of a hummingbird flapping its wings may seem imperceptibly fast, but to the hummingbird it seems slow. When we see a gigantic robot delivering a punch, it seems slow because of its size relative to its movement, but in actuality it's moving very fast.

What this ability does is connect the user's perception to that of a smaller, faster creature. Receiving their perception, or Chaining it, he converts that rate of perception unto himself, as such, the energy unleashed by whatever abilities he uses increases exponentially (in the equation E= 1/2 M V^2), where both Mass and speed are multiplied accordingly based on its size. Due to the magical nature of this technique, the energy used is the equivalent of the form in which the perception is linked to, making it an extremely cost-effective technique.

While he normally uses it to enhance his reflexes to extreme levels, he can also do it in the reverse manner. Creating gigantic creatures out of stone, rock, etc. He may control them as if it were puppets, and, using Chain Perception, grant them speeds imperceptible, becoming a threat to even the most seasoned and battle-hardened of veterans.

Lastly, when combined with Intertwining Connection, he may become both huge, powerful, fast and agile, linking enormous objects with even larger objects and then multiplying those speeds accordingly. Needless to say, it is an incredibly powerful supplementary ability.

Contact Force Reversal

Contact Force Reversal is another ability he mastered. Using the ever-present force that is Contact force, the "opposite reaction", he literally uses Chi to reverse it. This is done so through the manifesting of his Chi in his strike, where the opponent is no longer able to generate any form of resistance against his attack, and is subject to constant, endless shockwaves through use of his Chi.

The Chi, in this case, acts as the root for the "Flow" to occur. Manifesting at the point of his fist, he strikes the opponent. As the strike hits, the contact force and resistive forces become touched by the Chi, and phase through the strike, causing the opponent to be sent back no matter what. This force then goes in a cycle-like motion, phasing through the strike, then going back and adding the contact force unto the initial force. After which, the new force generates another contact force, and the process repeats itself endlessly in a loop. The rate of this depends on how close the user is to the target, as it is the user who is directing this technique. The closer the target is to the user, the stronger and faster the technique's effects and strength.

This is often used to break through supposedly indestructible barriers, using their properties against them by delivering multiple strikes with the property "Contact Force Reversal". This in turn causes the strikes to gain immense, unfathomable power within the span of seconds, due to the nature of the contact and resistive forces.

As this technique is fuelled by Chi, the direction and effects of this technique can be altered at will, and Star Serelinity may send the enemy flying in whatever direction he wishes. This ability can also be used as a ranged attack, on top of being an alternative way to fly. By reversing the contact force, he begins flying, and this can be used to propel himself in air.

Side abilities of this include reversing Friction and other resistive forces' effects, reversing them and turning them into an accelerating force. This incredible power has made all of his movements and attacks far more devastating than it already is, adding the element of surprise and surpassing many of his body's "limits" with only the slightest of movements. As he controls the flow of energy within his body, the Contact Force Reversal effects also apply the strongest here. With it, few things become out of reach for Star Serelinity, as he no longer needs to stress his body to deal extremely powerful strikes, rather, his body has attained a form of superspeed which defies all known laws of Physics, courtesy of Chi and his 3 Realizations.

Arguably the most powerful ability this has granted him is the ability to turn his inner body pressure into a source of energy as well, effectively granting him an infinite source of power. Using Contact Force Reversal on both the atmospheric pressure outside of himself, and his inner, Body pressure, he may generate enormous amounts of energy whilst maintaining the integrity of his biological form. This in turn creates an incredible flow which can then be utilized for him to unleash sudden, jerky movements, bolster his cognitive and response capabilities, and most importantly strengthen his strikes to unfathomable degrees. Common applications are not this intense, however, as he normally use this just to generate and repair muscle tears at surprising speeds, becoming ever more powerful by the second.

Lastly, it also grants him the ability to turn into a nigh-indestructible creature. As the enemy hits him, he utilizes this ability to reflect their attacks back at them - if they manage to hit him that is. Around himself, he sets up a Contact Force Reversal Aura, where the pressure of the atmosphere is continually reversed and enhanced, increasing his internal pressure and external pressure to unholy levels, creating an incredibly powerful barrier on top of the reversal effect he has on his skin. This is also a form which he can access, where over time, the shield around him gets exponentially more powerful, with his speed increasing at similar, immense rates as well.

When mastered, he can begin applying this ability to whatever he does, reversing things such as friction, pressure, and utilizing all resistive forces to his absolute advantage. Even the enemy's energy is subject to this, and they might think they are fighting a losing battle. Yet, while this advantage is mind-bogglingly grand and unfair, there is still the limit of his own body, which would end up dealing damage to him over time. Yet, when coupled with the ridiculous adaptability of the original, the endlessly growing and upgrading muscles he has, the control of Flow, one might say this disadvantage is negligible. Some might even say that there is no disadvantage, as the muscle tears' are never created due to the user converting them into even more advantageous energy. As such, once the pinnacle of Mastery is attained, very few things can stop the user in the Physical realm.

Duo Force Annihilation

This ability keeps 2 forces at constant equilibrium, utilizing Contact Force Reversal to generate increasing amounts of energy for both ways. Using this, he generates incredible amounts of force and power solely through the use of a stationary object. After which, he allows the force to phase through each other, or redirects it, annihilating huge plots of land.

Mastering this ability, he may even begin firing it rapidly, dealing unfathomable amounts of damage in an instant. Adding unto this is the ability to access even the tiniest and most powerful of Forces - Fission and Fusion. With the baseline energy being at its highest, it grows in power exponentially, and can be maintained throughout the course of battle, then unleashed in a split instant in order to eradicate the opponent.

Despite its namesake, in truth more than 2 forces can be used in the creation of this technique, where the user utilizes even more forces present in the air and maintains them. These forces, as they can gather energy over a long period of time, are further used in conjunction with Contact Force Reversal to deal immense damage, enhance his own blows, or severely enhance Star Serelinity's striking speed.

Property Integration

This ability is different from his Intertwining Connection, rather, it literally melds and integrates the desired properties of something into the user without the need for connection. He is able to do this even when he loses contact with the desired object, making this a highly useful ability.

This is done through memorizing and recognizing different molecular patterns and formations which are associated with a multitude of different traits, and through the use of Experience, recreates the supposed Illusion of the object he wants to link himself to, thereby achieving the desired properties without the need to find the real deal. Hence, he may turn himself similar to Kryptonite, harder than Katchin, or even denser than a neutron Star. To an extent, he may even use his Experience to substitute the real deal, provided he has enough Chi, metaphysically linking himself to a white dwarf star is one example of this.

While this ability does not grant the user the ability to disperse enemy attacks, it is extremely useful in its own right. For example, when mastered, he may freely alter the properties of different parts of his own body without the enemy's knowledge, achieving a large amount of effects in the short span of a second. Readily adapting to multiple situations, this would allow him to deny and overcome the effects of many powerful mages, rendering him a tough foe to face in many cases.

If this ability is mastered, however, he gains the ability to integrate the property's of the opponent's body unto himself, as well as granting himself the property of a Voodoo doll. In this case, the enemy will be damaged the longer the battle draws on.

Lastly, his experience linking with different creatures also grant him another miraculous ability, and that is to receive the benefits of different biological forms without actually shapeshifting, solely through integrating their body's properties unto himself. As such, if he were an elephant, it is possible that he integrates the properties of a mouse, gaining incredible speed stunning most other creatures. To an extent, this allows him to use Biological abilities pertaining to different races, and thus would not be too surprised by the enemy's attacks.

Form Duplication

Star Serelinity's favourite ability is Form Duplication. Mimicking the very Chi Flow within his own body, he projects his Chi in such forms, creating solid clones of himself with the same properties. He may render those clones of himself either solid or not, and if it isn't, the enemy may not hit it, but the clone still can. When fighting against many opponents, as if to show his boredom, he sends out another "Form" of himself to do battle, and when he wants to troll, he makes them merely mimic the "Force" of the Chi Flow, i.e while the enemy cannot hit him, he can strike them and have the same effect as the real Star Serelinity.

Often he sends these "Forms" out as a form of Energy Projection, as more often than not, the Blasts lack the complexity of the Body, and through this substitute form of "himself", he may deal far more damage with the clone than with a regular blast. What is amazing about this form of attack, is that the Forms, being largely with physical form and subject to reality's effects, can utilize this reality effects to his advantage, using the resistance to bolster his regular, physical attacks' speed and power.

In battle, these forms have proven to be the most formidable of things opponent's can face, as they have the ability to match the original in power once they're in battle long enough, literally doing things the original would hesitate doing. Examples include dragging endless flow into himself, unleashing it in a massive beam, sacrificing itself to absorb an enemy's attack entirely, or creating a perpetual flux of Flow, sacrificing itself to become "One with the Universe", the penultimate form of Attachment, where Star Serelinity could then utilize it to collapse reality wherever he wishes. As such, these clones are extremely useful in combat, its only drawback being that these clones split the user's control of the Flow, causing the original's Flow manipulation to be divided amongst the clones, weakening his maximum output.

In the Lookout realm, however, the above limitation is nonexistent, as there is no enemy there which even comes close to his full power.

Form Projection

Unlike Form Duplication, he instead projects his "Form" at massive speeds, creating extremely real "Afterimages" of himself. Each of these forms possess mainly one action, or at the most a set of actions.

Strangely enough, when sending these forms out, the original is not subject to the supposed "Opposite Reaction" which would come from sending his Chi at high speeds. This is because Chi, in itself, is exempt from Physical Reality, and at the point of release, doesn't really exist. This Chi travels outward in the intended direction, at speeds far excess of the speed of light before materializing into a physical form, where it then increases its speed (and subsequently force), before it strikes the opponent. To them, it would look as if Star Serelinity punched them in the face, while in actuality, it is only his Chi travelling towards them, with all of it released at the very point of impact. As these forms are largely Energy, they are almost impossible to damage or weaken.

And that is excluding the fact that these Forms can generate more Forms from themselves, converting energy from the surrounding Flow and unleashing it toward the enemy. This is done so through the unleashing of one single Form attack, and as it travels, it unleashes even more Forms to strike nearby enemies, which then generate even more forms as the resistive forces continue acting on it. Forms projecting Forms which project Forms - A truly dangerous technique, however it is not implemented often, and only used to get rid of fodder without even moving a hand.

During battle, he can use this to deal deadly feints, have fists coming out from different parts of his body, unleash a flurry of 1,000 kicks from a single strike, or mimic the dastardly effects of a chain reaction - Sending them flying, he sends multiple punches toward them, creating more punches from itself, then as the punches hit, he utilizes Contact Force Reversal through the Forms, and repeats the process. An undeniably deadly combination.

The rate at which these Forms can be generated is extreme - in actuality there's no limit, it could be continuous and even endless, especially when he connects himself to Nature's Flow as he does this. The strongest opponents end up cowering at the face of such power, as by the time they manage to dish out 1 punch, despite being a billion times stronger and faster, this other, slower guy (Star Serelinity) could dish out a minimum of a phenomenal trillion punches at that same moment.

As these Forms can reach speeds far greater than the original in an instant, they are Star Serelinity's favourite form of Projection, surpassing that of other, conventional energies. It also helps that they are far less destructive and more direct.

Force Dampening

Force Dampening - The slowing down of Flow, the weakening of attacks, its dispersion, or even the ignorance of it. This technique allows him to survive the strongest of attacks unscathed. Even if his body was that of a mere ant, he could effectively dampen a blast as great as the Big Bang, such that it would not come to harm the tiny being that is itself.

Being a learner of the Flow, he may effectively redirect it in manners far more efficient, releasing the target energy attack into another dimension, another realm. It would be as if the attack against him never existed.

However, that is but the simplest form of redirection. What Star Serelinity does is make himself part of the flow, utilizing his Eyes of Chi to witness the potential path of the energy which would surge through him, then alter his very flow and attachment to match that of the target's attack, thereby nullifying the strength of the target's technique. This process is so delicate and quick that it looks as if he was completely unaffected - as if nothing had happened. In actuality, he melds himself in the exact flow of the target attack, matching it entirely as if he were part of the attack, resulting in no resistance. With no resistance, there is no reaction, no transfer of energy, and the attack would pass through harmlessly. Granted, despite the complexity behind this, it has a weakness.

Thus, he has chosen to resort to what he calls "Force Dampening". It is not so much the nullification of powers as shown in the prior paragraph, but rather the dispersion of forces, or the reception of effects, per se. What this means is that Star Serelinity uses his Chi to perfectly meld with the Flow of Forces within his body, then changes its nature to something similar to that of a sponge, a spring, a wedge, or even an anvil. As the energy courses through his body, it melts into the form of a Force, becoming part of the Chi flowing through his body. What ensues after depends on the selected property - If the property was that of a Sponge, it would soak everything and leave no trace behind, no effect. If it was that of a Spring, the energy would rebound back into the target, releasing the full effect back unto them. If it is a Wedge, the energy would act as if piercing through something, and course throughout Star Serelinity's body, vibrating it and making it hum with power. Lastly, if it was made an Anvil, all the concussive forces experienced throughout his body, would flow through from the points of impact, then reverberate and explode outwards, sending the received force out of him through a major shockwave. All these serve to dampen and nullify most forces targeting him, enhancing the total damage he may receive to levels far beyond the limits of his already godlike body.

When in conjunction with Intertwining Connection, this ability becomes far more efficient. All forces unleashed by the enemy would have a larger area in which its forces may be dispersed, particularly through avenues such as the ground, enemies, or even the endless expanse of Space. Dampening even the greatest of forces with but the simplest of gestures makes Star Serelinity an extremely deadly force.

Yet, this is not all which he can do. The penultimate form of Force Dampening lied within his ability to generate attachment to even that which was Nothing. By adding Flow to the attachment to Nothing, he perpetuates an Aura which serves to solidify a field of endless distance surrounding himself. All attacks, regardless of speed, size and power, are compressed to the tiniest speck within the aura, likely never being able to reach him. Even instant speed does not help, for the Field perpetuating endless distance flows in and of itself, being except to worldly laws and time. In essence, an inescapable loop which grows infinitely. Even if this loop were to be released, the fastest of fighters would still take time indescribable to get close to Star Serelinity, and when they finally reach him (which they most likely will not), their energies would be all but gone, and those self-repairing, and the toughest of machines eroded by the Sands of Time. The Ultimate Force Dampener. All forces, energies, travelling through nothingness for eternity, weakening and slowing with every passing moment. As the process is fast-forwarded by Star Serelinity, it looks as if the aura is nonexistent, the size of the beams remaining equally huge, and travelling equally fast. Yet, when it finally hits, it no longer amounts to its previous form, instead dissipating at the very end of that aura - Star Serelinity's skin. This is his Ultimate Force Dampening power, where all forces, seemingly regardless of power, amount to no more than dust upon reaching his form, let alone bypassing the additional layers of Defence granted by his Form.

Constant Sustenance

Constant Sustenance fuels his flesh body and empowers his attachment to the illusory realm. Being of Flesh and Blood, he relies on food and energy more than anything, but what he receives is something different. Courtesy of his knowledge, what he feasts on is the very flow and essence of the Universe, not as a parasite, but as a supporter. As he has declared himself the restorer of Flow, he seeks to balance it out throughout the universe, as where there is Flow, there is Peace.

In his Normal State, he is sustained by the constant Flow empowering himself, neither gaining nor losing energy. In subsequent states, he unbalances the Flow, becoming empowered by it, but also somewhat limited by its containment within himself. Over time, as his body becomes used to the energy, the Flow within him grows, as more energy manages to seep through him when he becomes more in tune with Flow itself.

Time Conduit

Utilizing his manipulation and control over Experience and Flow, he generates a Time Conduit which channels the very Flow of Time unto himself, through it implanting the very Experiences he needs for training to empower the very Illusion that is his body. Being except from the Flow of Time, this ability allows him to complete several millennia's worth of training in an instant.

To him, however, that is a very boring thing. Hence, he instead uses this power on his enemies, applying the most dreaded and horrifying of experiences and implanting it in their mind, generating endless torture and the like in an instant, damaging their psyche for an indeterminate amount of time.

Equally likely, is that he affects the Physical Body rather than the mental status of an opponent, eroding their body to nothingness as they experience the very end of time.

Other manners in which this is used is in regards to energy gathering and power draining, affecting those durations and potentially reducing them to none. This renders time-based spells to be completely and utterly useless against him, as well as eliminating all time related weaknesses (such as duration, and limit). He also uses this to accelerate and decelerate his attacks. Most of the time he chooses to slow down time around himself, causing all enemies to move at seemingly godlike and measurable speeds to himself, giving him a great challenge and an opportunity to train in almost any situation (yes, catching a Fly can also be a challenge).

Lastly, his most favoured ability is to utilize the reality of the Illusion to utterly shatter the bonds of Flow connected to it. As such, he can make the impossible possible, and completely remove the option of "Failure" from anything he does. With it, it seems as if he makes no mistakes, and he may fight with absolute precision regardless of any flaw, disability, and weakness his body comes about. The extent of this ability's power is to even create an improbable thing, probable, such as escaping seals which cover all aspects of reality, ending an endless paradox which traps him, and even dodging homing attacks with ease. However, he mainly uses this ability to ensure that things go according to what he intends (may not yield the favoured outcome, though). This is done so through the annihilation of the current illusion and flow, reverting it to the prior "Illusion" which represents the time period he wants to return to, which is then reinforced by "Experience", which serves to solidify the reality of the illusion, where the Flow is then continued.

Sense Immunity

Star Serelinity is completely immune to energy sensors of all kinds, courtesy of the completely different and undetectable energy he has going through his body. Even if they can perceive it, the sole fact that he consistently equalizes himself with the Environment's Flow gives him no real avenue for enemies to detect. As such, while people may conventionally learn and be able to see the regular Ki Flow, or biological things such as where the energy is being channelled, they are completely incapable of seeing what kind of energy is being used, and how it is used, due to the sheer undetectability of the person. This renders most precognitive capabilities relying on observing the flow of energy useless.

Furthermore, due to the degree of mastery over Flow, he may conceal his presence entirely, as if he was never there. With it, he may eradicate the Flow to the enemy's brain regarding the potential perception of himself, which removes him from the enemy's senses entirely, blinding them in any manner of the 5 senses. This also applies to those who can see souls, among other more complex abilities, due to the externalization of Flow from all things. Other ways he conceals his presence is through Illusion and Experience, with these 2 making him exempt from Reality

A side effect of this immunity to being sensed, is that his attacks cannot be detected, or accurately measured by others in terms of power. This also means that he may unleash sneak attacks on the fly, and prevents the opponent from knowing exactly what he is going to do at any point of time. Even those with actual precognition (seeing the future) are made helpless, as Star Serelinity has made it an effort to eradicate all "Flow" regarding such matters, counterbalancing such that everyone is almost always seeing the present.

Other powers garnered from this is the ability to have complete and utter control over his own Energy, even after it has been released in an attack. Ensuring his attack only flows in one direction, he prevents others from absorbing his attack in any form, and prevents others from nullifying the effects of his ability. It also makes it such that even if the enemy understands the effect of the ability, they are unable to use conventional counters to dampen the damage dealt by his attack.

Upon full mastery, concealing his energy becomes second nature to him. Manipulating the very Flow which moves at his whim, no energy is wasted in any one of his actions. As such, all his attacks only generate effects on his desired target, to the point where no energy is lost in movement, or contact. Such control and power over his own abilities strengthens and enhances his stamina to ungodly levels from its normal state.

Lastly, this ability is natural to him and is always activated due to convenience. Rest assured that if he wants to make himself known, he will be known.

Entropic Immunity

Star Serelinity possesses Entropic Immunity, partly in the same manner where he is immune to being sensed, in that he becomes a "neutral object" no different from the surroundings. Possessing the Flow which governs all things and processes, to him, Entropy is just a phase at the end of a cycle, the state of chaotic Equilibrium. With it, he becomes immune to Entropy and all decaying effects, as he may manipulate the very attachment of Illusion and Flow, severing it and preventing it from affecting himself. This also makes him immune to the effects of Time, and, to an extent, concepts.

Hence, he is one of the few entities who have stood at the very end of Time, viewing the end of everything in its undignified glory. He is also one of the few who have received Chronoscythe head on and receiving no damage - for there is nothing for Entropy to Equalize.

If he wills it, this immunity may also become advantageous in battle, where he uses it to disadvantage those using conventional attacks, absorbing the Energy, containing it within himself, then equalizing it with Entropy. Doing so with the power of Flow, he would be able to absorb even the strongest of attacks within himself, nullifying its dangerous environmental effects.

When angered, he may even quicken the flow of time's effects, utterly disintegrating everything within an ever-expanding vicinity, with its effects blinding everyone due to the spatial anomaly being generated and the vast energies being produced. With the change of Flow, everything around Star Serelinity is brought to the end of time, creating an expanding area which annihilates almost anything it touches. Only very few entities have been able to survive this environmental technique unscathed, while most powerful beings end up taking damage over time. This technique serves as a bane to most creatures, as they realize that there is no real thing they may use to their advantage.

Endless Energy Spring

Drawing upon the Primordial Flow of Chi, Star Serelinity gains access to an infinitely present source of power. This, to an extent, makes him reckless in his use of energy, as he may freely replenish it at a whim. Apart from Constant Sustenance, which constantly fuels him, this instead turns and acts as an infinite source of power, to an extent similar to that of the Well of Eternity.

To his enemies, he becomes their metaphorical boogeyman. All advantages to be used against him, in his eyes, is automatically rendered useless as he may simply overpower it with an even more powerful attack. Mimicking the complex process which is the Ki Expel system possessed by Androids, he mimics its complex effects through the Flow, allowing him to shatter time and space through sheer strength alone even when stuck with the body of a puny flea.

Over time, he has gritted his teeth through gruelling training, forcing his energies through its roof and beyond its limit, expelling energy at rates which would make even an endless black hole jealous. This awe-inspiring power has become so great that even other entities, known for their obscure levels of strength and power, have come to respect him - even revere him, for the outstanding levels of power he has attained. Even the Gods of Destruction, known for their immense capacity for annihilation, have grown to fear his power. An analogy of how much energy he could casually expel at every passing moment would be akin to a single cell generating enough Energy to eclipse the entire omniverse in an instant.

This has expanded his power and control over the Flow massively, enhanced the capabilities of Contact Force Reversal, improved the rate of expulsion of Form Projection from himself, generate shields of immense power in an instant, and most importantly remain perfectly rational and in control even with an absurd amount of energy flowing through him. This also helps increase his Chi reserves with prolonged use.

Eyes of Chi

This is Star Serelinity's most favoured ability. With perfect understanding of the 3 Realizations, and the incorporation of which into Chi, this power has then manifested in the form of his eyes, which he has decided to dub to be the "Eyes of Chi".

With it, he gains the ability to see through and understand the 3 Realizations, Flow, Illusion and Experience, and dissect reality using any one of these 3 focal points. More importantly, it enhances his body's limits to far beyond its regular capacity, as his eyes alter reality at a fundamental level. This renders him immune to all illusions, and able to perceive all forms of Flow before attacks are executed.

With the eyes, he may cast the most powerful illusion of all, obscuring all aspects of reality and severing the very Chi from the enemy's body. Ending the Flow, Experience, and Illusion of attachment, the enemy is killed, and their soul shredded into nothingness. This is his most deadly ability and he rarely uses this.

If he gets into eye contact with the enemy, he my either use it to mimic all the enemy's movements and techniques (matching the flow), utterly paralyzing them (disabling attachment to Illusion), or giving them instant dementia (which limits them to simple movements and plans).

When activated, he gains the ability to see all Flows, Attachments and Experiences going on in everyone's heads. He may see the flow of possibilities flow past him and view every potential path which he might take, just by glimpsing into the ever-infinite and continuous Flow. He may also witness the varying degrees of attachment to illusion (be it emotion, desire, pain, and mental afflictions), or view the infinitesimal details regarding every subjective viewpoint of a person. Whenever he does this, he can either pause time and relish in the moment, analyzing every small detail, or he may let time pass, viewing every single tiny air current, fluctuation, etc. in real time.

With these eyes, he also attains the ability to meld into multiple different creatures, possessing them temporarily, or even taking control of them. He may also use it to measure the opponents' energy relative to his, and even alter the Illusions themselves, converting the environment into anything he wishes. He may also see weak points, or areas where the Flow is unbalanced, and either correct them or capitalize on them. These Eyes also make him an expert on Chi Flow and the effects of Feng Shui, able to utilize its effects to mess around with enemy's system. In battle, he may create a very unfavourable "Feng Shui" aura around the enemy, while maintaining a perfectly balanced one around himself, as the battle goes on, the enemy becomes more prone to trips and slips, loses what they call "Good Luck", and gradually becomes more stiff, rigid and weak, while Star Serelinity remains strong.

These eyes also allow him to summon extremely powerful monsters, each corresponding to the different realizations. These monsters are all incredibly powerful, and are manifestations of each different realization. A side effect of this is to disrupt the connection between a target's summon and its user, removing the attachment or even sending them berserk.

Chi Liu

A side effect of the Eyes of Chi allows him to summon the powerful being that is the Forlorn Serpent, Gale. Gale is a powerful being ruling the 7 seas of the greater dimensions, governing the "Flow" which is omnipresent within all the dimensions. When manifested, takes the form of a gigantic serpent which enshrouds the area within a swirling mass of impossibly hard skin. On top of its serpentine body are countless scales which may extend forth into a complicated mass of tentacles and spikes, and from there create even more. This is akin to Flow itself, representing the Flow which may branch out into limitless possibilities, yet each maintaining the equal potency and power of the prior form it branched out from.

The Beast of Flow (or Gale), needless to say, is extremely powerful in agility, speed, power, and durability. Having spikes which can split to form infinitesimally small congregations worth of defence, few attacks can manage to circumvent its immense durability, let alone shattering it. Combined with its immense mastery over flow, few beings can actually come close to harm it.

Offense-wise, Gale is almost unmatched. Being at the forefront of Flow Manipulation, it may unleash an attack of far greater potency than even Star Serelinity himself, though that remains to be seen. Courtesy of its extremely tiny particles, and potentially unmatched size, it may cut into almost any being, of which even the likes of Star Serelinity are unable to guard himself from at full power.

Its ultimate technique is to literally shred the enemy apart from all sides, creating endlessly expanding spikes from every pore of itself to crush the target. Sending out its many hides, it expands their size to incredible degrees, causing it to expand and collide with the enemy , where it then spreads and begins annihilating them down to the tiniest fibre of their being.

Needless to say, it is largely immune to effects generated by Flow, and only the strongest of beings are capable of bringing harm to it. Also, all time-related effects are rendered useless against it as well. Other forms it can take include Spiralling patterns, Storms, and other obscure creatures.

Chi Ying

Chi Ying is the name of the ability used to summon Vestige. Vestige, the manifestation of Illusion, takes the form of a dishevelled, bluish blob of unrecognizable shape, constantly changing at every given moment. Being the "self-created" reality that it was, manifesting out of complete attachment, its size betrays its power, for it may create illusions which are absolutely deadly, and strike with forces unimaginable for its size - in essence what you see isn't what you might get. Often, however, it takes the form of the most bizarre creature to ever grace the target's senses, either being inconspicuous, or the most awe-inspiring thing ever seen.

During battle, it can command the entire Illusory World to change and move as it deems fit, thereby creating incredible forces out of nothing, or even disorienting the enemy with impossible sights, rewriting the very fabric of the universe for the target. Vestige then capitalizes on this weakness to deal blows of extreme power, aiming to shatter the existence that is the target's body.

Being an Illusion, however, it is fuelled by the Flow. However, this Illusion is also granted power by attention and attachment, by forcing the enemy to focus on it and it alone, it gains an increasingly massive power over them. Also, due to this simple fact, he may also be anywhere it wants in the illusion, manifesting itself at any place, and knowing every move the opponent does. If it gains enough power, it may even circumvent the will of the opponent and sever their consciousness from their body, then dissolving it into nothingness.

Lastly, as a result of its deadly form, and the imaginary, powerful ability to do the supposed impossible in the Physical Realm, it may generate paradoxes, assault the mind, and deal potentially the greatest amount of damage despite being supposedly inferior to its Flow counterpart. It is also inherently capable of copying any ability possessed by the target, and can take their form and powers entirely. This is also the reason why while being the supposed weakest, it still possesses some of the greatest offensive capabilities among them all. It may also conceal itself as an ocean-like entity

Chi Yan

Summons the Enigma of Change. The Enigma is a creature embodying Experience, which is a trademark combination of both Flow and Illusion. As Flow passes, Illusions change, but the Experience remains the same, and that is the core ability behind Experience - It is something which can never be eradicated, and is constantly expanding.

The Enigma, as such, has abilities largely pertaining to Experience. Being the personification of Experience, it takes solid forms such as that of Rock Golems, Mechanical Monstrosities, or even a simple humanoid structure. Regardless of what form it takes, one thing is certain - it may alter its form if it desires so.

The strength of its forms vary greatly. However, no matter what size it is, the strength it possesses is remarkably outrageous compared to other beings of similar stature and power. Although its speed is relatively average, being the personification of Experience, this does not matter as it may dodge attacks with surprising efficiency, having experienced many similar situations countless of times before. Regarding all things as if it had happened before, it has fully memorized every single ability used against itself, remembering it and discovering the weak points ever present in all attacks.

However, one thing is for certain. The longer it experiences the Flow in the Illusory realm, its powers expand more rapidly than ever before. Combined with its intellect in piecing things together, its powers increase and it prepares itself to deal with most situations, adapting and changing if necessary. As an ever-evolving adversary, it develops counter-measures to most techniques being used against it, and this makes him harder to defeat.

Aside that, is its vast knowledge to enhance and empower his own forms' strength. Utilizing the knowledge it had gathered over the countless eons which it had existed, it has gained a massive amount of ways to severely enhance its combat capability in the illusory realm. As it takes advantage of every single loophole and flaw, its speed, strength, power and durability is enhanced to a degree far greater than thought possible, transcending the very limits of its manifested body, yet bringing no stress to itself whatsoever. Alongside its experience, it may combine it together with its advanced Telekinesis to unleash terrifying amounts of power unto the enemy's form, utterly destroying them.

Other ways in which its experience has helped itself is in its perfectly balanced movements and highly coordinated body and physical attacks, as well as the ability to perfectly execute plans and memorize every tiny fragment of detail at all times. Complementing this would be its absurd combat intuition garnered from long exposure to combat, having the simple combat sense to get out of the way, and the ability to strike at weak points through sheer subconscious recognition, allowing him to knock out and deal with new enemies with ease. He may also decide to take the forms of other beings or even mimic their powers, even becoming the Hulk to become far stronger. As with Experience, this comes in handy when dealing with advanced opponents, where more often than not channelled anger works wonders.

Also, being the predictor of Change (generating probabilities and expanding upon the situation), its impossibly fast mind may comprehend and come up with almost any counter for any situation which would stem from the enemy, effectively nullifying the effects of most abilities by countering them. The same applies to external circumstances.

Lastly, this Enigma is also the only one which possesses a highly complex skillset, being the culmination of Knowledge, and while lacking the raw power of the prior two, it makes up for it in finesse and expertise.

Chi Yuan

If the Flow was the sky and its clouds, Illusion being the endless ocean of waves, and Experience being the grounded Earth, Chi would be the biological creatures walking the realm, representing the endless possibility and infinite potential for growth within the Illusory World. Being a mixture of all 3, this creature, Prestige, was a Jack of All Traits, and is highly regarded to be the strongest among them. However, while possessing all 3 Great Powers, it could not beat them at its own game, so this power instead, creates something original, an Energy which neither of the 3 had complete control over - and that was Chi. Commonly regarded as Life Force, it is actually a mixture of the 3 realizations, and only when this is intimately understood may the true properties of Chi come to light.

Unlike the others, Chi Yuan is the only creature which may split itself accordingly into multiple forms, each with different growth patterns, rate of evolution, traits and minds. This reduces the taxing factor of the original, as each creature can directly function on its own, while still remaining under the direct control of Chi Yuan. This creation of multiple forms of life allows them to continually evolve at rapid paces, experiencing thousands of years of evolution in the span of seconds, and increasing as time goes along. What happens during the evolution is that, for the summoned creature, there is a pocket dimension sealed away in the centre of the creature's being, and within the pocket dimension, the circumstances change depending on the damage done to the outside creature, and the creatures within evolve accordingly to adapt the change. The outer creature then adapts the best traits of every creature within the pocket dimension, and becomes a culmination of all their strengths as well. Over time, as evolution proceeds, the creatures within the pocket dimension also multiply and propagate, gaining technology and increasing the population within, thereby strengthening the outer clone. This rapid, continuous evolution creates a highly dangerous environment where Chi Yuan strives in, as every bit of itself continually grows stronger no matter what.

Each of these creatures may then interact with each other, with these interactions coinciding with the pocket dimensions' interactions, where both species may interact with each other, sharing technology and the like, and helping both improve. If copulation were to occur, a new species might be born as a result, and even more beings may form. This is Chi Yuan's deadly ability, as with prep, it will likely be able to overcome almost all foes, considering the absurdity of the creatures' rate of evolution.

Prestige itself also has such a system going on within itself, making it ever more powerful. Unlike the Enigma, its experience grows at far more rapid rates, and despite being partly weaker than Vestige, Enigma and Gale, it has the capacity to deal with all of them if need be. Prestige, with the above ability, may also generate entire ecosystems, and be able to sense any and all enemies within that same ecosystem, granting him a major advantage in combat.

What makes Chi unique, however, is its ability to utterly grab and erase space and time as an illusion, bringing the world back to the fabric from which it began. By releasing Chi, its generic effects are to turn the area which it touches into a basic "Void", and collapsing the viewed "Reality" into what it is - an Illusion. As the Chi expands and feeds on the presence of the world, a larger amount of area falls under the jurisdiction of Star Serelinity and he may reshape that area as he deems fit. When fighting the enemy, this Chi acts as a presence nullifier, denying any form of resistance and delivering mind shattering forces with a simple touch. If that wasn't enough, Prestige would utilize its Chi to propel itself far beyond the speeds of even the greatest of fighters, ambushing them from the sideline. Commonly taking the shape of both Eastern and Western Dragons combined, having wings, but also extremely long serpentine bodies, it has constantly grown over the ages, and currently it is able to dodge even the most large scale of attacks in an instant, utilizing its experience to dodge attacks through sheer skill alone.

Being a creature of finesse, it is also able to channel the Flow and Illusion into specific things, creating artifacts of immense power, or using it in ways similar to Star Serelinity's own abilities, such as strengthening its attacks, improving its strikes, and speeding up its movements. Yet, one thing which has made it drastically different is its ability to utilize powers of a different nature, altering his Chi to match the targets', and then copy it entirely. As such, it may use the more coveted energies such as Ki, Chakra, and conventional Energy, and alter its skillsets accordingly. Some of the abilities which it has had include Negative Ice Breath , Scorching Shatter (Unleashing a breath of energy which burns hotter with the opponents' energy, then freezes the target with it, where it then shatters), Thundering Beam, Spiritual Displacement (Displaces the attachment of the target's soul to its body), and Gale-Force Annihilation. It has also learnt to control its size at will, unlock potentials, make energies available to the target (switching energy polarities), and creating pressure points on the target.

Its Chi also has the distinct ability to make weak points shining targets. The longer the opponent is exposed to Prestige's Chi, the more susceptible they become. As these points get bigger, Prestige would get an easier time to strike the target, and the Chi gradually becomes a suction funnel at this points, pulling in all attack forces to strike at those particular weak spots.

Lastly, when Prestige surrounds itself with Chi, it may also gain the swift properties of Air, displacing the instant a Force is sent through it. Becoming similar to Air itself, it gains no damage at all as its body learns to be able to displace such forces without harming the integrity of its body, making Prestige more resistant to harm.

Shadow Interchanging

Shadows, a mysterious thing. Reflections of the form, generated by the obscuring of a light source by a form, and lacking real presence. In darkness, they cannot be seen, but once a light appears, it becomes apparent, stalking the form as if it were an extension of the user. This is what a shadow is.

While reality is 3-Dimensional, Shadows are 2-Dimensional, and reflect everything has happened 3rd dimensionally unto the 2-Dimensional Plane, thus casting a shadow. This Flow is what grounds the shadow's form into taking shape, and this law is universally acknowledged.

However, what Star Serelinity does is that he utilizes the Flow and alter the very fabrications of reality, reversing the form. As of then, his Shadow becomes what defines his physical form, rather than the reverse. To destroy him, the shadow must be destroyed - but many know and intimately understand, that the absence of something can never be annihilated. Utilizing this, Star Serelinity, despite receiving supposed damage, always regenerates in an instant, and despite being made of no understood source or material, can only be destroyed up to the very point where the body is still reflecting the same shadow, with the last part being largely indestructible

Due to a lack of Biology, and the fact that the Flow is reversed, Star Serelinity loses finesse, in replacement getting indestructibility and extreme brute force, where he may change his size at will. However, this takes a huge toll on his mind, and given the right attacks, may knock Star Serelinity out.

Next, despite the above weakness, he is not one to be trifled with. Courtesy of his movements being dictated by shadow, as long as the target's and user's shadow are connected, Star Serelinity may instantly grab the enemy as if they were right beside him. Also, his movements become very unorthodox, while at the same time exceeding all known barriers of speed - for shadows were not known to have any physical barriers, or followed any applicable physical law. This ability allows Star Serelinity to ignore the laws of time and space altogether, and become effectively immune to most physical attacks. Mentally, however, it puts a great stress on him.

Furthermore, Star Serelinity may summon enormous creatures to do battle, extending forth the shadows to create impossibly tough titans of shadow, which can aid him in battle to bring down the enemy. These shadows move with unsettling speed and ease, making no sound at all despite their huge physical stature.

On top of that, Star Serelinity may generate a Shadow Poison, utilizing the physicality of Illusion to give it form. Temporarily sacrificing one of his limbs (seen in his shadow), he may mold it into a poisonous, bubbling ball of shadow acid, which digests the opponent's limb (if in contact with the limb's shadow).

Lastly, the interchanging shadow allows for the creation of the most grotesque of forms. While maintaining the same guise forming the shadow, Star Serelinity may rearrange the very constituents which form his body, creating what is known as "Shadow Eaters", which can eat the enemy's shadow, or hold them in place. Often, Star Serelinity uses them to create extremely harmful viruses, such as Shadow Viruses, which attack the very existence of the enemy's physical form, digesting their cells and absorbing their shadows, and if enough time has passed, turns the user into a powerful "Shadow Minion", which are far more durable and powerful than the original user, as well as possessing similar abilities to Star Serelinity using this ability (Size changing, extension, high-speed attacks, and immobilizing of enemies, creation of more viruses).

Its limitations primarily lie in the fact that the core shadow when this ability is unleashed, the body is only invulnerable while within that zone, and if Star Serelinity decides to direct his body elsewhere, he loses that very essence of invulnerability. However, no matter how small the initial shadow, the body can still grow to extreme sizes, as the length of the shadow is solely affected by the location of the light source. Ultimately, this means that Star Serelinity is not truly indestructible in this state, yet, since Star Serelinity normally detonates a blinding flare of light from within himself, this does not really matter (though Star Serelinity always gives the enemy a chance by detonating it outside, giving them an avenue to attack him).

Overall, this makes it a hard ability to deal with, though simple enough given the right abilities and tactics.

Essence Exemplar

Star Serelinity, living with the 3 Realizations throughout his life, has learned to become the personification of each of these 3 Realizations, and by doing so inherit the properties of each respective Realization.

Embodying the Flow, he may very well become invulnerable, halting the Flow going on inside himself, preventing all external Forces from budging him where he stands, and follow up by channelling the greatest amount of Flow into the enemy. He may hasten processes without altering the flow of time, and pause others. He can choose to control the state of creation and oblivion, altering the manner in which the Flows oppose and meld together, and thus affect the states which govern life and death. Also, he can choose to alter the very flow of knowledge itself, altering the rate in which he receives information and sends them out. If fleshed out entirely, Star Serelinity may even gain a glimpse of what would constitute Causality Manipulation, controlling the Flow's very purpose in its creation and governing of all existence. To an extent, he may also control and disrupt enemy attacks with ease, particularly if their control isn't strong. While powerful, this, like other forms, last only a short amount of time.

Next, he may embody that which is Illusion. Surrendering himself to Illusion, the Illusory Connections take hold and begin connecting his body into the essence of existence. Through this, his energies burst through the limit, and he gains the ability to command the elements with great ease, disrupting all external objects from opposing him. If in prolonged contact with the enemy, he may even assimilate them into the Earth and cause them to dissipate entirely, severing their spiritual connection. This Illusory body may also meld itself with the very land itself, pulling in all matter like a Black Hole, and even contorting Space and Time, after which it grants Star Serelinity an incredible power, allowing him to become largely omnipresent, and able to control and wield everything in the universe with extreme ease. Lastly, it also grants him heightened awareness and enhanced bodily functions, where he gains perfect awareness of every single atom and molecule within his body, controlling them as he sees fit. As such, the Illusory Embodiment grants him sheer Awareness, unlike the Flow which is Power. Like the aforementioned ability, it has a time limit.

Third, he may become the Avatar of Experience. The Avatar of Experience is a strange one, in that it has no real physical effect. Rather, the infinite expanse of imaginary capability and interpretive knowledge culminates itself into Star Serelinity's form, and while it causes no direct outward change, his knowledge becomes as vast as the ocean (metaphorically speaking). As long as he remains in this state, he may defy the very qualities of the different Realizations, using them in ways which may downright contradict what they stand for (Eliminating Awareness, Creating Stillness, etc.), and is thus the most versatile form amongst the 3 Realizations. It also grants him unparalleled knowledge on how to disrupt any ability, having knowledge as if it was from the creator himself. This power allows him to utterly mimic the opponent's energy signal, matching their existential "code", so to speak, and taking control of their very attacks. Alongside this would be the sheer straight-forwarded manner in which the user dodges attacks. As seen above, this form grants him Understanding, the very power which allows him to twist and contort almost anything. The most notable way in which he uses it is to convert the very Physical Energies into Spiritual Ones, melding his emotions into physical power to unleash upon the world. As such, it is dangerous to taunt Star Serelinity, as any words you say might make him even stronger. When combined with the Gun of Heeding (from the Armour of the 3 Omens), his power becomes unbearably huge. Like the prior 2, it has a time limit as well.

Lastly, he can transform into the Exemplar of Chi. Chi is formed from putting the 3 Realizations together and applying them together. While it cannot be called a culmination of all 3, as it is noticeably weaker, Chi has attained properties of its own as well. Becoming the Exemplar of Chi, Star Serelinity may convert his very power into other forms, transforming his essence as he deems fit (dissimilar to the Avatar of Experience), and even begin touching the most blurred of concepts. In essence, it is akin to a grey area which is formed from the combination of 3 Realizations. Through the power of Chi, Star Serelinity may even meld and twist the personalities and minds of his opponents, creating "real" illusory forms within their heads and attacking them from within. Most notably, Star Serelinity uses this form to casually dismiss attacks, forcing them to neutralize itself with the surrounding, or altering the trajectories of his own attack with concrete ease. However, the most notable power of Chi is its ability to assimilate, not unlike Illusion. Feeding on the fabric of the universe, all Chi Blasts get bigger the longer they exist, and as such grow in power. Through this, Star Serelinity may unleash Chi Blasts of great magnitude, and use abilities several magnitudes above himself in power. As can be inferred, Chi revolves around the concept of Malleability, contorting and shifting itself to suit all needs, a Jack of all Traits. Being the God of Chi, this is his most favoured form, and he can last hours in it.

Eternal Era

Unlike what the name suggests, it is not a time-based ability. Rather, Star Serelinity utilizes his ability to read Chi Flow from his eyes to balance it perfectly within the area, achieving the penultimate effect of Feng Shui - introducing Harmony into an area. By utilizing his power to keep things in balance, it subtly affects the flow of energy, spiritually and physically, and prevents conflicts from naturally occurring. The area then becomes peaceful for an "Eternal Era", where the energy is kept in balance, even after Star Serelinity is gone. This gets rid of many problems and allows almost everything to go smoothly, such as attacks, defences, conjuring, spells, etc. An area under influence from Eternal Era is also known to be a "Good Luck" place, where bad things occur very rarely, and the air currents are always smooth, never choppy, forced, or strong.

This also negates most negative effects from external abilities, such as mind attacks, and even physical blasts to an extent, where all attacks harmonize with the environment, diverting the threat. If Star Serelinity were to put his all in this ability, the place may even be immune to natural disasters, as the Flow automatically diverts all troubles and negativity out of the area. Such areas sometimes become the areas of respite for spiritual leaders, and have monasteries/churches built atop it.

When applied to creatures and beings, different effects occur. Firstly, they would feel extremely positive, as if suddenly rid of all the halting, receding feelings such as fear, anger and related negativity. Next, their energies would flow smoothly throughout their bodies, as if the dams were open to a gushing river, and their powers would be greatly strengthened and increased. Third, they would gain extreme bouts of creativity and knowledge, as their spiritual side begins releasing itself, and intelligent beings would gain the ability to apply their knowledge, learning more things and strengthening their memory retention. Fourth, their potential, if it can even be called such, would be released, as their bodily defects impeding the Flow would be corrected, revealing a new realm of power they can access. Lastly, they also gain a faster rate of healing, as their blood flow becomes more smooth, and as such diseases will strike the target less often.

Armours of the 3 Omens

Taking the very essence of a Realization, he condenses that power into a powerful armour which can be controlled at his whim. Utilizing Chi, he may change the size of the armour he is wearing, control it, and generate more of it. These armours are highly malleable and can do things that Star Serelinity cannot, for example different Flows can be present in one single armour, whereas his body often tries to remain in balance. This allows his armour to fulfil multiple tasks for himself, freeing his mind to focus on different aspects of the battle. Multiple armours can also be generated to fight alongside him in battle, or these armours may also be converted into weapons for his use.

First, is the Armour composed from the very Realization of Flow. Being the culmination of Flow itself, it is made out of a very special particle, known as Circule. Circule serves as the perfect channel to the properties of Flow, and as such is the material of the armour. Forming the Circule particle requires copious amounts of energy, and as such, Star Serelinity often uses it as a last resort, due to how much it taxes his body. When the Armour of Flow is worn, Star Serelinity's movement becomes swift and agile, facing seemingly no resistance whatsoever and defiant of all natural laws. Forces acting on the armour are also rapidly dispersed and broken apart by the many miniature Flows occurring within the armour itself. Creating spirals throughout, the armour acts as a massive amplifier for all attacks, drastically increasing the potency of all energy attacks and the like. The armour may also mimic a seal's function and contain vast amounts of energy without sustaining damage, all through the complex process that is Flow. Between all the armours, this is the quickest and most efficient, dealing insurmountable damage in a small amount of time.

Using the Circule particle, Star Serelinity may also create a powerful gun which fires Circule atoms towards the enemy. The "Flow" of energy which propelled the first bullet acts as a catalyst, and the next bullet is released with double the force, and at double the rate. The result is an utterly devastated enemy, as the bullets course through the air, gaining speed as the atoms reverse all resistance into additional force, and finally coming into contact with the enemy, where it explodes. As the Circule Atoms are fired, they gain enormous, meteorite-like shapes, as the atoms themselves force Matter to gather around it, condensing into enormous, powerful meteors, gaining size at different rates as it travels across the battlefield. This then creates a path of doom where very few manage to survive under the destruction. As the guns themselves are made of Circule atoms, they run on very little energy, and can attack on its own volition, or even change shape if desired. The user may also fire bullets from his/her armour if it desires so.

Second, would be the armour comprising the essence of Illusion. Being Illusory by definition, this armour is made of an otherworldly material possessing most of the natural qualities of the known world. It's main ability, as such, is to take on any quality the user desires, utilizing the quality of the atom Ichizyu to absorb all known material substances, either turning into a gigantic creature, changing form, or simply increasing his mass like a black hole. Over time, the properties of the armour shifts and adapts to almost all situations, making it nigh-impenetrable, acting as an additional coating on the user, doubling as a supercomputer which changes its own properties to suit the user's needs. Its greatest ability is to shift its mass and alter perceptions, becoming invisible at a whim, and conjuring the elements to its will.

Often, it is used as the core of a summon, altering their properties to the user's desire, and utilizing this material power to strengthen their abilities. Unlike the Flow, it does not amplify the user's attacks, rather, it serves as an adaptive material suitable for subterfuge. When used as a gun, it creates bullets out of Ichizyu, a highly dense form of Matter representing Illusion. These bullets clone themselves, creating "Illusions" which distort reality and mess with the opponent's targeting skills. The actual bullets, however, just fly swiftly through like a photon particle, and just as they reach the enemy, it expands into something akin to a black hole, as if it were a space-time grenade. As it personifies all things in the Physical Realm, Ichizyu has the most diverse number of uses.

Third, would be the material Woyan, the crude manifestation of the obscure Realization that is Experience. Woyan differs largely from Ichizyu, in that it is its polar opposite, and thus acts like a constant. As such, it is immune to chemical alterations, and to an extent damage, diverting all beams sent at it. Unlike Illusion, which is extremely malleable, Woyan possesses a highly mechanical look, combining all the knowledge gained by sentient beings and incorporating it into the armour. As such, the armour is top notch, serving a seemingly endless array of functions to aid combat. Furthermore, it does most of the tough work for the user, leaving Star Serelinity to select plans devised by the supercomputer alone, and channelling the required energy to complete each function. As such, battling is simple as commanding the machine to complete a single function, and everything then falls to place, the only thing required for Star Serelinity is to channel energy, then leaving the armour to complete the rest of the functions on its own. The Armour also has a tendency to intercept Star Serelinity if he fails to notice a threat coming, automatically dodging it with pinpoint precision to minimize energy loss. The armour also contains its own amplification system and jets, as well as high quality weapons for Star Serelinity's use (such as those accessed in Dragon Ball Multiverse). The armour can also act of its own intellect, separating itself from Star Serelinity and aiding him in combat with its extremely diverse set of abilities (Telekinesis, Matter Conversion, etc.).

The Woyan may also be used to create any weapon of choice, often serving as a "Reality Cube" which re-enacts past events. Through this reality weapon, enemies may be subjected to events of the user's choice, such as the Big Bang, black holes, reality twists, etc. Within this Reality Cube, the user may also conjure an endless amount of weapons to attack the enemy, so long as it has been used once before. It can also be deployed as a simple blob, where it takes the form of whatever is needed to finish the job, even creating a virtual copy of the opponent based on their experience as well, albeit a weaker copy. If needed, Star Serelinity may also channel his "Flow" Energy or "Illusion" Energy throughout the substance, drastically enhancing its capability.

What he often creates with Woyan, however, is the Gun of Heeding. He forces his enemies to "heed" and "yield" to his Experience of choice, creating bullets laden with Experiences of his choice, and can thus make them feel despair, agony, etc. as they live the experiences loaded into the gun. As such, Star Serelinity can literally make them digest manure, get their face kicked in, or even feel the pain of annihilation and torture. He can also use this to enhance some of the creatures he creates, or turn different people/creatures into mindless monsters filled with sheer bloodlust. He may even induce the feeling of helplessness, or, in the best case, inflict real physical pain from the actual Experience itself.

Ultimately, it may create an extremely complex robot/weapon, possessing the ever changing properties of Illusion and the powerful energy supplying property of Flow, gathered together and utilized to its full potential via experience. Simply put, he may combine the materials Woyan, Ichizyu, and Circule to create an extremely deadly, automated robot/gun/weapon.

Tree Of Chi

The Tree of Chi is the obscure, yet perfect representation of the 3 Realizations and Chi itself. The Tree is Chi, its bark is Flow, the roots are the attachment to Illusion, with the nutrients and ground being the very Illusion itself, and the branches its Experience. This is the basic diagram of Chi, and the most powerful thing Star Serelinity may summon - his own Tree.

Flow represents the bark of the Tree, the interchanging experiences between the consciousness and the illusory world, and the roots that are attachment. As the Flow continues, in manners such as Time and Change, both the roots and the branches expand and propagate, with Experience regulating the roots growth, be it remaining constant or not. for example, if the person is angry, the root to the emotion Anger grows, and the experience regarding the consequences of Anger become the branches. Hence, Experience can grow with Attachment, as doubt is clarified and solidified in his mind. As Experience grows, the branches of the tree grow, and with these solidified branches, leaves can grow from it. These leaves represent the interpretation, the process of consciousness interpreting data in the mind, drawing conclusions and gaining realizations which take form in the manner of the Leaf. As Experience grows, the roots may either grow or shrink, growing if the user becomes ever more puzzled and sticks deeper into the Illusory World, or shrinking if the user chooses to become distant and separate, desiring to attain Enlightenment. As such, it can be said that Illusion is Physical, while Experience is Mystical by nature.

The roots instead act as the user's attachment to the Physical Realm. To an extent, they are grounded there by their Physical Body, encroaching deep within the Earth, and expanding as their curiosity draws them to learn more about it. Some become stuck within its endless cycle, seeking to have material desires fulfilled and creating an extreme amount of attachment to this realm. Others instead choose to let go, viewing things from the sidelines instead of personally, and these people gradually lose their attachment to this realm. When such people die, they do not decay and create new trees, forcing the cycle to begin anew, but rather fly away, free of attachment and fuelled by the Flow that is time.

Lastly, would be the Bark that is Flow. The Illusory Realm also has the related Flow, as they depend largely upon it to expand itself, requiring the innate cause and effect of all things to proceed forward. Such a Flow can either be the roots taking in Illusory Nutrients, flowing into itself and growing outward, or Experience interpreting the reality of the Illusory Realm, and then expanding itself. Flow is the core of these 2, the bark which supports the life of the tree, and is potentially the strongest of the three.

These 3 work in harmonious collaboration, each interdependent on one another to expand and grow - for even the enlightened have their roots from the Illusory World and Flow itself. The Tree of Chi, acting as the bridge between the 2 realms Spiritual and Physical, gives rise to what Star Serelinity calls Chi. Within Star Serelinity itself, the Tree is in its healthiest state, having the perfect balance of Flow, Experience and Illusion to grow in peace.

Also, the size of each portion of the tree affects the power of Star Serelinity. For example, the larger the branches, the stronger his spiritual domain. The same thing applies to the roots and the bark, and each affects his power in different manners, particularly his manipulation over the 3 Realizations.

While metaphysical in nature, Star Serelinity can still summon his own Tree of Chi into reality itself, for only when manifested, can its true abilities shine. When the tree is exposed to the real world, the user is often sent into a catatonic state due to the immense amount of Flow introduced to his mind without respite, knocking him out, alongside it receiving pure, unfiltered Illusion without being refined by the "Root" that is the body. It would be the equivalent of removing the mind from the body and leaving it in the real world to Experience - it would propagate and then self-destruct from the sheer data alone. Star Serelinity however has learned to control it, and the Tree of Chi thus does not grow, wither and die. Rather, it expands in size and height immensely, feeding on all knowledge and power and fast-forwarding the Flow around itself, causing plants to age at rapid rates, and creatures to decay and die. However, as the Tree of Chi is actually Star Serelinity's source of power, it only serves to strengthen him immensely, temporarily supercharging him and expanding his reserves far beyond his limit. This allows him to use his Flow abilities with much greater ease and allow him to use it in more lethal manners, potentially messing with concept itself.

Obviously, the weakness of this is that the Tree is a BIG target, and is also prone to assault.

Deathly Spirit

Star Serelinity may summon a Spiritual Avatar to aid him in battle. This Spiritual Avatar represents the strength and power of his Spiritual self, as a result of whatever emotional turmoil he may be in at that point of time, be it pain, anger, resentment, happiness, anger and the like. Likewise, the strength of the Spirit may increase when any one of these emotions are stirred, and they affect the qualities of his Spiritual Energy, as represented by the Spiritual Avatar.

This Spiritual Avatar, in turn, gains different properties depending on the emotion felt by the user. If he is angry, the Avatar gains a demonic-red tint, and gradually takes the form of a more menacing creature ready to lash out, and is more diluted but potent. If he is filled with hatred, the features become more defined and murderous, and may unleash all that emotional anger into physical resentment, unleashing a powerful wave of energy at the enemy, as it is more directed than aimless. If he is happy, it takes on a bluish colour, and possesses healing capabilities, gaining the power to dispel negative effects and bring forth powerful paralysis techniques. If he is sad, it turns purple, and is the catalyst for surging energies in the area, where all things under his control "bottle up" and accumulate to dangerous levels. If he is feeling pain and resentment, it takes a yellowish colour, becoming indiscriminate in nature, and unleashes bolts of dangerous lightning throughout the area, electrifying everything. These are just the basics of what happens, and most of the states are often mixed together in one way or another. Courtesy of calling upon his Experience, he may also control his emotions at a whim, altering them to suit his needs.

In battle, the most common one would be pain, which would always be dealt to him by the enemy, and he often uses it to electrify the enemy, or charge up vast amounts of it before unleashing it outwards. This applies to other emotions as well, as the basic principle behind this technique is converting Spiritual Energy back into Physical Energy, fuelling powers such as Ki and Flow.

To an extent, Star Serelinity may also combine with the Spiritual Avatar, forming a majestic armour around itself. This armour serves as an adaptor and enhancer, acting as a filter for energy, blocking out the damage yet retaining the physical pain one might receive from it. As such, the armour receives the damage, but the body receives the pain as per normal. As pain and emotion are the catalyst for the armour's Spiritual Power Source, the armour mostly strengthens over time, acting as an additional layer of defence for the user until it is shattered, where it then becomes a Spiritual Avatar again. When this armour is worn it acts as an enhancer to all other related Spiritual attacks as well, most particularly Chi, Meditation, and other things which are more "Mind" than "Matter".

Essence Dodging/Matching

Essence dodging is Star Serelinity's most useful dodging skill. By linking himself with the opponent through means such as Attachment to Illusion, Flow, or the Tree of Chi. Through this link, he essentially receives the brainwaves of the opponent's very movements, but implants an additional thought to himself, that is to "dodge" the enemy's move. In essence, he becomes impossible to hit as long as the opponent isn't of a greater speed, dodging their every move. This then makes him virtually free to do anything he wishes, as his opponents become susceptible to his attack, while he retains the ability to dodge all of their moves at a whim, a seemingly unconscious power which is extremely deadly.

This Express Matching allows him to match the opponent's power, using their very will to win against them. Even if the user has less power than the opponent, their spiritual energy and form becomes his to use, and he may become their essential mirror. It would be like trying to win yourself in an arm-wrestling competition, a virtually impossible feat regardless of the opponent's strength and power over the user. As such, all attacks which rely on brute strength will not serve to make them victorious, unless the medium linking them is gone.

As such, this is another one of Star Serelinity's equalizing abilities, with the Essence Dodging acting as his best dodging skill. When used in conjunction with Experience, the user becomes virtually impossible to touch, especially due to the absurd level of precognition Essence Dodging provides.

Subconscious AbilitiesEdit

Star Serelinity's Subconscious abilities include the Biological ones stated earlier, as they are innate to him. The rest, however, come from all the information it has gathered from many years of data collection, experimentation, and combination, and thus it may access many obscure abilities which are initially not available to itself.

All of Geti Goku's abilities

The Subconscious, having used Geti Goku as its herald for communication, has taken Geti Goku's abilities and advanced it far beyond its initial limitations. For example, it may use a more dangerous level of the Kaio-Ken without drawbacks, as well as condense Anti-Ki far beyond its supposed limit without any real effects on the environment around it.

Most of the abilities of the people who helped

The Geti Star has mostly analyzed the powers of the people who helped, and now that part of their essence and energy is within itself, it may now access their abilities without fail, potentially even exceeding them in capability or even raw destructive capacity.

Among this also includes all the multi-dimensional abilities he has gained upon glancing through the infinite parallel multiverses present in the worlds, and this has made available multitudes of energy from those areas.

Absurd Intuition

The Geti Star, having been at the forefront of technological advancement, has also mastered the art of intuition throughout its many years of analyzing behaviour. Maximizing its powers of observation and reading, it has managed to perceive and predict the opponents' moves even better than the opponent themselves can, often dodging before the opponent makes their move. This ability is so versatile that no matter how advanced the enemy is at concealing thoughts and intent, Star Serelinity may still dodge it without a care in the World, even if the opponent happens to be faster than him.

This Intuition expands to other factors as well, such as energy build-ups and the like. As such, he may even dodge carefully planned traps before they ensnare him, or read another's thoughts to an extent. The ability's efficiency is so great that maintaining only human speed, Star Serelinity remains capable of dodging blows from all sides, all without any prior Martial Arts knowledge. He may also read another person's mind as a result of this ability.

With this ability, Star Serelinity may differentiate between real and fake emotions, looking through a false smile and viewing the person's true emotions with ease, and this makes the subconscious extremely cruel, critical and wary. Combined with his extremely advanced sense of sight, he has learned to interpret many things from the simplest of actions, learning much about many of his adversaries (when this ability is used).

Unmatched Feinting

Star Serelinity's subconscious, after all the lifetimes honing its instincts, has learned to feint and act like different parts of reality. This Unmatched Feinting is an ability far more advanced than Essence Dodging, and in fact cannot even be classified as a dodge, more of an unnatural feinting ability, mimicking the properties of less dense materials.

It is akin to the shifting of the water as you send your fist through it, as the water gets naturally displaced without damage whatsoever, or air which naturally avoids it. To the Subconscious, this is the only ability which required training on its part, and when fully mastered, allowed it to virtually become a vacuum, where no resistance whatsoever is met.

Simply put, he may dodge whatever attack which requires force, attaining physical intangibility to most things. When the enemy strikes him, the energy is unleashed as per normal, however, it does not strike him, as the instant the enemy's attack is unleashed, he could have already dodged it.

While the Ultimate level of this ability is to displace without displacing, remaining in the same spot as per normal, all prior levels force the user to go along with the attack as they accelerate. This reduces the force required to move himself, and often he chooses to use this momentum to aid his own attacks in battle, unleashing counterattacks of his own. When combined with Momentum Shift, this becomes extremely dangerous.

Momentum Shift

Another simple ability which the subconscious has, focusing on minor dimensional warping and energy transferring. What it does is that the subconscious shifts the dimensional alignment of Forces, shifting the majority of forces within his body towards the direction he desires. This is done so through subtle Ki alterations throughout his body, creating miniature dimensional rifts similar to Gotenks within himself, which literally warp the direction of forces acting upon his body.

In battle, this has proven to be incredibly advantageous, as the shifting of momentum has served to make his attacks extremely fast-paced and deadly, ensuring that it always strikes in the most debilitating manners. This is particularly applicable in long-distance charging, where he charges full-speed towards his opponent, and just as they dodge, he can instantly change his direction without the need to negate all previously gained speed, striking the enemy at a moment's notice.

Of course, a weaker and far simpler version of this ability would be the simple creation of 2 interlinked portals, where he travels through them and unleashes a deadly blow. This also can be used with deadly efficiency, as its simplicity allows it to be used in far more complex manners. For example, he may create thousands of portals, then accelerate his own speed by travelling at his full speed through them as the multitudes of portals obscure the enemy's ability to predict his movements and attack direction, which he can use to his advantage. With it, he may also casually summon up portals to redirect enemy attacks, such that beams only strike the portal and never hit him. The advantages of this ability are only to this extent, however, and are obscured by the more advanced Momentum Shift.

The actual Momentum Shift uses highly advanced portal and reality mechanics, altering it to only affect the direction of forces. This in turn allows Star Serelinity to continually accelerate throughout battle, making him a far more dangerous opponent to fight as time goes on. When mastered, it may even mimic the Portal capabilities, allowing him to disappear and reappear in an instant. This makes his attacks far more efficient and effective. The above redirection capabilities are also mimicked to an extent, having the attacks seemingly hit him, but end up passing through invisible portals only.

Biological Culmination

This is the Epitome, Penultimate form of Star Serelinity, an ability which unlocks and unleashes all of Star Serelinity's potential and biological capacity to its absolute limit. What is basically does is take every single biological trait Star Serelinity has, then upgrade it based on the subconscious' knowledge, bringing every single part of his body to its absolute maximum capacity in the future, unlocking his biological limit to exceed its own power. Depending on the amount of energy used, the level of power in which the new Biological form has can range from just above his regular level, to truly godlike by his standards.

This ability basically bestows Star Serelinity the ability to forcefully, temporarily, amplify his body's strength, stamina and durability at the cost of huge amounts of power, which lasts for the rest of the day. What this does is to prevent the need to amp his muscles with any form of energy, and allow him to react instantly without any problems, even when his energy is disrupted or blocked. Also, the maximization of his body's power also makes channelling energy far easier and more efficient, offsetting the huge energy requirement.

When perfected, he literally unleashes the full potential of his body, both spiritually and physically, extending the reach of his power to the far ends of the cosmos, bringing them to their very uppermost limit based on his current experiences. This has the power to allow almost any entity to transcend 1 tier (excluding Tier 5's, of course), bringing them to a previously unknown level of energy within the universe itself. This has the side effect of generating a universe within himself, as the cosmic energies flow freely in this new state, serving as the catalyst for almost any ability he intends to do. As it is determined by mostly the experiences he has, and the number of years he has lived, this ability grants him far more power than previously imagined possible, due to the number of himself which he is connected to.

The level of power he can access in the final level of this subconscious ability, is, as such, beyond measure. Coursing through his very veins are the core of the concept of Evolution, and within his "Brain" the very idea of Revolution. While it gives him an imperceptible, limitless array of Biological abilities and related immunities, it also serves as a hindrance, as the subconscious takes over and replaces all moral thought with that of logic (which is a very dangerous thing). This state lasts for as long as the user wishes it to last, after which, the user would become completely exhausted due to the amount of energy needed to unlock his full potential. Also, all injuries sustained prior to the transformation would be held in "stasis", only surfacing after the ability ends.

Morbid Reality

Morbid Reality is basically an entire universe within the scope of the subconscious' recreation. Basically, as the regular Star Serelinity walks about, the Subconscious' uses the Absolute Vision to perceive and process all sorts of information around the user itself. This allows the Subconscious to literally map out every realm in every single parallel universe, gaining a limited omniscience on the physical realm. What this does is that the Subconscious will then create a "Morbid Reality" to entertain itself, where it does simulations on the created entities (which will act as close as the real beings) in order to see what it should put in the Book of Catalogue. This Morbid Reality, if the user manages to access it in their dreams or whatever, may also attempt any experiment he/she deems fit, as such saving himself time and effort in the real world. This is also where new ideas such as machines can be tested, as the Morbid Reality follows every single law of the real world, the only exception being that entities granted power over the real world, will not have any power here (however, exceptions can be made).

Often, the Subconscious uses this as a dumping ground and a testing ground, or a creation place. Basically, in the universe, there are often many unique weapons which can be made, but are often limited by a lack of material. What this realm does is act as a medium for the creation of things which are normally impossible to make, while still following the same laws as the original universe (courtesy of the subconscious' accuracy in mimicking reality). Through this process, normally impossible-to-make things become possible, as the Morbid Reality allows the user to control reality in whatever manner the user wants, after which the user can transfer them to the existing reality.

This is not to be simply mistaken as another dimension, as dimensions have their own innate properties, and can be broken simply with enough power. This reality is, however, not the same. It is innately attached to the real world via the subconscious' forceful interactions with it, and is thus anchored on the same plane of reality. As such, while things happen completely akin to reality itself, it cannot simply be broken/destroyed like a dimension. Also, it can only be destroyed if reality is destroyed.

Due to the relative closeness of the 2 dimensions, this means that anything can be transferred back and forth between the 2 worlds, as long as both worlds remain grounded by the same laws. This, however, also means that Star Serelinity cannot randomly create stuff within the dimension and take it out. Instead, what can be done is that the materials can be assembled within the dimension itself in impossible manners, then taken out to the real world. This cannot be done with Magically summoned/created items.

Molecular Dissemination

Molecular Dissemination, an ability requiring relatively simple magic to alter one specific property in the reality, in this case, the distance between atoms themselves. Normally, such specific forms of magic are simple in nature, only changing one thing (such as concepts) at a time, at the cost of huge amounts of power.

Of course, this is often done in regards to 1 particular property of the enemy, such as their Strength, Energy Level, or their ability to use Magic (through sealing). In this case, the Subconscious targets the very distance between each atom, and using an extreme amount of power, selectively modifies the distance between each atom and either increases or reduces it, either compressing them to a very tiny size, occupying almost no space, or literally splitting them apart entirely.

What this does is circumvent the very idea of invulnerability, as it does not destroy anything or change anything, rather it separates each component from each other, using up far less energy.

Faculty Access

The Subconscious, being in charge of all the physical processes within the body, heartbeat included, has attained full access of every part of Star Serelinity's physical body. This basically allows it to perfectly calibrate attacks and control the body as if it were super advanced armour, and control its movements to achieve the best effect, reducing all wasted movements which use up energy. Furthermore, this allows full access to every faculty of power which the physical body has, exerting the maximum strength of the muscles in an instant, or hastening processes within his own body.

With enough willpower, the Subconscious can also forcefully utilize a strength far beyond the bodies limits, causing muscle implosion to the user as a result. Hastening the regenerative processes of the human body, even such a limitation can be temporarily overcome, allowing him to deliver concussive blows far exceeding the Hulk from a mere human body. This also depends on how much energy the user normally has, as if the user is skinny, this technique can be deadly.

Untimely Progression

Due to the Subconscious' influence on the body of Star Serelinity, it may directly control the processes of growth and change, changing the user's growth speed if it ever desires to. This also allows it to refine the very user's musculature to suit the user's needs as they grow, overriding the conscious self's own desires. This means that it may directly influence the growth of muscles even if the user doesn't exercise, granting itself a powerful body.

To an extent, it may also harden the user's very own body, making it tough as steel and strong as diamond (metaphorically speaking). These manipulated growth prevents defects, even if the user is heavily affected by radiation poisoning, and to an extent, it may even turn the radiation to his own advantage.

Star Serelinity, due to this controlled growth, also has an immensely huge appetite, entirely dependent on the Subconscious' desired rate of growth. For example, the rate of growth can be as ludicrous as turning a baby into a full-grown adult in less than a month, or developing a user's muscles from them being as skinny as bone to buff as a bodybuilder in a day, or simply maintaining a user's strength despite long-term retirement.

This also applies to the development of habits, such as proper form, etc. The Subconscious may utilize this to indirectly develop habits for the user, such as proper striking form and the like. This allows the user to achieve maximum effect even if he is a complete amateur in the arts of combat. In battle, this grants the user a massive advantage, dealing maximum damage without trying. Some manners in which this is done is through the relaxation of the body during attacks, reducing energy wasted and maximizing damage.

The most common manner in which this is done is to expand upon the user's "coils", such as Chakra, Ki, Reiatsu, etc. With it, the user's stats are increased by phenomenal amounts over time, easily expanding and surpassing those far stronger than Star Serelinity himself. This also serves as an aid to training, enhancing endurance and mastery over different abilities.

The last important effect would be the internalization of abilities. With this, he gains understanding of an ability upon first use, and mastery on the second. This rapid internalization is what makes him so deadly, as he can simply internalize the most complex of plans upon attempting it, using however many times possible in order to circumvent the enemies technique. When done thrice, the user gains full understanding of every minor aspect of the ability, and the 4th time it is done, the technique becomes self-sustainable, being fully natural to the user and requires absolutely no focus on his/her part. Upon 5th use, the technique becomes absolutely perfected, as the Subconscious refines the technique to its maximum possible potential, which boosts the potency of the technique. Lastly, upon its 6th use, the user may cut out all energy fluctuations and the like, such that the enemy is completely unable to perceive the technique's use. For example, a Kamehameha would normally require the user to charge it up between the palms with noticeable energy use, but in this case, the Kamehameha Orb would form seemingly without the user's direction, appearing out of thin air, also charging itself from what looks like nothing.

Ultimately, this Untimely Progression seemingly ignores most forms of "requirements" for progression, allowing the user to grow at exponential rates. As this is applied to energy growth, learning skills, etc., this can be said to be one of Star Serelinity's most efficient technique enhancers, boosting the efficiency of most abilities.

Flaring Flames of Antiquity

The Flames which are Timeless. Star Serelinity's Subconscious has found a way to conjure these flames, which serves as one of his most devastating weapons. The Flaring Flames of Antiquity are Flames which are fed by itself, its heat vastly increasing with every moment.

The Flames feed on itself, basically creating more fire from less, and continue to expand limitlessly. These Flames, if uncontrolled, will burn for eternity, and are extremely hard to control. The Subconscious, as a result, stores it in an alternate dimension where it is free to burn. The temperatures this fire can reach are unfathomable, and are known to even exceed those of Decaun Equino's Akdranor's Flames given enough time.

The Subconscious is often known to unleash this flame on enemies, and let the flame do the rest of the work. As the Flame serves as a massively powerful Fire, which expands in size exponentially, it also acts as an alternate source of Energy for Star Serelinity. However, what's so special about this flame is that it can be controlled mentally by the Subconscious, directing the flames movements such that it becomes even more deadly.

The worst part of this, is that the flames can be granted temporary sentience by the Subconscious, becoming an intelligent foe which few are able to face. This new creature may unleash pillars of flame, deadly explosions, solidify it in the form of a weapon (which is now one of Star Serelinity's possessions), or even generate an explosion to propagate and spread its deadly flames elsewhere.

Lastly, this Flame is almost impossible to put out, as the Flame feeds on itself only, requiring no other sustenance, which means it could still burn at the bottom of the sea. However, while it mainly does not burn anything but itself, the temperatures it generates have proven to be incredibly fatal to face regardless.

Did I mention that existence was the catalyst to its growth? While it requires nothing else but itself, it grows far quicker when met with other forms of matter, or even magic. This means that all things will spontaneously combust when under the effect of this fire, serving to increase the size of the flames it forms.

The most common ways to stop this flame is to suck it somewhere else, seal it with a technique, or absorb it (NOT RECOMMENDED). One way which Star Serelinity uses is the implementation of its counterpart, the Icey Flames of the Tundra.

Here is the equation for this Fire.

Fire -> Fire + Fire + 1 Terajoule of Energy worth of Fire

Catalyst - Everything in existence

by "Fire", the equation refers to the amount of Fire generated by a Joule of energy.

Icey Flames of the Tundra

The counterpart and opposite of the Flaring Flames of Antiquity. Rather than generating heat, this flame absorbs heat to fuel itself, converting it into solidified energy stored in an incredibly powerful orb. Like its counterpart, the Flames feed on itself, growing even without energy, and dragging all which requires energy. If uncontrolled, the effects are far more devastating than even a Black Hole, as even the energy of the universe's ley lines get sucked into the flames, as it attempts to devour all that exists, continually expanding.

Like its counterpart, it is stored in another dimension, where the Subconscious can freely access at will. This Fire burns itself to form potential energy, which is stored in the flames and can be solidified once enough flames are gathered. Currently, in that other dimension, these flames have formed a star the size of a galaxy (and it's still rapidly expanding).

In combat, these flames are very useful, serving to dilute enemy attacks and freezing most opponents, slowing down their movements severely. As it absorbs energy, most things become impossible to break under its influence, trapping the enemy in a nigh-indestructible "ice" cube. Once the flames become big enough, these "ice" cubes may even disintegrate, with all of its energy completely and utterly removed.

Constantly, these flames grow, and while far less destructive than its counterpart, it has its own advantages as well. Instead of burning the enemy from outside, this flame burns them from within, attempting to extract all semblance of energy, be it kinetic, light, etc. This also means that these flames are black, with a large amounts of dark green (or icey blue if the user desires so), unlike its counterpart which range from orange, to blue and transparent. Also, it is almost impossible to put out.

The most deadly part to this is that these flames can also be granted temporary sentience by the Subconscious, allowing the flame to direct its own growth. As the main product is an unknown solid material which is an extreme energy absorber, it can actually deal physical attacks unlike its counterpart.

When placed in the ocean, these flames would freeze it almost instantly, creating an ice which can almost never be destroyed. From this, it can be said that while the Flaring Flames of Antiquity breaks things apart, this flame holds and binds them together.

The ways to stop this fire are the same as its counterpart, only that this flame is often protected, making it almost impossible to stop conventionally. Often, Star Serelinity stops it with the Flaring Flames.

Here is the equation of the Fire.

Fire -> Fire + Fire - 1 Terajoule of Energy(which is 0.00001g of the unknown solid material, which absorbs far more energy and constantly generates more of the Icey Flames)

Catalyst = Energy in general

By "Fire", it is the equivalent of its counterpart. It should also be noted that these flames are endothermic in nature, and it is not that they have no energy, rather they absorb energy.

Instant Transmission: Variation Trinity

There are 3 types of Instant Transmission, Replacement, Displacement, and Eradication. For the first 2 types, it often requires the user to place 2 fingers on the forehead.

The first of the 3 types is Replacement, where the user replaces oneself with the molecules of that particular area. What it does is when the user enters Instant Transmission, the area his body once occupied turns into a temporal vacuum, after which the user travels through the dimension which is exempt from time, reappearing at the location of his choice, where the molecules in the location he decides to reappear in teleporting to where he previously was. With greater mastery, this variation allows the user to warp in items of ludicrous size, creating walls and transporting materials with great ease. While useful normally, this technique isn't very useful in combat, as the enemy may potentially identify the dimension you're in during the use of this technique.

When mastered, this replacement technique can be very useful in the transporting of materials, and may even replace himself with extremely huge mountains at a whim, distracting the enemy, or aiding his strategy in battle. If used in a manner similar to displacement, where all things in the path of teleportation are affected, Star Serelinity may even warp enormous amounts of air, liquid, or rock into an area he desires, generating huge explosions to fight against the enemy.

The second type is Displacement. This is where the user's particles forcefully disperse the target particles in the area, the amount of energy it requires varying depending on the material dispersed. During the technique's use, teleportation is employed, which causes it to forcefully warp the user, displacing the particles at the target location. It can be employed in 2 manners, the first being similar to Goku, displacing the air particles in a set area, reducing energy cost. The second manner instead causes rapid destruction, with the entire path travelled being forcefully and utterly displaced, generating a massive explosion. As the user's atoms are forcefully moved at such a speed, the user is unable to control his/her own actions during the course of teleportation. The more things displaced, the stronger the force unleashed, and the greater the energy cost.

When mastered, this displacement teleportation can be useful for combos which require, as it costs relatively lesser energy compared to its first counterpart. It is also far more offensive, as the forceful displacement of particles can deal a great amount of damage to the enemy as well, especially when disrupting their attacks. Also, with great power, the user may also teleport to the exact position of the target, causing them to explode.

The third type is Eradication. This form of instant transmission is the hardest to learn, and hardest to master, but possesses the most advantages among the 3. When it is used, the particles of the user's body are completely and utterly eradicated as the user is converted into what is known as "Timeless Atoms". These atoms are controlled by the user and are capable of passing through anything, allowing the user to teleport anywhere and everywhere they wish. The most vital point to this variation, is that at the target point when the user forms, there is no energy flux or indication of his reappearance, as the atoms of that location are converted into the user's own. Yet, the most bizarre thing about this technique is that it never causes the user to lose energy, instead, they gain energy as less energy is wasted in the creation of his new body than the eradication of the old body, granting him additional power.

The 3rd variation also gives rise to an offensive technique. With every use of the technique, it causes a temporal spatial flux and distortion, as it opens up a portal of nonexistence. As such, when Star Serelinity uses this technique continuously, it may cause large amounts of tears within time and space, which lasts for several minutes, and this allows Star Serelinity to disperse powerful techniques directed towards him. When it works in conjunction with displacement, a new, utterly destructive technique is created, where the user can "displace" things as they travel to their new teleportation destination. This allows the user to deal devastating attacks and combos, dealing an extreme amount of damage in an instant, its only downside being the extremely huge amount of energy it requires. This conjunction technique, combining both properties, deals the greatest amount of destruction, and is known to kill beings far beyond Star Serelinity's strength.

When mastered, the 3rd variation is also known for tremendous feats of destruction. This is due to the user controlling the destruction process, as the user may continually open the portal even if they are already in the process of teleportation, and as such leave a path of destruction in his wake. Also, the user may control it in battle, using up large amounts of energy to keep up the portal and absorb any enemy techniques.

However, the above applications are only icing on the cake. When in the hands of the God of Chi Star Serelinity, a master of Flow, Illusion and Experience, this technique becomes far more deadly.

Weakness Sensor

Dubbed the "Weakness Sensor" by the Subconscious, it is actually a program developed by the Geti Star prior to being put into its biological body. As its namesake dictates, it finds out the enemy's weakness based on their actions, body structure, etc., and works really well with Absolute Vision, which identifies and distinguishes the enemy. The data used comes from the Geti Star's previously stored database, recording information from almost every entity in many dimensions.

Basically, this sensor brings up every known weakness ever discovered by the Geti Star to the subconscious, narrowing down the list of weaknesses as the battle progresses, and basically acts as a miniature search function, sieving out relevant information extremely quickly based on the data interpreted by the conscious mind.

The interpreted data is then sent to the conscious mind, where the positions of the pressure points, openings, and energy fluctuations are made obvious to the user himself, as well as information on how to deal with the enemy. This makes battle far easier, as Serelinity would not be caught "unprepared".

Electron Release

The Subconscious applies an obscure theory about matter unto Star Serelinity's body, utilizing an obscure amount of matter manipulation to "disable" the electrons interactions with everything else in the world. This causes the user's body to be able to pass through anything, as it prevents interaction between the user's body and everything else. The main downside to this technique, however, is its susceptibility to large energy attacks, which can engulf and destroy him. Basically, this allows him to freely pass through solid objects, and accelerate at extreme speeds without interception. His favourite ability is to embed his fist within the opponent's body, then reactivating the effects of electrons for his fists, which in turn generates an extreme amount of force, sending the opponent flying.

This effect can also negate that of energy blasts, as the temporal distortion and repulsion of other forms of matter generates a force strong enough to disable most attacks. It helps even more if the user is capable of generating electricity, as such effects can be used to greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Likewise, the opposite of this ability can be used, whereby the Subconscious forcefully freezes the position of every single electron within Serelinity's body. This has extremely negative effects on the opponent, as the forces projected outward are phenomenally huge. Of course, due to the strength of the forces, it acts as a double edged sword, and is thus used in very short bursts to deal incredible damage. For example, freezing the electrons just as the fist makes contact would deal an enormous amount of additional damage.

Of course, with repulsion force, also comes attraction force. With this technique, Serelinity may also create a powerful armour for himself, by dragging materials from the Earth unto himself. This also aids his combat, as when he freezes the electrons, the enemy can also be pulled towards him, allowing him to deal debilitating blows.

When this secondary ability is used alongside the God of Chi skillset, its downsides may be eliminated, as Serelinity may even turn the effects outside his own body. However, between the 2, the ability to pass through solid objects without any indication whatsoever is far more useful to the Subconscious, as no use of energy is required for such a process.

Technology Melding

To an extent, the Subconscious may manipulate technology at a whim, but more importantly, it may project itself to "possess" the technology, assimilating its form. With this, it may forcefully reconfigure and reshape the piece of technology/materials at a whim, converting it to whatever it deems useful at that point of time. Examples include converting a metallic wall into a plasma gun, an ancient, worn out suit into a fully-functional Iron-Man like suit, or creating gigantic robots from an entire rubbish dump.

With this, the Subconscious may freely hack into the databases containing advanced technology in different realms, gaining access to information. It may also usurp control from robots as well, taking over it and using it for its own selfish means. It should be noted that whatever it takes control of, it makes sure that the technology is upgraded to be as advanced as it can be made to be, for example it may convert a phone into an armoured mechanical insect.

Transformation Conglomerate

The Subconscious has data of the living creatures of billions of different universes, and has managed to combine them into a single transformation, consisting every single one of their known abilities, and includes all the multipliers of each transformation as well. The result is a creature so hideously powerful that few are capable of standing against it.

Basically, it gives the user an obscene amount of power and the means to use it properly. However, in this state, the many mental afflictions and downsides from each transformation would affect his mind, leaving him with an annoying headache which only gets worse. This gives the transformation a time limit of several minutes.


Obviously, the Geti Star, having lived for countless years since its inception, has an arsenal of abilities yet to be revealed. Examples of which include extremely large stores of magical spells, technology, and abilities it has analyzed and taken from the many entities it has encountered over the span of its creation.

This also further cements the Subconscious position as the 2nd strongest, losing only to the main Star Serelinity.

Regardless, while the Subconscious has a seemingly infinite array of abilities, it rarely interferes with the conscious self's advancement, only providing limited aid (if any). Sometimes, it may even flow along with the events, allowing itself to get "sealed" and whatnot. Sometimes, the Subconscious becomes the key part of a plot (acting as some mysterious, or malevolent creature which has to be stopped), and sometimes, it becomes the antagonist (the Star Serelinity's polar opposite, etc.). Needless to say, it knows how to become a very important thing in any timeline.

Main Star Serelinity AbilitiesEdit

The Main Star Serelinity, for all intents and purposes, is virtually nigh-omnipotent. Having experiences ranging from that of the smallest insect, from humans of all walks of life, all the way up to abstract gods of immense power, it is no wonder that the Main Star Serelinity is as powerful as he is. For all intents and purposes, he has achieved virtual power over everything, with the ability to manipulate techniques of all kinds, accessing, dissecting, and utilizing all forms of energy without fail, and this is what particularly separates him from the rest of his forms. Unlike the Subconscious, taking information and converting it to its own use, or its other forms, which are masters of their respective powers, the Main Star Serelinity is known as a Jack of No Traits, Master of All.

By harnessing all the experiences from every single version of itself, the Main Star Serelinity incorporates them into a fighting style like no other. His aura is the culmination of all those powers, multiplied by a factor of Hei. Combining the energy sources and auras of billions of different forms of energy, the feeling garnered from his energy is beyond comprehension, with most beings being completely, virtually, incapable of sensing it. To add to the already impressive display, he may also summon up and call forth each and every one of the aura's constituents, swirling around him and using them however he deems fit. Among these energies include the famed Spiral Energy, Ki, Chakra, Kundali, Brahma, Death, Mana, Entropic, Spiritual, Chi, Nuclear, Dimensional, Speed Force, Willpower, Azure Flame, Verdant Flame, Crimson Flame, Hei, Appetite, and the list goes on endlessly, involving all known forms of energy in fiction. All these energies support each other, causing each and every one of them to constantly grow and surpass itself in power. Combined with Serelinity's abject mastery over every one of them, this means his power grows at rates beyond tetration, possibly even reaching the imaginary level of Heitration (Hei is from Heinemba).

Hence, the Main Star Serelinity is, without a doubt, the strongest Star Serelinity of them all. Possessing an aura like no other, it harnesses a different kind of power, once which has yet to be seen by most entities in the universe.


The Main Star Serelinity's Energy is.... different. This Star Serelinity's energy is the culmination of every form of energy in the universe, and thus possesses traits which are far different from most.

The 4 fundamental traits his energy has are the following: Potency, Evolution, Alteration, and Source. Namely, it is unfathomably potent, being capable of doing anything, dealing damage on a scale unrecognized, all with only the tiniest bit of it. It constantly seeks evolution, adapting and incorporating traits into itself, and expanding the energy's potency and amount. It is capable of Alteration, converting things into itself, warping universal laws, manipulating the Flow, and changing itself however it wants. It is the Source, coming from itself, generated by itself, and unleashed by itself. It creates more of itself through itself, in a manner similar to those Flames of Antiquity, and only gets stronger with an external source, as it is that of unfathomable potency.

The energy is also somewhat mysterious, taking the colour of bluish-green as it swirls around itself, and is often used for many things. Being on a level of power which can only be classified as "asinine", it cannot be sensed by any other entity, as it is on an incomprehensible level. Despite this, it is still able to harness the power of lesser energies, being the culmination of all of them, and as such may absorb the energy of all beings, regardless of energy type.

This also means that Serelinity may freely collapse the omniverse, alter timelines, and the like, and unlike most others - few gods can truly stop him. However, most of the time when he does this, the other gods make it such that the creatures affected never remember of such an event.

Even so, at times his power leaves behind supercharged rocks or artifacts which are strengthened by his energy. These objects often become the source of power for most empires, and alter the fate of universes.

Speed Exceed

Transcending the maximum tier of speed, Serelinity goes beyond logic itself, attaining speeds no other can reach. Altering probability, he prevents all things, time, power, etc. from being unaffected. Altering the Flow, all things but him come to a half. Altering Form, he renders himself Formless, attaining speed beyond that which is manifested.

With these properties in place, Serelinity goes on and does what no other can do - propel and enhance himself to levels unimaginable, attaining the unknown tier of speed which very few others have managed to conceptualize, let alone attain.

Summoning: Self

Serelinity may summon any number of himself from alternate realities, afterlives, impossible worlds, parallel dimensions, etc., unleashing all of them at the enemy. These Star Serelinitys' may possess abilities and power which the original has yet to attain, and the original may even pool all of their endless, boundless energy into himself.

Transcendent Scrutiny: Weak Point Detection

Scrutinizing existence itself through Transcendent eyes gives Star Serelinity a whole new perspective on how to change it, alter it, in more ways than one. He discovers the flaws in existence from every spectrum, finding out the limitless weak points waiting to collapse on itself upon the slightest touch, or particular movement. With this, defeating opponents becomes extremely simple - no more than an afterthought is enough to defeat them. To an extent, you may call it omniscience (which can be considered true, as he has lived infinite existences from every parallel realm), and it would hold true.

Endless Experience

Star Serelinity possesses infinite experience, courtesy of the infinite selves located in every known dimension and universe, with each further diverging into an infinite spectrum of alternate realities. This grants him endless experience, as every moment he gains limitless experience, becoming more knowledgeable, and virtually omniscient.


Given his abnormally large array of abilities, his repertoire is also considered relatively large, and powerful as well.

Proximity Shift

A move learned by the God of Chi Star Serelinity from Nacule (the move was developed by Nacule), and is one of his favoured moves. Firing a blast which seemingly does nothing (and is invisible for the most part), if it strikes the opponent, the opponent then becomes a beacon for this technique to work. Once it makes contact, Star Serelinity may teleport anywhere within a set distance of the opponent (determined by the distance between the user and the target), with little to no energy Expenditure whatsoever. Basically, it allows the user to travel anywhere within the same distance of the target. For example, if the opponent is 10 meters away from the user, the user may teleport anywhere, as long as the distance between the user and the opponent remains at 10 meters.

In combat, this has proven extremely useful, as it grants the user knowledge of his target's position at all times, allowing him to be perfectly wary of his opponent's position, even if they attempt to disorientate/distract him with clones, afterimages and the like. Star Serelinity has only managed to learn it to this level, with the rest being achieved only by Nacule.

Secondly, it can be used for extreme evasive manoeuvres, as the technique forcibly moves the user out of harm's way (an ingrained advantage granted by the technique), placing them in a location where they would be able to carry out a swift counterattack. Also, this technique, as it is command based, also does not rely on the user's speed, and is thus instant.

Third, the user may issue a thought command to the technique, and the technique will carry it out. This command is considered secondary, and unless the first prerogative (teleporting him out of harm's way) is disabled, the thought command may be overridden. This command can range from teleporting into every place that is the same distance away from him (creating an utterly black sphere which prevents opponents from looking out of it), allow the user to continually accelerate (teleporting the user the instant he nears the opponent, to the same proximity at the opposite side), preset the teleported location of the evasive manoeuvres, or even use it for combo attacks.

Fourth, the user may use it to prepare techniques. As he shifts proximities, there is a 1 second interval between shifts (in that moment as he alters his space-time position, if he chooses to prolong the interval), and he may use it to alter his size to immense/tiny proportions, prepare burst attacks, create barriers, or even further accelerate (used to his advantage).

Fifth, it can be used to create temporary clones, the length of which they last dependent on the amount of power put into the teleportation. With enough power, the fabric of space-time distorts, and the power takes the form of the clone, occupying the previous position the user occupied, and can fight for a short while. Normally, this is used to make the opponent think they landed a decisive hit, with the clone lasting long enough for the original to deliver crippling blows.

The sole limitation of this ability, is how long it lasts (based on the power put in), and the area in which the user may teleport to. Even so, this ability is known to last entire battles, and used to great efficiency. Serelinity is a beginner at using this ability (and is thus less power efficient, effective, useful, etc.), while Nacule is a master.

Speaking of which, Masters gain an additional ability, namely applying it to summoned objects as well, through either teleporting them, or even using the energy from the technique to force the objects to rotate around the target object. In the heat of battle, these objects can serve as major distractions, or even deal immense damage if the user decides to orbit swords, shields, and weapons of the like.

Another ability Masters can achieve from this would be achieving a state of "permanence" of sorts. Basically, they can use the powers of Proximity Shift to keep him within that same line of proximity (i.e, a Proximity Lock), and he would forever remain the same distance away from the target, and they would find it impossible to physically close in, as the user will move along with them as well. Often, this is used to obscure the opponent's vision, or allow them to rely on the opponent's energy to accelerate. Another way in which it is used is to place a Barrier within the Proximity Lock, preventing the enemy from firing ranged blasts out of it, limiting their range of attack.

The most useful thing Proximity Shift does, is that it can be used for attacks as well, allowing the attack to continually, dangerously, close in on the opponent while rendering them completely helpless. This is because whenever they retaliate, the technique warps to another location within that same proximity, and continues doing this for as long the technique is active. This would be akin to watching your death approaching you, with no way to avoid it.

Death's Touch

Electrons, deadly and powerful. They govern things at the basic, atomic level, and control interactions in their most fundamental form. Their effects are profound, and can achieve astounding effects for something so small and seemingly ineffectual.

This technique allows the user to disable the electrons on his/herself, and its effects in particular. To deal debilitating damage, all the user has to do is touch the opponent, and reactivate the effects of the electrons, causing them to forcefully repel the target in a massive explosion, dealing damage through what appears to be simple touch alone. A more deadly version would be passing through the opponent's bodies (when the electrons aren't in effect), then activating them, which either combines both bodies together, binding them, or forcefully separating parts of the opponent into microscopic pieces, based on how much overlap there was, and of course depending on the user's whim.

As can be seen, this technique requires very menial amounts of energy, and trusts the laws of the universe to do the job for the user, using only limited Electron Manipulation to do the job. To a more deadly extent, the user may expand his control of electrons to involve the air as well, forcefully repelling opponents with but the simplest of gestures. This serves as the least energy-draining skill of Serelinity's arsenal.

Solid Chi

Solid Chi is what you get when Star Serelinity decides to condense his regular Chi into an actual, pure, solidified object. It combines the traits of uninterfered Flow, the permanent nature of Experience, and the impermanent nature of Illusion. What this means is that the form taken is solidified into its state by Experience, and as the Illusion's form is grounded in the past, it cannot be altered in any way, shape or form once it is created, as whatever the enemy does to Solid Chi is directed to the future by the Flow.

Yet, the Solid Chi is still able to affect its targets. As the object is grounded in the past, it cannot be moved by conventional means, and thus it only functions when Serelinity channels the Flow into the object, allowing it to move smoothly and efficiently, without resistance whatsoever. Enemies who come into contact with the Solid Chi would find it almost impossible to block, even if they have vastly superior strength. Furthermore, as the object is grounded in the shortest of timeframes (being fixated at a particular point in the past), even the slightest of movements are enough to have an effect great enough to tear apart dimensions. For example, if he were to grab a pin made of solid Chi, and have it move a planck length in 1 hour, the energy generated would be great enough to destroy the universe several times over, whilst creating a black hole great enough to encompass the universe. The only reason he is able to use it as a weapon is due to his absurd control over his attacks, controlling its Area-of-effect and using some of its power to break physics.

Other properties include being capable of reaching any temperature, regardless of how high/low it is, due to its physics bending properties. Controlling the timeframe it is grounded in (increasing/decreasing its magnitude when he does different actions) affects the level of power behind his attacks. Other examples include its relative immobility (which can range depending on the timeframe it is grounded in, to the point where it may be rendered immobile), and indestructibility. Vibrating frequencies and energies channelled through it are also multiplied exponentially in terms of power through the slightest movement, and it is known to disrupt the flow of space and time around itself, affecting the time it takes for other objects to come into contact with it.

Currently, its relative immobility, and freedom to alter it based on energy applied has made it a commodity in the Geti Star's universe, where the Main Star Serelinity has begun producing it. Due to it working around space-time laws, weight training has been abandoned in favour of such resistance training, where weapons and armour can still remain immensely light, yet remain far more durable and effective when used to deal damage, allowing brutes to achieve the effect of speedsters when it comes to their striking force.

Common applications include creating weapons (such as claws, gauntlets, and the like), forming spikes which pop out of the ground, generating incredible air pressures, generating invisible walls of solid Chi (in the form of air), training, punching bags, etc.

Defensive applications include trapping the opponent in Solid Chi, minimizing the time range to the minimal (such that the force required to remotely budge it is immense), and possibly even creating an armour out of it.

The sole downside to this technique is that it requires a lot of focus to maintain and utilize, especially when Serelinity uses it his way (ensuring that the force generated is as high as he can manage). As he often uses Flow rather than brute force to move Solid Chi, in order to maximize effects, he has to dedicate far more of his control to this front, and thus he can only use 1 other technique alongside this at any point of time. His favourite is using Contact Force Reversal alongside this ability, as it exponentially increases the already mind-boggling power behind this technique, effectively obliterating almost any opponent.

The concept behind this technique is the correlation between force and time. With very little time, the required force to even make the result noticeable, would need to be extremely large, and likewise the effect generated from movement in said time restriction, equally enormous. The difference is that this does not involve any speeding up/slowing down of time at all, rather, as the object is located at the past, the movements of the object (as forced by the user), occurs solely in the present, and as such, no additional physical force has to be exerted on the user's part to achieve the desired effect. Furthermore, Serelinity alters the effects of the object, such that while the opponent receives the effect of the object in the past, Serelinity only receives the effects of the object at the present.

The colour of Solid Chi is crystal blue, and it leaves trailing arcs of blue when it moves. These arcs often expand to full-fledged shockwaves, and their speeds can increase/decrease depending on whether Serelinity decides to have these shockwaves occur in real-time.

Chain Reaction

Used against densely packed shields, armour, and closely-knitted formations, Chain Fission is a technique of the Kais, used to clear over the leftover debris of planets destroyed by Hakaishin.

To use this technique, Serelinity fires a magical beam towards the target debris, where the beam continues chaining to whatever nearby debris is there, continually spreading as the beam converts all of the matter to energy, then transmitting it to an orb held beside the user. The user can then use the collected energy to either reform/recreate a planet, absorb it into himself, or use the energy to break apart stronger materials.

This technique, while useful, does not seem to work effectively on extremely tough and powerful materials, which include the ki-absorbent variation of Katchin, Anti-Ki, and other legendary weapons which are protected by lots of magic.

Disruption Wave

A very unremarkable skill, but nevertheless useful. Serelinity draws upon the Flow and sends it into an endless loop, after which, he embeds that very flow into the particles around himself, and the energy he plans on using to carry the wave.

As he sends the wave outwards, all things struck by it are forced to stop whatever they're doing, as the endless loop of Flow reaches their energy systems and causes it to "stop", as the body attempts to process the new Flow of Energy within the body. Those who have faster reaction times, forms of protection, etc. snap out of the technique faster. Even so, for those charging energy attacks, this would temporarily stop them as they lose control of everything for a split second, causing them to stop whatever they are doing for that fraction of time.

This is used by Serelinity whenever he is caught in a tight situation, as he can use the temporary lapse in focus to break out of binding techniques, and cause a let up in the pressure of continuous attacks (like the Kamehameha).

This does not, however, work on self-sustaining attacks as effectively. Such attacks often temporarily fizzle out of existence, then reappear after.

Throes of Change

Hastening the process of Flow around him, he rapidly speeds up the process of change, directing it through intent, Flow and Illusion. If a part of him is trapped by anything, be it energy, poison, etc., he rapidly speeds up his arm's development, to the point where he can literally integrate substances into his natural body. For example, if trapped in Katchin, he may use this to literally attach the Katchin unto himself, alongside whatever form Serelinity deems most useful. A side effect of this is that said material may take the form of advanced technology to aid Serelinity.

This has been useful to Serelinity on several occasions, especially when overtaking giant robots, getting out of traps, and overall using the surroundings to his own personal advantage. Whenever he does this, a bone-chilling cry can be heard from Serelinity, as he takes on a more monstrous form (either including the material used to trap him, or breaking out of it).

The monstrous forms taken by Serelinity serve 2 purposes, either granting him strength, speed or defence.

If the material was something specifically controlled by the enemy, Serelinity has a far harder time in integrating that material (impossible if said material is sentient). Likewise, during the process of integration, the enemy also has a far harder time manipulating the material. Once, Nacule managed to disintegrate Serelinity's arm when he chose to integrate Nacule's magically materialized creations.

Sage Creation

Using Chi, he may use its self-sustaining feature to create new entities, such as true Elemental Dragons, create and morph the biology of the creatures he makes, merge creatures together, or provide them the catalyst for unrestrained, endless growth. Other examples include resurrecting things from samples such as dead tissue, or creating a full grown tree out of sawdust alone.

This technique involves one particular ability - the Endless Energy Spring. Through using this as a core, the creatures he create gain a seemingly infinite source of energy to work with, constantly absorbing Chi from their surroundings to function in whatever way Serelinity deems fit. Examples include growing endlessly, breaking past conventional biological limits, achieving super speed, absorbing other Biological Matter, increasing its own body's density, and the like.

Other things he may do with his creations include giving them particular powers (Fire-Breathing and duplication included), or have them utilize his array of Chi skills (such as Contact Force Reversal, Form Projection and Duplication, or even Solid Chi). Sometimes he creates extremely dense plants which regenerate extremely quickly, or makeshift hydras which can regenerate more of their body parts. Either way, this allows him to create almost any conceivable creature which he may perceive, and use them to great efficiency. An example of this would be the Effing Worms he has. Condensing their size and mass into tinier forms, then having the worms use Form Projection within the ground gives Serelinity the advantage in environment-control (as the worms actively seek out the enemy). He has also constructed Dragons and creatures made entirely of Solid Chi (which have sentience and have the ability to control the timeframes they last in).

He has also created an invasive weed, which absorbs the nutrients from the ground, and uses the Endless Energy Spring to grow endlessly, exponentially. He has used this weed to attempt to circumvent Nacule's World Tree tactics, however, it is not capable of subduing Nacule's World Tree entirely.

Likewise, he can also use it to bring stone constructs to life (having them pull in surrounding rocks to feed its size), spawn bugs from almost any surface, and create dangerous creatures of great power. Bisani Toribra, on occasion, has asked Star Serelinity to imbue some creatures from his Primordial Gourmet World with such powers, and this has helped Bisani on multiple counts, creating even more high-quality ingredients, and increased the overall strength of creatures residing there.

Amorphous Blob

A creature Serelinity may create at will. It's danger lies in the fact that while it predominantly stays as a liquid blob-like state, can freely generate anything it needs to retaliate against an opponent (especially if they come too close). It is comprised of a variation of Solid Chi - Liquid Chi, and can freely generate objects provided that it has the energy to spare (supplied by Endless Energy Spring).

When enemies get into close range, the Amorphous Blob often generates weapons made entirely out of Solid Chi, attacking them and sending them out of range, or critically wounding them. Another way in which it deals with opponents is by covering them with the Liquid Chi from itself, trapping them within the blob itself. It has been shown that getting out of the blob, while hard, isn't impossible. Even so, the blob has used many countermeasures, such as teleporting with the opponent through whatever technique they use, or even barricading space-time to prevent enemies from passing through with intangibility or dimensional techniques. The only proven way to get out of it so far is through sheer force, which often takes a toll on the target.

In battle, several of such blobs can be summoned to aid him, and they normally function in a manner similar to Nacule's - sending forth countless weapons and objects to damage the enemy, with the only difference being that there is an actual source in this case (unlike Nacule which summons them out of thin air). These blobs, if needed, may also create and utilize Solid Chi against the enemy, firing them at high speeds to deal massive damage (something which Nacule can't create).

These Amorphous Blobs may also take on a humanoid shape, as well as other monstrous forms, solidifying into a harder form, yet remaining as flexible as before. With these forms, they may fight alongside Serelinity as extremely durable and hardy "clones". While these clones lack the variability and flexibility of the original, only able to use Serelinity's abilities to a mere fraction of their full potential, they compensate with their extreme offensive, defensive and adaptive powers.

Normally, wearing them down would prove to be a tough job, as it is nearly impossible to dissipate Solid Chi. However, there are people who have done so. It is said that the only way to overcome these Amorphous Blobs would be through feeding them a sudden, enormous burst of energy, which would disrupt the Flow of Chi and cause them to return to Serelinity. While this would normally not be a weakness, especially when the clones are extremely durable, the fact that his vision and senses include them as well often takes a toll on him, and such a burst of energy may temporarily distract Serelinity at crucial moments, forcing him to dispel the Amorphous Blobs.

These Amorphous Blobs often aid Serelinity by using "Sage Creation", helping him summon a diverse amount of allies to fight alongside him. This tactic, while useful in overwhelming opponents, has backfired against people like Bisani Toribra and Decaun Equino

Annihilation Strike

A new technique developed by Serelinity. Using his ability to create new techniques via the alteration of prerequisites, Serelinity has come up with a powerful new attack - the Annihilation Strike. With this technique, he strikes the opponent so hard that his entire arm/body part gets disintegrated upon impact, achieving a highly explosive and damaging effect. Normally, this would mean that his body itself is capable of generating that much power, but that is false in the case of Serelinity. Rather than striking so hard that his body parts disintegrate, he turns it into the reverse with his Flow. Instead, whenever he uses this technique, the "prerequisite" would be the arm disintegrating, shifting the side effect into the forefront of this technique's requirement, instead of it being him exerting such a great amount of force. While effective, reducing the side effects and effort required to the bare minimal, it has affected the technique's efficiency as well - dropping the overall power of the technique by 25%.

Even so, the convenience factors outweigh such a limitation. An attack of such a magnitude (capable of pulverising and annihilating every atom in the arm), would likely deal massive damage to the user's body as well, on top of draining his reserves at an impossible rate. Other convenient things he might do would be to sacrifice tiny bits of his fingernail when dealing with simpler strikes, or utilize this technique to sacrifice bits and pieces of muscle to augment his attacks immensely. Furthermore, it is not affected by the conventional law of "every force has an equal and opposite reaction", as the technique goes only one way (this is also one of the reasons why the overall power of the technique decreases).

Transferring this knowledge to some creatures formed by Sage Creation, makes this attack ever more deadly, as gigantic solid structures may utilize it to deadly effect. The more durable the atoms are, the more densely packed they are, the quality of the atoms used, and the volume of it all play a role in the damage dealt by this attack. Hence, gigantic creatures will be able to deal more vast amounts of damage, and tiny bugs created will still prove to be effective when dealing with enemies (using the energy generated in the form of bites, etc.)

Serelinity's most powerful manner in using this ability would be supplanting the loss of his arms through the use of Solid Chi, causing the technique to unleash the force generated from obliterating all of the Solid Chi in an instant, generating untold power (especially considering the durability of the material, withstanding the strongest of attacks without so much as a dent) in a single strike. This technique has obliterated opponents far more powerful than he in an instant.

In combat, this is often used to deal massive damage, and create openings for other techniques to fill in. Sometimes, he unleashes this technique through his Form Duplications, or even his Form Projections. At other times, he utilizes Shadow Interchanging to morph himself to ridiculous sizes, after which he deals the full brunt of this technique's power, using his size to augment its strength.

To an extent, Intertwining Connection can also play a role in this. For example, if he gains properties such as "the mass of the earth" when this technique is used, Serelinity may use up "the mass of the earth" to empower the strike, and the technique would work as if it had used up the entire mass of Earth. The drawback to this is that the more immense the object used, the more focus is required on the user's part.


These Possessions belong solely to the God of Chi Star Serelinity.

Gun of Heeding

This Gun of Heeding is created by Star Serelinity using an Exquisite material, a combination of solidified Illusion and Experience. The bullets used are basically solidified Experience, which transfers the Spiritual Experience to the opponent when the Physical bullet touches.

This is extremely deadly, as Serelinity may use this to overload the enemy's mind with thousands of different sensations with the bullets, alongside dealing physical damage in the process. A side effect of this ability is that the physical damage dealt by the bullets increases the more the target is affected by the experience, which spreads damage into their body further by converting the Spiritual effects into Physical Effects again, acting as a poison.

When used on himself, he may even convert that same Spiritual Energy into power for his own use, as he is able to control the effects each bullet has on people.

Also, another special thing about this gun is that there is no need to reload it, its ammunition coming solely from Star Serelinity's energy (materializing into the Experience of his choice). This allows the gun to fire at extremely short intervals, surprising the enemy and leaving little room for intercepting.

The best part of this gun, is that it can be loaded with almost any ammunition, such as bullets which expand in size, dense bullets, Bullets formed from the Flow, or even missiles (shrunk in size in the space-time area which the barrel has before it is fired). He particularly loves using this gun to fire energy blasts, gigantic meteors, and at times Contact Force Reversals.

Sword of Expulsion

The Sword of Expulsion is made out of a material specifically designed to channel the Flow itself, and is, as such, largely indestructible as it can channel any amount of energy perfectly and easily, amplifying them. Within the sword burns a core fire, which is the Flaring Flames of Antiquity, These flames which fuel the sword are located within the sword itself, under space-time effects (which prevents the flames from actually leaking out). With sufficient control, Star Serelinity may unleash concentrated bursts of the flame's effects without letting the flames affect the surrounding, empowering the blade with the flames.

In battle, this sword has the side effect of unleashing enormous shockwaves and aftereffects from clashes, as the fires are known to release extreme amounts of energy. This has the side effect of allowing the sword to cut through nearly everything, due to the heat it contains. With enough control, the user may also extend the length of the sword to whatever length he/she wishes, increasing its range and capacity to deal damage.

As it contains a flame that burns endlessly, it also serves to empower the user, sending tons of energy coursing through the user's body and the enemies body, strengthening the user and damaging the enemy. As the flames aren't truly manifested, the flames often have a relatively weaker effect than expected, but it is still great enough to deal lasting damage.

The sword's shape is basically that of a broadsword, glowing a bright and shiny silver, with delicate patterns throughout. just above the hilt, there is an orb containing the fire which is being used, which shines a bright orange. When more energy is used, the colour progresses from orange, to blue, then to white.

Also, if enough mastery over the blade is achieved, the blade may be used to create almost any known form of material and energy form, dealing damage however the user wishes. Examples include forming an orb of condensed fire (as Fire occupies no space, the temperature of the flames in the area can become exceptionally ludicrous) to send at the enemy, use its energy to form fiery versions of any creature, or even convert this energy into additional mass for the blade, yet still remaining light for the user, increasing the user's striking force.

Shield of Dispersal

The Shield of Dispersal's function is similar to its namesake, used to disperse attacks. Unlike the Sword of Expulsion, it is made out of Illusion itself, and as such is made of one of the most compact materials ever known. This also means that its natural durability is out of this world, with phenomenal resistance against conducting almost any form of energy (such as heat), yet being able to disperse the energy extremely quickly. Combined with the properties grafted onto it by Illusion, whereby it is unable to change state, this shield is extremely useful in battle. It is seen as the polar opposite of the Sword of Expulsion, as it disperses energy and rejects the Flow's effect.

The shield normally takes the colour of an icey blue, the same colour as the Icey Flames of the Tundra which burn within it, similar to its counterpart. The shield is constantly at Absolute Zero temperatures, and feels even colder as it attempts to suck energy from the surroundings as well. This in turn causes the area around the shield to feel "still", as the icey flames burn the Kinetic Energy of the surroundings as well.

In battle, it is extremely well versed at dispersing energy, and is highly resistive to foreign energies. When the opponent's attacks strike the shield, most of the energy is dispersed away from the shield, barely affecting it, with only a tiny portion passing through and pushing the shield, leaving very little actual impact. Yet, even when large amounts of energy manage to strike the shield, it is dispersed extremely quickly, as the force is quickly spread throughout the shield and released outwards at the side, forming an additional barrier at the side of the shield for the user, and only grows the more damage is dealt. However, this ability is rarely seen, as few people have actually thrust enough energy to circumvent the Icey Flames which also serve to absorb energy from the shield.

The Icey Flames, in this case, acts as a secondary layer of defence. In this case, it prevents almost all forces from even affecting the shield's user, as the Icey Flames serve to absorb all excess energy. On top of that, due to the properties of molecules, which require energy to break apart, the Icey Flames serve to make them largely indestructible, as the shield loses all the vibrating kinetic energy of molecules (preventing a change of state), and absorb in the energy being used to attempt to break apart the molecules which are bonded together. In essence, this makes the shield virtually indestructible.

Containing flames which drain energy, the user has to be very careful in its use, to refrain from having his energy drained. Normally, Star Serelinity is able to control the Flow of energy such that his own doesn't get sucked in (though most of the time, he gets energy from the surroundings, so it doesn't matter). However, this is also a reason why it is used sparingly, as most users can't afford to use it over long periods of time.

Similar to the Sword of Expulsion, the flame's effects may also extend outwards from the shield to aid in defence. In order to extend its fact, the flames literally suck out all the energy from the air itself, causing it to forcefully freeze and act as an additional line of defence. Like the Sword, it may also be used offensively. Sending pulses of the flame, large amounts of energy can be absorbed, leaving most techniques destabilized, and as it travels outward, it creates "shields" along the way, which is basically frozen air. Like the previous weapon, the flames effects are also reduced as what's released are the effects of the flame, and not the flame itself.

The shield's shape is basically similar that of old, Medieval shields, except larger, so as to guard the user fully. Normally, it shines an icey blue, similar to the flame within it (with the part containing the flames is spread out across the back of the shield itself). If there is an excessively huge amount of energy being absorbed, it turns into dark blue, then dark green, followed by black.

The best part about the shield is the ease of which it absorbs energy attacks, as once the energy beam, etc. makes contact with the shield, it immediately starts getting burned and absorbed by the flames within the shields. The other dangerous thing about the shield is that it is also very optically dense, which means that most energy beams often enter into the shield, only to refract internally and get absorbed by the shield itself. If in any scenario the shield manages to get damaged, the Flames will use the absorbed energy to repair the shield. For Physical attacks, the shield also absorbs the kinetic energy from such blows, and this makes the shield feel harder to move for the enemy, as the amount and magnitude of resistive forces is at its greatest for the shield, the strength of the resistive forces, in this case, is dependent on the amount of flames being channelled into the shield's defensive property.

With enough mastery, the shield may even temporarily project an indestructible shield for the user, however this only lasts for 10 seconds at the most. Similar to the Sword of Expulsion, it may conjure the polar opposite - ice creatures, to do battle for him. Serelinity's favourite mastery technique is the ability to use Shield Bash, conjuring a condensed, icey barrier in front of the shield, then charging towards the opponent with the extremely dense material.



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