"My father's sins don't define our legacy. I won't let the name of Superman be remembered as one of a fallen hero who lost himself to grief and rage. This symbol stands for Hope, and I won't let anyone take that away."

"This red bandanna is a memorial, something I wear to honor the fallen... the people I couldn't save. And I'm tired of it getting heavier and heavier!"

Sparga is the Ace Time Patroller of Conton City, the adoptive son of Superman, and a rare hybrid of Saiyan and Kryptonian genes, his parents refugees who escaped their respective planets' destruction eachand met by happenstance and agreed to put warring blood aside to ensure the survival of their species'. He acts as the vanguard of the Time Patrol, participating in multiple major events and battles that the Time Patrollers engage in.

His strong sense of justice and honor often lead him to joining into the fray of numerous battles, even despite ever nagging fear of failure that he constantly battles to overcome.

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Sparga's design stays consistent throughout the majority of his appearances, only undergoing drastic changes at pivotal moments of his life. His most striking features are the retention of his tail, and his long and wild mane of spiked and bushy black hair flowing down to his waistline. His physique is muscular but not bulky and he is of tall stature, with a mild tan complexion. His facial features are reminiscent of those commonly found in most lo- class Saiyan warriors such as Goku, Bardock, Turles, etc.

In his present appearance, Sparga wears a battlesuit to symbolize his status as the new Superman. This uniform consists of a skintight blue full-body jumpsuit with the trademark S crest on the chest, made from a combination of both Kryptonian fabrics as well as materials used in the armor utilized by the Frieza Force typically worn by Saiyan warriors. Over his body-suit, Sparga wears black hakama leggings similar to his old Gi's hakama made from the same material as the rest of his uniform tucked into an upgraded variation of his original boots with red hip and leg armor and braces accenting and topping off the look. The materials used in the suit in its entirety are lightweight and flexible enough to be worn like regular clothing but are strong enough to act as armor.

Sparga's outfit in earlier appearances consisted of a red band symbolizing the blood of fallen friends and allies he failed to protect tied around his left bicep, black boots, black pants, and red and black Saiyan armor with the symbol of his Kryptonian house emblazoned over the heart. However, this armor was destroyed by Azrael and he later received a deep blue gi which he altered to fit his own preferences, ripping the sleeves off. He retained the rest of his outfit, including the bandanna.

While training with Goku in the [4]Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he wore Saiyan armor consisting of a full-bodied blue jumpsuit with torso armor and plain white boots and gloves before replacing it with his original Blue Gi outfit after finishing his training, which was his trademark outfit until obtaining his new battle suit as Superman

Personality[edit | edit source]

"I need to test myself to see how much farther I have to go before I reach my limits. I want to know how strong I really am. And the answer to that question lies in the heart of battle."
— Sparga while expressing his thoughts on training

Sparga is a complex, multifaceted character whose life has shaped him in a multitude of aspects, often overcoming personal fears, doubts, and inhibitions to rise to meet his challenges and utilize his full potential as a Saiyan Kryptonian hybrid. His ultimate goal is to not only realize his full potential but to make his loved ones proud of him.

Having been adopted and raised by Superman before being summoned to the Time Nest, Sparga was taught at a young age to always do the right thing and fight for what is just, fair, and honorable. This relationship with the Man of Steel has instilled into Sparga a strong sense of kindness and right and wrong. This drives him to get involved in manners often without thinking and throws himself in the path of danger so he might protect others and ensure that fairness and justice are doled out to those who deserve it.

As he is half Saiyan, Sparga does possess an inherent love of fighting but not as much as others of the race. His sense of honor often affects his judgement but when the stakes are high, Sparga's hindsight is 20/20. He prefers a fair fight and will never fight to kill unless the opponent is of an extremely high threat level to multiple people on a grand scale, believing that no one has the right to end another's life no matter the reason. When forced to kill, the act of doing so greatly upsets Sparga and leaves him unfocused, requiring time to recover from what he viewed as an abhorrent action and a weakness brought about by an inability to find a better solution. This is further reinforced after his encounter with Kal-El who had once stood for justice and good but had become a ruthless killer who murdered anyone who opposed him. This leads to Sparga pushing even more to avoid killing to prevent himself from staining the name and legacy of Superman like his adoptive father did before him.His focus on doing the right thing and fighting for justice can lead Sparga into determination bordering on the obsession with his objective. In battle, Sparga can come off as sarcastic and teasing due to arrogance and confidence in his abilities, even going as far as making one-liner jokes and comments. Though when the situation demands it, or he fights an opponent of equal strength, Sparga is focused and serious. As well as fighting for sport, Sparga has a deep love of the martial arts he has learned as it allows him to focus and discipline himself, helping him relegate his emotional imbalances into a more manageable level as well as training both mind as well as body. Sparga views martial arts as more than the act of fighting; To Sparga, martial arts are the path to self- improvement and overcoming one's failures and flaw; Combined with this philosophy and Sparga's ever going desire to push his limits, he feels that a good fight can help him connect to someone on an emotional level. To Sparga, the act of clashing fists can form a deep spiritual understanding and connection. Because of this, Sparga has a great deal of respect for other Martial Artists and will never take advantage of them, even if they are an enemy.

Despite a strong sense of pride and justice in himself and his beliefs, Sparga is actually extremely shy. His reluctance to speak to people he is unfamiliar with suggests a severe case of Social Anxiety. He often prefers to keep to the back of the group, opting to stay silent unless necessary so as not to overwhelm himself with the stress of socializing. When overwhelmed and his anxiety triggers, Sparga can become aggressive and defensive, his temper fouling as he snaps to be left alone. In addition to this, Sparga suffers from a great deal of placing the weight of the world on his own shoulders; Sparga is constantly pushing himself and is of the belief that if people get hurt, he had failed them and he could have done more to be there for them. This leads to a high level of stress on Sparga's person due to his taking on everything himself and rarely allowing himself to rest.

Sparga's fame as the Hero of Time often frustrates him as he prefers to be left alone and doesn't partake in his fame. The awards and praises lauded onto Sparga raises his anxiety and he becomes nervous and unsure of himself due to his fear of attention. As Sparga never acts with intent to earn fame, only doing what often rewards him a hero's praise for doing what he feels is right simply because it's right. Trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time often try to help him work past these fears by forcing him to interact with people more than he'd like to, obtaining mixed results that vary but mostly lean toward Sparga still opting to stay close behind those he feels comfortable with.

Sparga has a deep fascination and love of movies, particularly budget movies that often receive poor reviews. While many of his peers and loved ones recognize these bad flicks for what they are, Sparga adores them and sees them as rare gems filled with genius that people can't comprehend, whether it be the poor acting, writing or directing. Sparga often vehemently and passionately defends what some people consider to be the worst movies ever made. This frustrates his friends and family to no end as he watches what many consider to be torture made into film.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early Life[edit | edit source]

"But.... Don't they say bad things about you too, Kal? Like that bald guy. He always tries to hurt you. Don't you ever wanna hurt him back? Not even a little?"
— A young Sparga to Superman

Sparga was born by what can be considered pure luck and chance. After Frieza enslaved Planet Vegeta, a small group of rebel Saiyans fled to keep their pride intact shortly after Frieza took over, preferring the life of outlaws to that of slaves. On the other side of the galaxy, a group of Kryptonians decided to take a risk and escape in the event that Jor-El's prediction of Krypton's inevitable destruction came to pass, unsure of whether or not doing so is a wise decision. Upon doing so, it didn't take long for these now wandering groups to learn of their respective planet's fates after being destroyed. Eventually, these now orphaned tribes met each other on an encounter of pure luck. Their initial response was one of hostility, given their races' long blood feud. However, desperation was setting in and these two proud races were now facing extinction. So a compromise was made ; A child would be born between them.

Sparga was the child born of this agreement, born to the Saiyan warrior, Spincah and a Kryptonian soldier who felt no compassion toward raising a child, only that his strength as a soldier would serve the offspring well to take care of itself. So this soldier abandoned Spincah to raise the boy on her own. Despite their agreeing to allow the child to be conceived and born, the other Saiyan refugees in Spincah's group had little love of Sparga, considering him a useless and stupid half breed and often bullied the child for his dual heritage. This made Sparga's formative years very troubling and difficult.

By the time of Sparga's fifth birthday, their pack made its way to an alternate Earth where a legion of heroes known as the Justice League greeted them. Their leader, a Kryptonian named Kal-El, known to the world as the Superman, ensured the Saiyan warriors that they did not want to fight homeless refugees looking for sanctuary but the Saiyans took this display of hospitality as a sign of weakness. Deciding that it would be amusing to them to aid these so-called heroes against a threat they were to engage in, their foolish pride and headstrong mindset made them counter-intuitive to the battle, resulting in Spincah's death. Outraged, the Saiyans left Earth but not before leaving Sparga behind, deeming him a stupid and useless half breed, words that would haunt the young child for the rest of his life. Orphaned and without anyone to turn to, Sparga felt as alone as could be until Superman agreed to take the boy in and raise him as his own. Because of Sparga's natural fiery temper and disposition due to his Saiyan side, he had to be kept away from others on a regular basis or risk getting into trouble so he was allowed to live in the Fortress of Solitude. While there, Superman ensured that while Sparga grew and his powers developed under the light of Earth's yellow sun, he would also learn concepts of justice, honor, truth, and fair play and that fighting for them was the right thing to do.

As Sparga entered his teens, he was offered an opportunity to join another hero team, the Teen Titans. There his immense strength was of use to the team, and made him a valuable asset and powerhouse against threats they faced. He and fellow teammate Raven became close due to a mutual understanding of the difficulty to control their powers and duality of their heritage. In doing so, a budding romance formed ; Sparga found someone who understood him and he understood her. But these good times were not to last as eventually the Kryptonian villain General Zod learned of Sparga's existence and decided to threaten Sparga's loved ones to coerce him into aiding Zod in rebuilding a new Kryptonian empire on Earth. The act of Raven and his friends being harmed and then used as bargaining chips sparked something in Sparga, triggering a transformation out of legend as an incredible rage overtook him. Awakening into Super Saiyan, Sparga was able to overpower the more experienced General until help arrived. But in doing so, Sparga awoke into new feelings -- never before had he felt so much anger inside him and even after returning to a normal state, his body could no longer regulate his emotions and he became prone to outbursts of aggression. This escalating anger problem of Sparga's caused his relationship with Raven to fall apart and he be booted from the Titans. Angry and upset, Sparga fled the Earth in fear of the possibility that Superman would be disappointed in him.

Joining the Time Patrol[edit | edit source]

After fleeing Earth, Sparga wandered the universe aimlessly and drowned his rage out in battle after battle, hoping it would end his incessant anger but to no avail. It was then that he was transported to a new world, and in a flash of light he found himself face to face with a massive dragon that exploded in a flash of light and a young man with lavender hair and a sword who said he needed to test him before lunging at him. Naturally, Sparga defended himself and after a moment of combat, the man backed down and introduced himself as Trunks, and he explained why Sparga was here Trunks had made a wish on the dragon balls to bring him a strong ally that could help him protect Time from the threats it faced. With nowhere to go, Sparga reluctantly agreed and joined the Time Patrol.

Here, he met friends such as the Supreme Kai of Time, the Taino Force, and the saiyan Zuki as he battled against an ever-growing anomaly in major historic battles throughout time, defeating Raditz, Frieza, Cell, and even Majin Buu. Sparga's assistance proved invaluable to the Time Patrol and Zuki was ever-present, insisting on aiding him. Sparga was initially aggressive toward her, stating he didn't need her help but she persisted and eventually was allowed to join. It was obvious to everyone but Sparga that Zuki was attracted to him, but Sparga was too focused on his job, using it as a distraction so as not to stress too much about his past life. Zuki taught Sparga a lot about Saiyans and their culture, much of which he had never had an opportunity to learn about due to being abandoned by Saiyans at such a tender age.

Saiyan Saga[edit | edit source]

"Why would I team up with you? I'd get nothing out of it. I may as well strike a bargain with a salad. And besides... Hitting you is a lot more fun."
— Sparga to Vegeta when offered to join forces

Sparga's early exploits with the Time Patrol began with his investigation of mysterious case of ssrisng power levels against villains that resulted in altering history, starting with the Saiyan Raditz, who Sparga easily defeated. However, Sparga couldn't make himself known to those he was aiding, so before Piccolo could thank him, Sparga had vanished and returned to the Time Patrol to continue his investigation. He later went on to combat Vegeta and Nappa alongside the Z-Fighters, where Piccolo recognized him. Vegeta, recognizing Sparga as not only a Saiyan, bu a Kryptonian hybrid and offered to allow them to join forces ; Srga refused and aided the Z-Fighters against the Saiyan invasion.

Because of Sparga's gap in power over the warriors of this point in time, even as he held back immensely, it was clear the gap between himself and Vegeta was too great for the Saiyan Prince to overcome and even after transforming into a Great Ape, Sparga easily overpowered Vegeta. But before Krillin could kill Vegeta for his actions, Sparga stepped in and aided Goku in assuring Krillin that Vegeta was no longer a threat.

Namek Saga and Meeting Towa & Mira[edit | edit source]

After returning to the Time Nest, another distortion brought about by history's antagonists mysteriously becoming stronger lead Sparga to the events on Planet Namek where he encountered the Ginyu Force. Here, Captain Ginyu stole Sparga's body because of his immense and immeasurable strength. Were it not for the Z-Fighters and Vegeta's cunning and ingenuity, Ginyu would have triumphed. Thankfully, Sparga regained his body and Sparga made to return to the Time Nest, but not before meeting the culprits of the anomaly assigned to him. Towa & Mira revealed themselves to Sparga, bold and confident that despite his interruptions of their plans, he posed no threat to them and would be eliminated easily. Sparga and Mira engaged one another and the battle was evenly matched. Due to this stalemate, the villainous leaders of the Time Breakers retreated for the time being. But even despite their retreat, Sparga had a face to put to his target and now knew those responsible for these distortions in History. His goal lain out for him, Sparga was more determined to put these villains to a stop

Frieza Saga[edit | edit source]

"If it was up to me, you'd be brought down and face judgement for your crimes. But it's not up to me, and your defeat lies in the hands of another..."
— Sparga to Frieza

Sparga kept his participation in the battle against Frieza to a minimum due to the need for Goku to be the Super Saiyan to defeat Frieza. As a Super Saiyan himself, Sparga had to keep his involvement minimized or lest risk causing more change to the timelines. Frieza's increase in power thanks to Towa's contributions made Sparga's participation in the battle necessary for Goku to defeat Frieza, but once the newly awoken Super Saiyan began to gain the upper hand, Sparga returned to the Time Nest. Once having returned, Sparga pooled his knowledge with Trunks, the Supreme Kai of Time, and Zuki so they might understand who Towa & Mira are and what they're after. However, with so little information, they could do little to reach this stepping stone in their goal

Cell Saga[edit | edit source]

"Who I am doesn't matter right now. What matters is you're alright. We'll meet again one day, and when we do everything will make sense."
— Sparga alluding to Trunks' future after saving him

As with before, Sparga kept his involvement in the Cell Games to a minimum, aiding only when absolutely necessary. By now, the Z-Fighters were beginning to recognize Sparga's repeat appearances and were starting to question his identity and motives. But Sparga's main focal point of action during these events was in a timeline distortion where Towa & Mira had empowered and aided Cell in Trunks' alternate future timeline to help him reach his perfect form. It was here that Sparga's involvement was necessary because if Trunks were to die at that juncture, he would never have gone on to found the Time Patrol with the Supreme Kai of Time. Unlike other times, however, Sparga was stopped from slipping away unnoticed and the young Trunks asked Sparga who he was. Understanding that telling him could risk changing the future, Sparga kept his answer vague and told him they would meet again someday.

Shortly before returning to the Time Nest, Sparga was greeted by a pale man with a staff who praised Sparga for his exploits, stating that he had been watching him for some time. The man simply wanted to shake Sparga's hand, and despite Sparga's reluctance and harsh attitude toward the stranger, relented. However, unbeknownst to Sparga, this simple handshake left a mark on Sparga's palm and when he returned to the Time Nest, the Supreme Kai of Time immediately recognized it and drew it from Sparga's hand to cast it off where it detonated safely. Sparga was grateful for the Supreme Kai of Time's help and eased up his hostility toward her and Trunks. The Supreme Kai of Time then explained that the mark was the Majin emblem of an evil sorcerer she battled a long time ago. With this knowledge in mind, Sparga took note that he'd have to get to the bottom of that strange man's motivations the next time they met.

Buu Saga and Showdown with Mira[edit | edit source]

Much of Sparga's participation in the Buu saga was of a higher degree than his previous engagements in the battles across history with the Z-Fighters. His first mission was to stop Towa & Mira, cutting them off from interrupting Super Saiyan 3 Goku's match with Majin Buu. It was here that Sparga destroyed the bio-android Mira after a long and hard battle, prompting Towa to retreat. Sparga would have then chased after her were his presence not needed elsewhere. The pale stranger had made his move, casting a spell on Piccolo to turn him violent and feral, thus disrupting the Fusion Dance lesson. Sparga managed to subdue Piccolo and force the sorcerer back. It was here that the man made his identity known; Demon God Demigra.

The Supreme Kai of Time then explained that he was the same evil sorcerer she battled millions of years ago. But before Sparga could attack, Demigra fled while taunting. From there, Demigra began using his magic to empower Majin Buu throughout varying parts of the battle against him. Sparga's strength needed now more than ever, the Saiyan Kryptonian hybrid kept the monster at bay while making sure that the Z-Fighters acted out history proper. Sparga held off Super Buu while Goku and Vegeta fused into Vegito and beat back Kid Buu while Goku charged the Super Spirit Bomb needed to destroy the monster forever. After doing so, Sparga returned to the Time Nest to rest after a job well done.

Battle of Gods[edit | edit source]

"You're no Super Saiyan God... But even so, your power is impressive. It's like punching a stone wall that hits back. But remember, Mortal... The gap between us will always be insurmountable."
— Beerus complimenting Sparga

The events where Beerus the Destroyer made his presence known were a tense situation at the Time Nest. Many Kaioshin were riled up to know that the God of Destruction had awoken from his long slumber and the Supreme Kai of Time was no exception. With Demigra still on the loose, the Time Kaioshin sent Sparga to ensure that Demigra could not cause any disturbances that might earn the Hakaishin's ire and send him on a rampage. Sparga did his best to keep the Destroyer calm but Demigra naturally made a move, thinking he could use his magic to create an all-powerful servant and puppet in Beerus. Much to Demigra's surprise however, Beerus was not placed under the Demon God's control, nor did he find it amusing. Doing so caused Beerus to become furious and he was sent on a rampage. Sparga fought to make sure that Beerus would cause little to no harm but found himself overwhelmed after striking Beerus to the ground. There, Goku arrived onto the scene and acted out the ritual necessary to become the Super Saiyan God Beerus was searching for. But Beerus didn't now want just the Super Saiyan God; After being struck down with one blow even though it was a superficial injury that the Destroyer God simply shrugged off, Beerus found himself intrigued with Sparga's potential and requested his participation in the fight. While Sparga's power was as of yet nothing compared to that of Goku's as a Saiyan God, it was still noteworthy to the Destroyer and he found it entertaining that a mere mortal could become so strong on his own. But as is with the normal history, Beerus proved triumphant and overcame both Sparga and Goku.

After returning home, Sparga found himself greeted by grateful friends happy for his return. Surprised by their affection, Sparga's anxiety caused him to seize up and become nervous while his friends explained that they weren't expecting him to survive a fight against Beerus the Destroyer. This surprised Sparga, who had long since forgotten what it felt like to have a genuine home in the months that past after he fled his homeworld after his failures caused him to be cast out. For the first time in some time, Sparga was home.

Battle with Demigra[edit | edit source]

With Demigra still free and wreaking havoc across time, Sparga knew that he needed to put a stop to this villain. As he readied to begin the hunt, Beerus and his attendant Whis arrived on the Time Nest to inform the Supreme Kai of Time that he would be dealing with Demigra, and that the Time Patrol need not concern themselves with the ordeal. But Sparga couldn't accept that, not when he felt it was his responsibility to bring Demigra to justice for his crimes. Beerus at first considered destroying Sparga for an act he viewed as defiant but after some thought, decided to test Sparga. Allowing the Time Patroller some time to prepare, Beerus proposed a challenge; fight where the winner gets to destroy Demigra.

Despite the outcries and pleas of his friends and allies, Sparga accepted and engaged Beerus in battle once more. Unlike before, Sparga was not fighting alongside a godly Goku and was much further hard pressed against the full power of a God of Destruction. But after several minutes of fighting, Beerus relented and decided that if Sparga could survive so long against him attacking so fiercely, then his power would suffice in destroying Demigra. Confused, but satisfied with the results of the battle, Sparga accepted this outcome and readied to face Demigra.

Thankfully, it wouldn't take long for the inevitable battle to commence as Demigra attacked shortly after Beerus and Whis left Toki Toki City. Demigra razed the city, kidnapped the Toki Toki bird and used his magic to brainwash Trunks into becoming his feral servant. In order to free Trunks, Sparga had to render his friend unconscious and knocked him out with a heavy punch. Demigra retreated to the Time Nest where he planned to destroy everything. Sparga made to intervene but Demigra sent a spear shooting through his chest, killing him. But as Sparga slipped into oblivion, he heard Toki Toki's familiar caw just before awakening in an endless plain of white with the Scroll of Eternity at his feet. Unfurling the scroll to bare witness to the events it foretold, Sparga used the scroll to return to the very moment he would have been killed and prevented it from coming to pass where he then slipped through the crack in Time Demigra escaped through and met in one final showdown against the Demon God. With everything he had learned through his battles alongside the Time Patrol and the friends he made alongside the way, Sparga defeated Demigra easily and returned triumphant as the Hero of Time. With Toki Toki City under reconstruction, Sparga settled into life as a Time Patroller, even despite his reluctance to accept his newfound fame.

Time Patroller Adventures[edit | edit source]

As Sparga settled into his life as a Time Patroller, he began to work more with Zuki and the two fought against varying anomalies and disturbances. While not on a grander scale equal to that of Towa or Demigra's interference, varying split moment decisions occurred in certain events in Time and the Time Patrol had to step in to steer these back onto the right course. This included preventing Frieza from stopping Goku from transforming into a Super Saiyan and preventing Vegeta and Nappa from accompanying Raditz on his trip to Earth. Most of these assignments were extremely easy and required little effort but nonetheless needed attention.

However, behind the scenes, Towa was quietly rebuilding Mira and making him much stronger than before. After his reconstruction, Mira sought vengeance on Sparga and attacked Toki Toki City. Here, Zuki gave her life to protect Sparga's own. Mira, satisfied with taking something away that Sparga held dear, left him to mourn as he mocked his loss. Honoring Zuki, Sparga wiped the blood from her face with a cloth and soaked it red before fastening it around his left bicep so he could carry her with him as he aimed to avenge her. His anger renewed, Sparga sought out a way to take the fight to Towa & Mira once and for all.

Goku's Tenkaichi Budokai[edit | edit source]

Some time later, Sparga heard word of a martial arts tournament hosted by Son Goku himself, which he joined. The tournament roster consisted of varying individuals across alternate timelines including Bardock captured and brainwashed by Towa & Mira, a Super Namekian Nail, and other Saiyans from alternate histories like himself. Many powerful fighters took part in this tournament and despite his power and accomplishments, this Super Namekian Nail proved triumphant when they met in the ring. Having only had so many encounters where he lost, Sparga took this as an opportunity to learn and grow from. Nevertheless, his efforts in the match caught the eye of many other fighters and the Hero of Time was now known to a wider audience, the Saiyan of Steel making his debut to the public.

The knowledge of Mira standing alongside an enslaved Bardock during the tournament was a source of discontent for Sparga given that he could not engage without disrupting the tournament. The Supreme Kai of Time, who had accompanied Sparga to cheer him on, managed to calm Sparga down and convince him that it was time for them to return home.

Training with Goku[edit | edit source]

"You’re holding back wayyy to much... You can inflict more damage than this, but you’re afraid to. The good in you is telling you to hold back from carrying out your full potential, I can feel it in your movements. You’re holding out on me because you don’t want to cause any life threatening damage to me. But you’re not doing yourself any favors in the long run. How do you expect to achieve your fullest potential if you’re not allowing your body to give it, because your fear holds you back?"
— Goku to Sparga while training him

After returning home, Sparga was promptly sent out on an assignment where he met Towa & Mira and engaged them. As always, they fought to a standstill with Sparga holding a slight edge before retreating. The constant retreating wearing on his nerves, Sparga gave chase and tried to follow them but found his path blocked off by unknown forces. Left with no other option but to return home, Sparga was greeted by the Supreme Kai of Time bearing a surprise; White Star Dragon Balls. Using these rare orbs, they called upon a new Dragon, Seiya. Their wish was to be granted access to Towa & Mira's homeworld so they might bring the fight to them. However, this wish was beyond Seiya's power but he knew the means they sought. Several Time Breaker minions of exceptional value to Towa & Mira were in the possession of key fragments that when combined, could open the portal to Demon Realm. But before he left, Seiya offered Sparga a boon, advising him to seek out someone much stronger than him to train with. And having met with him so recently, only one person came to mind.

Approaching Goku with a request to train him, Sparga was then brought into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for the duration of several months, appearing gone only for a few hours. Here, Sparga's martial prowess heightened to greater levels and he learned such abilities as the Super Saiyan 2 transformation and the Kamehameha Wave. During their time together, the two grew close and bonded, Sparga confining in Goku that he reminds him of his adoptive father. This was the first time in a long time that Sparga had thought of home, and Goku took this as an opportunity to comfort his new student. The two resumed training for the next several months within the Time Chamber to help grow Sparga in his abilities and focus. Returning from the Time Chamber much much stronger, Sparga began his search for these key fragments.

Breaching Demon Realm[edit | edit source]

Sparga's search for the key fragments took some time as the Time Breaker Captains were elusive and crafty but gradually, the more Sparga and his comrades thwarted Towa & Mira's plans, the more it became necessary for them to reveal themselves. With each defeated one after the other, it became clear to Towa that she had to rely on more unconventional methods in order to prevent Sparga from acting out his goals and stopping them once more. So she sought out a rare dimensional prison to unleash a warrior whose strength was so immeasurable that it drove him insane with bloodlust, the Mad Dog Azrael. With this feral monster unleashed onto Toki Toki City, Sparga had no choice but to fight against Azrael. Focused exclusively on the prospect of fighting someone alleged to be in the same league as him, Azrael ignored everything else in his search for Sparga, and once located the two began a heated battle with Sparga throwing everything he had at Azrael to next to no effect, even at Super Saiyan 2. It was here that Azrael dealt Sparga a punishing defeat and destroyed his battle armor completely with a single blow. Disappointed, Azrael left to allow Sparga some time to become stronger so they might fight again at a later time and Sparga might then satisfy Azrael's hunger for battle.

After the battle was over and Azrael withdrew, Sparga awoke in the safety of his own home where he found his armor shattered. Left with no other options, Sparga sought out aid and called upon the Dragon Seiya once again. Here, the White Dragon more personally aided Sparga in growing in strength, unlocking his hidden potential and teaching him the Azure Dragon Fist technique. His dormant abilities now fully realized, Sparga's true potential abilities began to show themselves, expressing his true limitless potential as one of the strongest warriors. Thanking Seiya for this gift, Sparga readied himself to retaliate against Azrael, Towa & Mira.

With his newfound heights of power, Sparga easily obtained the final key fragment and he and Trunks readied to break through the barrier and attack Towa & Mira at their home. Their first encounter was with Azrael, who Trunks refused to allow Sparga to fight, not wanting to risk him hurting Sparga again. Despite the gap in power between the two, Trunks was able to outwit Azrael and send him back to his dimensional prison, allowing Sparga to continue on and face off with Mira one last time.

Storming the hordes of Demon Realm, Sparga easily overcame the lesser minions and breached the keep of the Demon King's Palace where Towa & Mira resided. Here, he defeated them easily and held nothing back with his new power and potential unleashed as Ultimate/Mystic Sparga

Warrior's Pilgrimage[edit | edit source]

After defeating Towa & Mira, Sparga was left confused as to what to do next. While everyone was celebrating throughout Toki Toki City, Sparga himself felt lost and without purpose so he withdrew from the crowd. The Supreme Kai of Time found him and offered him some company and advice, suggesting that he make his own destiny and that the Time Patrol could ask no more of him after he had done so much. After some time to think, Sparga decided to go on a journey to seek out strong opponents to test himself and find a new purpose. And so Sparga left the Time Patrol for a period.

Time Tears and Krypton[edit | edit source]

Early into his pilgrimage, Sparga encountered a random rip in the space time continuum. Having spent so much time as a Time Patroller, Sparga went through without hesitation to make sure any potential dangers were contained and that nothing might break out. Here he found himself on Planet Krypton just days before its death and destruction. Here, he met Jor-El, father of Kal-El, his adoptive grandfather. While many Kryptonians thought Sparga an invader and dangerous, Jor-El saw little point in registering Sparga as a threat and instead wanted him to help Krypton. But sadly, there was little Sparga could do at this point in time and all he could offer in suggestion was to send Kal-El somewhere safe, thus setting in motion the events which would lead to Superman's arrival to Earth. Before Krypton could explode, another time tear presented itself to Sparga and he entered it, narrowly escaping Krypton's destruction and returning to his normal time.

Training with Zankai[edit | edit source]

While on his journey, Sparga was offered a rare chance to train with the Magi King, Zankai [5]. While on Planet Magi, Sparga learned various martial techniques that honed his fighting prowess. While his power had attained little growth here, his skill and technique was honed and focused greatly, making his abilities much more potent. Thankful for Zankai's teachings, Sparga resume his journey.

Returning to the Time Patrol[edit | edit source]

After travelling for two years, Sparga returned to Toki Toki City, now expanded and renamed Conton City. With his exploits now having achieved major notoriety, Sparga's return was heralded as a hero's welcome, much to his frustration. Anxious to be back out of the spotlight, Sparga was quick to return to active duty on the Time Patrol. His first mission? Prevent some lingering Time Breaker loyalists from using the dragon balls to revive Towa & Mira. Despite his earnest efforts and overwhelming strength, Sparga found himself outnumbered and failed to prevent this resurrection. With his most dangerous foes back in action, Sparga once more had to combat against the fierce and manipulative terror of Towa & Mira.

Ambrosia Witch Coven Arc[edit | edit source]

Trunks, deciding he needed some assistance sorting the Scrolls of Eternity, decided to hire an aid and found an applicant who met his criteria in the form of one Punica Granatum, a witch in need of a job. At first, Sparga wasn't too interested in getting to know her as he usually does. But during her training, Trunks found himself reliving painful traumatic memories of his time surviving the Androids' terror on humanity. Forced to take his leave to recuperate, he left Sparga alone with Punica, which lead to him giving her a tour of Conton City. The two made their way into a reluctant friendship but not long after Punica's arrival into the city, strange occurrences began to happen.

Forced to have to defend Conton more regularly, Sparga had little time to go out on Patrol as his attention was needed to ward off threats of varying degrees. What little free time he had, he would often find spending with Punica because everyone else would be too busy investigating these strange events. Old enemies making their way back into Sparga's life, he found himself surrounded by danger and the stress of which began mounting.

Sparga quickly grew fond of Punica despite her oddities as a genuine Witch and found himself more and more curious about her, eventually leading to a romantic attraction. But because he felt that she didn't feel the same way, he chose not to say anything. Coupled with the fact that his duties as an Ace Patroller often required his full attention, Sparga felt like he wouldn't have time to pursue a relationship.

In addition an unfamiliar face claiming to be from a world Sparga had long since left behind came in search of him to bring him home, which made nothing easier. Atalanta of Themyscira, having found her way across Space and Time in search of him, showed a brash hard-headed adamant nature as she insisted on dragging Sparga home to his adoptive father and the Teen Titans. Sparga refused, engrossed in his duties and responsibilities with the Time Patrol, while Atalanta refused to leave without him. Naturally, this lead to a clashing between the two warriors and the two became fiercely bitter rivals.

But as more and more enemies began making their way into the city and with the recent revelation of Scrolls of Eternity being stolen right under their nose, Sparga found himself more and more stressed and angered. Unable to focus on his duties due to stress, he confided in Punica how he felt the pressure of his responsibilities and the failures he blamed himself for over his inability to protect his friends from the recent attacks to Conton City. Punica comforted him and the two finally confessed their feelings for one another and began a relationship. Not long after, Punica suggested they take a trip to the Demon Realm to rescue the tortured souls stolen in the recent raids against the Time Patrol. Together with her and Trunks, Sparga successfully saved the stolen souls and allowed them to pass on to Other World safely. But unbeknownst to all of them, a Demon had settled into Punica's body and began trying to consume her soul.

In the weeks to come, Punica's behavior became more sensual, intense, and she became highly suggestive with Sparga. The change came at such an alarming that when the demon tried to fully consume Punica's soul, Sparga was forced to seek out Punica's estranged sister, Prua, who had come to Conton City to find her sister. Punica, who was angry for her sister abandoning her as a child, found herself even less able to competently fight off the demon now known to be named Lenmon. But Prua was able to successfully aid Sparga in helping subdue Lenmon and wresting control back to Punica. Unfortunately, due to how deep Lenmon had rooted into Punica's soul, no method of extraction existed without killing Punica herself.

For some time, things seemed like peace might finally return. But as if the well-wishing had jinxed their fortunes, Sparga and the Time Patrol found themselves under assault by the Ambrosia Witch Coven, who revealed they were the group responsible for the recent raids on Conton, and that Punica was not only counted among their ranks, but that she was the one stealing Scrolls of Eternity from out under their noses. Sparga, heartbroken and betrayed, rushed off to fight against these new enemies. He found a challenger in the form of Ananasa - The Brute Witch whose soul had been consumed by parasites that turned her body into a living weapon. Left with no other option, Sparga was forced to kill Ananasa in order to not only protect his friends, but save her soul. Guilt-ridden and depressed over the compromise of his morals, Sparga secluded himself from others while Punica was arrested and taken into custody for questioning.

Punica's guilt lead to an admittance to everything and explained that a cursed bound her to the Coven, and betrayal meant death. Punica's sister Prua defended her but it became clear to Trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time that Punica was just as much a victim in all of this as they were. Shortly after, the coven leader Salaza used the magic of the stolen scrolls to unleash countless villains from different Time Lines onto Conton City. The Supreme Kai of Time, left with no other options, frees Punica who rushes to Sparga to apologize to him for her actions and confess that she genuinely loves him and never meant for anyone to be hurt. Sparga initially refused to act because he didn't want to hurt anyone, but Punica reminded him of the bandanna he wears on his arm and how if he doesn't save his friends, then the bandanna would only get heavier on his conscience. With that reminder, Sparga returned to the battlefield to help the Time Patrollers ward off the threat of the villainous raid and return them to their proper timelines.

Determined to put the Ambrosia Witch Coven's evil to an end, Sparga set out with Trunks and Atalanta to cross the River Styx where the Coven made their home. Punica and Prua follow in secret and protect Sparga from the powerful magic he was vulnerable to. With Sparga's help, Punica was able to defeat Salaza and break the curse binding her to the coven. With Salaza destroyed, they retrieved the stolen Time Scrolls and returned home. With Punica standing trial for her crimes, she was thus sentenced to be put under Sparga's custody with chance for parole.

Injustice[edit | edit source]

However, shortly after the two began to actually move forward together, Punica and her sister vanished without a trace and Sparga began a desperate pursuit to locate the woman he loved. Driven near to insanity to find any sign of hope, Sparga was emotionally broken and devastated by this loss. However, in the months that followed his search, Sparga was inexplicably and suddenly pulled home to his original universe. Here he came face to face with the ghosts of his past and found himself reunited with his adoptive father - Superman. But what should have been a joyous occasion quickly turned sour as Sparga was confronted with the harsh reality that his old home was no longer the same. In the years since his departure, Superman had become a fascist and tyrannical dictator who controls the Earth with an iron fist. Gradually growing more and more disheartened by what he saw, Superman sensed this and reunited Sparga with his former lover, Raven.

Much to Sparga’s dismay, however, Raven had joined Superman in his One Earth Regime and had succumbed to Trigon’s influence to embrace her demonic heritage. Frightened and shocked by this revelation, Sparga sought out counsel with the one man he hoped could make sense of everything, only to find out that Dick Grayson was now dead. Further disheartened and unsure of what to do, Sparga sought out Dick’s grave where he came to the resolution that the world he once called home had changed - and not for the better. Determined to make things right and blaming himself for what had happened, Sparga encountered Batman, who then brought him to an underground safehouse where the Dark Knight motivated him to stand for the ideals his father once preached and fought for. Arming Sparga with a new uniform to equip him as the Superman for a new generation, the two set off for Metropolis to end Kal-El’s reign.

Beginning an intense battle, Sparga and his adoptive father clashed both physically and ideologically over the meaning of the “Superman”. Enduring one of the most savage beatings of his life by the man he once admired and called father, Sparga pushed his limits to emerge victorious, but not without cost. In his defeat, Superman’s rage only grew with his imprisonment. Disgusted by how far the man who raised him had fallen, Sparga excused himself where he met with a surprising encounter with the Supreme Kai of Time. Sensing Sparga’s disillusionment and heartache, she did her best to remind him of all the good he’s done and that he will do even greater acts of heroism now that he has risen up to take his father’s place as The Superman. Giving careful and deep consideration to her words, Sparga gradually came to accept her logic, as well as her gift to him in the form of a special Time Ring designed to always lead him home to the Time Nest. Together, the two returned home where Sparga might  finish his fight against Towa and Mira, represent the Hope only a hero might bring.

Eventually coming to the realization that Punica might be happier after finally gaining her freedom for the first time in her life, Sparga relented in searching for her and would work to spend the rest of his life trying to restore the damaged honor to his family's name which Kal-El had stained in his grief-fueled iron-fisted reign, and remind people that Superman isn't just the name of a tyrant and murderer, but a symbol that should and will always stand for justice and hope no matter who wore the mantle.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Kal-El[edit | edit source]

Sparga has a deep love for his adoptive father, who taught him many of the beliefs he now has today. Much of who Sparga is now was defined by his relationship with the Man of Steel, who had yet to fall into a darker path. Because of his upbringing under the previous Superman, Sparga refuses to kill for any reason if he can help it and spending much of his youth in the Fortress of Solitude as a result of Superman's decision to isolate Sparga in an environment where he can freely release his powers ended in the reason why Sparga enjoys the snow and cold so much. In addition to this, Sparga seeks to follow in his adoptive father's footsteps as a protector of the innocent and paragon of truth and justice.

But following Kal-El's descent into evil and ruling over the Earth as a fascist tyrant, Sparga now becomes mournful at the thought of the man who raised him and horrified at the idea of what his home had become due to Kal-El's decisions. Even after defeating his adoptive father, Sparga still feels as though he has not made peace with the full-blooded Kryptonian. Due to the tyrannical iron fist that Kal-El held over the earth, Sparga recognized the name Superman became a symbol of tyranny and oppression to many people. Because of this, Sparga carries the mantle of Superman now to ensure that the meaning of Superman is no longer a symbol of fear and he desires to bring redemption to the concept of Superman.

Trunks[edit | edit source]

Trunks is currently Sparga's best friend and the man who recruited him into the Time Patrol. The two are very close, and spend time training together frequently to improve their abilities when the opportunity to do so presents itself. Trunks is often very protective of Sparga, resulting in the two bickering on whether or not Sparga should bring assistance in battle against evil. The two regularly butt heads over mundane things such as day-to-day office tasks and who will be the one to suffer Supreme Kai of Time's cooking. Trunks is one of the few people Sparga will listen to in regards to being given orders, albeit begrudgingly.

Sparga worries greatly over Trunks' PTSD regarding the Androids he lived in fear of, and will frequently put all other matters aside in the event that Trunks is triggered. The two are both equally terrified of Supreme Kai of Time for her unique brand of insanity which frequently results in the two of them being terrorized by her antics, and will regularly throw one another to the proverbial wolves in order to ensure their own safety. They have an unspoken rule that spreads to the rest of Conton City to never speak of one incident involving Supreme Kai of Time infamously known as "T-Rex Day."

Supreme Kai of Time[edit | edit source]

Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time, cares very deeply for Sparga in ways that extend beyond simple friendship. She is extremely protective of and mothering to him, wanting him to make the best decisions for himself and feel like he is being true to his own self. Sparga reciprocates this in his own way, and often takes whatever she says to heart in regards to matters of his role as a protector of the innocent. The two are extremely close and what time Sparga does spend with her is usually very appreciated and meaningful to the two.

Despite this, Sparga is also nervous and very frightened of Chronoa for her strange outbursts and short temper. When afraid, he will often leave the area as quickly as possible, typically by running through a wall in a comedic fashion or by offering Trunks as live bait.

Son Goku[edit | edit source]

After training under Goku as a student, Sparga has a great deal of respect and admiration for Goku, even long after surpassing him in skill and power, even going as far as remodeling his entire fighting style to be reminiscent of Goku's own approach to combat. Because of his tutelage under Goku, Sparga realized a number of his own shortcomings as a martial artist and warrior and takes the lessons he learned very close to heart.

Sparga is very defensive in regards to Goku's honor, and anyone who might besmirch Goku's honor will quickly find themselves experiencing Sparga's anger. He has a strong dislike of people who look similar to Goku but act under the banner of evil, such as Turles or Goku Black. The idea of someone taking Goku's face and misusing it for villainous actions greatly upsetting him, Sparga will fight defiantly to defend his teacher's honor and ensure that the lessons he learned under Goku's care will not be stained by negative perceptions brought about because of a villain's misusage of the similar visage to a man he greatly respects.

Powers[edit | edit source]

"“Since when did he get this strong!? Back then, his power was nowhere even near this level. He’s only in a state of Super Saiyan, yet I can already feel that he has the upper hand in speed, and now his power is out ranking that of a Super Saiyan God!?""
— Goku while fighting Sparga

As a hybrid between Saiyans and Kryptonians, Sparga's potential is difficult to determine as he regularly trades blows with some of the most powerful of beings. While in Super Saiyan 1, he was able to outmatch even a Super Saiyan 4 Goku and has even defeated powerful foes such as Goku Black, Demon God Demigra, and Omega Shenron without even transforming into a Super Saiyan.

Because of his Kryptonian physiology, Sparga's physical strength is unrivaled, finding peers and equals in the likes of Gods and Legends. His ability to absorb ultraviolet solar radiation constantly ensures that his power is ever-growing and that his abilities must always be honed and focused lest he risk losing control of his own strength. Unlike many other Saiyans, Sparga's tail is not a key weakness in most cases as his body is made so strong by the absorbed solar energy that his tail is not vulnerable to attack and restriction as is the case with most Saiyans who have not trained their tails. Because of his constant training and disciplined adherence to martial codes, Sparga is frequently training and meditating to hone his abilities even further. His raw physical strength has enabled him to achieve feats such as generating massive 9.0 earthquakes with his attacks, causing planet wide damage from the impact of his fists colliding with Goku's own at their peak levels of output and he can effortlessly lift large landscapes and can single-handedly force entire maps to be redrawn. Due to his ability to overcome even Goku Black, Sparga's potential exceeds even that of Super Saiyan God forms all while retaining his base form.

Sparga's movement speed is also top class, having easily achieved incredible feats of speed and velocity. While restricted under a planetary atmosphere, Sparga in his base form can easily achieve speeds of Mach 8000, which is just under 6,200,000 mph. Outside of the vacuum of space, Sparga can achieve light speed and beyond. Under normal circumstances, Sparga can achieve these flight speeds without the use of ki like normal Saiyans do by telekinetically altering his personal mono-directional gravitational push, achieving flight and levitation. Sparga can achieve hyper short but powerful bursts of increased speed by using his ki to propel himself, allowing him to force himself into just under light speed to achieve actions such as the Infinite Mass Punch.

Much of this is attributed to Sparga's potential being unleashed [6] by the White Dragon, Seiya. While similar to the enhancement granted to Gohan by the Old Kai, Sparga's Potential Unleashing ritual differs in some regards, in that it is a full unleashing of restrained power instilled by a combination of personal mental inhibitions such as restraining his power out of fear of harming others too greatly. In doing so, Sparga's raw strength reached incredible heights where he now is possessed of the ability to match most foes without even the need to transform into a Super Saiyan. On the rare occasions where he deems it necessary or if pressed, Sparga can further enhance his abilities by transforming into a Super Saiyan, or Super Saiyan 2. After transforming into a Super Saiyan state, Sparga's strength, speed and power skyrocket to exponential outputs that easily allow him to outclass most foes.

Despite his strength, Sparga is of the mind he has yet to achieve his full potential and seeks to reach even greater heights and find his limit.

While his strength is impressive, it is not all consuming as he has been beaten before ; Such as when he lost to Azrael the Mad Dog who effortlessly overpowered him and destroyed his original Saiyan armor suit or when he lost to Nail shortly after joining the Time Patrol during a martial arts tournament which gathered warriors from different timelines, as well as regularly being knocked out by Goku during their training together in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Despite these losses, Sparga continues to seek improvement and views them as lessons to look back on and overcome.

In addition to his monstrous strength, Sparga's senses are of an extremely high caliber. Typical of Kryptonians and Kryptonian half breeds, Sparga has super sight and hearing that can be so finely focused within several hundred miles that he can even hear the atoms of water vapors in the air scraping against each other to form clouds and see clearly from one end of the city to another. His senses are so fine and attentive that it enables Sparga to easily predict an opponents movements effortlessly, almost as if his movements were driven by precognitive predictions, giving him a presence of being difficult to touch - as if his adversaries were too slow. He also possesses X-Ray Vision that can see through anything except lead and a sense of smell on par with bears and Heat Vision that reaches temperatures on equal levels as lightning bolts.

While his strengths are many, Sparga does have some key weaknesses, such as a lack of resistance to magic and the fabled Kryptonite which brings Kryptonians to their knees. Sparga also finds himself weakened under the ultraviolet light of a red sun, which gradually and slowly causes a decrease in his strength. Sparga can also deplete his reserves of solar energy throughout the course of a battle but because he spends so much time absorbing so much and is passively constantly doing so, this can be difficult to do.

Abilities[edit | edit source]


Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The concept of Sparga's heritage as a Saiyan Kryptonian hybrid was inspired due to the many similarities between Goku and Superman of DC Comics. Having met both of these characters in his life, Sparga naturally would become close to them, both becoming father figures to him as he develops through the stages of his life.
  • Much of Sparga's design is inspired by the concept of Raditz had he had more of a resemblance to his father and brother. This idea is referenced several times when he is mistaken for Raditz or the son of Raditz by others even though he has no actual blood relationship to Sparga.
  • Sparga's name is a pun on "asparagus".
  • Sparga's hobbies include watching movies, including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Kung Fu Werewolves as some of his favorites. Despite its poor acting, special effects, and directing, Sparga considers Kung Fu Werewolves a classic with a brilliance that others just can't understand despite his friends and family constantly explaining to him why it is a bad movie.
  • Sparga's favorite foods are typically of sweet and/or spicy flavors.
  • Despite losing early into the tournament, Sparga's skill and prowess earned him a lot of recognition and respect by other more experienced warriors in the Martial Arts Tournament that Goku held between himself and his friends
  • Sparga wearing a red bandanna to honor people who had been injured or killed is similar to Bardock, who wears a red bandanna soaked in the blood of his fallen teammates to honor their deaths.
  • Sparga's favorite season is winter, as it reminds him of his youth living in the Arctic and in the Fortress of Solitude
  • Sparga is left-handed
  • Sparga has both coulrophobia, the fear of clowns, and arachnophobia, the fear of spiders

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