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Featured in Insatiable

Lights of Zalama

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Pronunciation soh-vam
Adjective Sovami
Parent star type G-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 285.1 d
Satellites 0
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 5394.7 km
Polar radius 5376.7 km
Surface area 95.2% land
4.8% water
Mass 2.99349×1025 kg
5.01 M
Equatorial surface gravity 68.649 m/s2
7.0 g
Axial tilt 32.6°
Surface temperature
Minimum -47.7°
Mean 30.3°
Maximum 64.2°
Composition 76.47% nitrogen (N2)
22.82% oxygen (O2)
0.41% argon
0.27% carbon dioxide (CO2)
0.02% helium
0.01% trace elements
Sentient Species The Keeper (Universe 1)/The Keeper (Universe 12)
Sentient species 1 population 1
Number of major cities 1
Technology level Tier 1

Sovam is a free world. It is located in Universe 1 and Universe 12. Zalama placed half of his divine artifact, known as the Heart of the Dragon, on each universe's version of this world.


Universe 1[]

In the distant past, Zalama placed one half of the Heart of the Dragon on this planet. It was guarded by an Agent of Destruction known as the Keeper. Anyone who came to Sovam to acquire the Heart of the Dragon would have to fight the Keeper to the death for it. In Insatiable, the Majin Marauders came to this planet in search of the artifact. They fought the Keeper in a vicious battle that claimed the lives of half of their team. Only when Majin Sesami snuck up on the Keeper from behind and absorbed her did the battle come to an end. Afterwards, Sesami took the Heart of the Dragon for herself, and the four remaining Majins left the world, never to return.

Universe 12[]

In the distant past, Zalama placed one half of the Heart of the Dragon on this planet. It was guarded by an Agent of Destruction known as the Keeper. Anyone who came to Sovam to acquire the Heart of the Dragon would have to fight the Keeper to the death for it. The artifact remains on Sovam to this day.

In Before Age 421,067, eight convicts, provided to the Keeper by Dr. Kommon, arrived on Sovam two days early. They were able to steal the Heart of the Dragon as a result, but a few minutes later, the Keeper engaged them in battle and killed all but one, who committed suicide by swallowing the artifact without possessing god ki first. Afterwards, the custodian repaired the spire. Seven months later, Lord Geene returned to Sovam to train the Keeper to properly use Energy of Destruction.

Notable facts[]

  • Sovam is a very hot, arid world. Most of it is covered in sandy deserts, though there are a few lakes and some ice near the poles. Only small insect-like animals and fish are native to Sovam.
  • The only structure on the entire planet is the Keeper's tower.
  • The Keeper's tower is based on the map Epitaph from Halo 3. The two towers look very similar on the outside, though the structure of the inside of the Keeper's tower is far different than Epitaph's.
  • The Custodian is the flying robotic companion of the Keeper. Both universes have one. Its main function is to repair any damages to the tower that occur during battles between the Keeper and any challengers. It can rebuild the entire tower, if need be, in about 17 hours.
  • The Heart of the Dragon is known to some residents of Universes 1 and 12, so challengers visit the planets occasionally. Roughly one challenge per one hundred years is the average.


  • Sovam's population:
    • At height: 1.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Sovam is still around.

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