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Soul of the Machine is a fan-fic written for Dragon Ball: Legacies. It is a story about Android 16…well, just being…16.


There was nothing I loved more than nature and her miraculous beauty. The forest of endless giant trees that stretched for thousands of miles was the emerald of the Planet Earth. I loved to just look out of a window and stare at them forever, absorbing the miracle of Nature. Indeed, it was amazing.

But a sacred thing these beautiful forests housed were little gems of life. Little and gentle souls that either scurry on the brown soil or soar in the crystal sky. The little animals of the forest were treasures that I loved so dearly. I have always had a desire to protect them against all harm; hunters, fires, weather, anything. I would rather protect than kill, but unfortunately for me, to kill was the reason why I existed.

I was made to cause terror and destruction, even though I hated hurting others. I was functioning to get revenge on a person who had done me no harm. I was alive to kill, though I would rather die than kill an innocent person.

I existed only to kill someone I didn’t even know.

Alive for revenge[]

I was created from complete scratch, and I was built by a man named Dr. Gero. Gero was previously a scientist who worked for an army called The Red Ribbon Army, a force of evil that wanted to cause terror and pain. However, they were brought down in a single day by a little boy named Son Goku.

Son Goku was the person I was created to kill.

One way or another, Gero had survived the fall of the army and plotted revenge against Goku. He had sent out little bug robots to spy on Goku for a long number of years, scraping any data it could get and adding it to mine, so that I would not fail my one purpose. I know just about everything there is to know about Son; His address, history, race, family, likes, dislikes, even his favorite food…his many favorite foods…

As much as I loved life, I knew I had to kill Goku, for it was my master’s wishes. It is the only reason why I existed; if I did not do it, I would have no other purpose than to be a machine. However, should I actually kill Son, I would never harm a single piece of life ever again. I wanted to help humans, not hurt them. However, my purpose did not support that idea.

Mind of revenge[]