Manga name Souen
Alternate names Sousen
Debut Dragon Ball AF
Race Human/Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth December 7, 796
Address 439 East District
Affiliations Valese (Mother)
Goku (Paternal Grandfather)
Chi-Chi (Paternal Grandmother)
Raditz (Granduncle)
Jamie (Granduncle)
Gohan (Uncle)
Raditz Jr. (Twin Brother)
Bardock (Paternal Great-Grandfather)
Ox-King (Maternal Great-Grandfather)
Gine (Paternal Great-Grandmother)
Kuriimu (Maternal Great-Grandmother
Amin (Cousin)
Iron (Cousin)
Pan (Cousin)
Xicor (Genetic half-uncle)

Souen (そうえん, Souen) is daughter of Valese and half-Saiyan Goten. She is recurring like Iron and Raditz Jr..

Appearance Edit

As a 4 year old, Souen wears an orange/red short sleeved jacket over a blue undershirt, orange/red pants, and blue boots, while as a 14 year old she wears a same clothes save for white socks and blue flats. Her hairstyle is like her mother's, but has black hair like Goten, and black eyes.

Personality Edit

Souen is much mature for her age, kind-hearted and considerate of others. She is not as naive as her mother and twin brother, but as some level of naivety.

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