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Sorcerer Saiyan (ソーサラーサイヤ(じん) Sōsarā Saiya-jin) is an unique Saiyan transformation first achieved by Vegeta. It is the revamp version of Marinna. It is the result of Saiyan undergoing specialised magical arts training provided by the combined Saiyan grimoire of Universe 7 and Universe 6.


The form is achieved when a Saiyan enters the Saiyan's Dimension of Mysticism by reading the Grimoire created by merging the Universe 6 and Universe 7 Saiyan Grimoire. In a similar fashion to the Earthling realm - Saiyans are required to accept the person they as well as he unblock any parts of themselves they've attempted to block out. A mind in turmoil will never be able to adapt for the power necessary. The energy in the realm will begin to circle around the Saiyan with them being prompted to transform into the most powerful they have as a Saiyan. After doing so - they'll evolve into an unique form that will turn their hair became to the power of their most powerful form not only becoming a part of this form, but exponentially magnified.


The Saiyan that achieves this form gain a soft cyan & very soft blue aura with their eyes turning solid pure teal with no pupils. Their hair becomes wilder and/or longer while their facial expression is seemingly relaxed as if they were in their base form while their muscle mass is slightly increased and any wounds they've sustained as well as damage to their clothing is healed and undone. The aura of the trails around the user with it accompanied by ghost-like dark medium purple orbs occasionally circles around the Saiyan's body. In addition of his facial expression remaining relaxed a black shadow trim around the eyes and over the eyelids dark lines form (similar to the Babidi's Manipulation sorcery ability.

Power and Usage[]

The power of the Saiyan in this form is the result of their most powerful being not only made part of this form but being significantly magnified. Initially the Saiyan can only maintain the form for 3 hours, however, through specialised training as well as meditation their able to extend their usage of the form.

Variations and Higher Levels[]

  • Super Sorcerer Saiyan - The result of going Super Saiyan while in Sorcerer Saiyan
  • Magic Mega Instinct - The result of entering the Power of Destruction form while in Sorcerer Saiyan.
  • Magic Ultra Instinct - The result of entering Perfected Ultra Instinct form while in Sorcerer Saiyan.
  • Powerhouse: The Power Stressed variant used by Goku and Vegeta.
    • Sorcerer Saiyan Unfocused - The result of empowering Sorcerer Saiyan through an increase of power while focusing on physical might rather mental might.
    • Sorcerer Saiyan Refocused - The result of increasing muscle mass while refocusing on Mental might while also focusing on physical might.
  • Sorcerer Saiyan Refined - As a result of training to improve the power and duration of Sorcerer Saiyan. The user can take on the Sorcerer Saiyan Refined state which grant the user 12 hours to use the form. The power of the form is stated to be 12 times stronger than Sorcerer Saiyan. This is the second Sorcerer Saiyan transformation.
  • Sorcerer Saiyan Unlimited - As a result of completing the "Doors of the Mind training" - the user is able to evolve the Sorcerer Saiyan further into Sorcerer Saiyan Unlimited which enables them to utilise their power limitless will still being able to enter and re-enter it at will. This is the third Sorcerer Saiyan transformation.


  • Unlike Marinna prior to revamp - this form doesn't differ in appearance base don the heart of the Saiyan.
  • As a result of achieving this form - Vegeta becomes the Original Sorcerer Saiyan.