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ソラノス, Soranosu
Detailed Information:
Appearances: KidVegeta's Theogony: From Silence to the Greater Kais
Gender: Male
God of: Anger
Preferred Plane: Mytos
Percentage of Universe's Energy Owned: 4%
Rank in the 12 Divines: 5th
Personal Pronouns: 我 (われ)
Rank: Original Divine
Family: Vestia (daughter)
Borellos (son)
Ouralia (daughter)
Cephia (daughter)
Zeruos (son)

Soranos was one of the original Twelve Divines. Mostly known as the god of rage and vengeance, Soranos epitomized punishment through murder. As such, his form is a furry beast with a skull as a head. He also carries two butcher knives.


Soranos was the seventhborn of the Twelve Divines. He lived peacefully in Mytos until Icaeus created the Keishin, spurring the Shima-Keishin war. He then descended into Helcio and influenced the two species with his hateful and emotional ways. He, along with Pythe and Haseidene, stopped the Shima's part of the rebellion before Dapherion banished them. After their rebellion was quelled, Soranos returned to Mytos and mated with his sisters. His sons and daughters continued his legacy in the other planes of existence.


  • The hot-headed
  • Who will never break
  • Whose loyalty is unquestioned
  • The master of rage
  • Who speaks vengeance with every breath

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