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 ソメン, Somen
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Across the Universe



Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Species: Yardrat
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Planet Yardrat
Birthdate: November 12, Age 765
Birth Power Level: 140
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 114.2 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Black
Organizations: Starchasers
Family: Soba (father)

Somen (ソメン, Somen) is a Yardrat and the son of Soba. He makes a brief appearance in the epilogue of Across the Universe. He is the protagonist of Leap, and is featured as a major character in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon.

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Softpetal[edit | edit source]

At the start of this story, in Age 777, Somen and two upperclassmen, Harusame and Hiyamugi, went to Lipanto to steal serrokin. This was Somen's first trip to the planet. The night they left, Somen snuck out of his house and was careful not to wake his father. On the edge of town, they used Instant Transmission (Somen held onto Hiyamugi's arm, since he didn't know where Lipanto was) to make the jump.

The three ended up in a street in Lipanto that was bustling with merchants and buyers haggling over wares. Somen was struck by how many of them there were. Harusame asked Hiyamugi to go get them some tamon while he instructed Somen on what to do. Somen asked him how competent the guards were. The upperclassman told him not to worry, for he could always use Instant Transmission to get away from them. Somen made sure to locate Yardrat in his mind before starting his mission, which would allow him to quickly make the jump.

Afterwards, Harusame told him that a Namekian and his son stashed serrokin in some of their ajisa plants - every fifth one from the left - three blocks south of the Yardrats' location. Somen was tasked with stealing one of those plants, though he was free to steal anything else he wanted to.

The two departed from one another, with Somen making his way to the Namekians. When he arrived at their stand, he found them dealing with a horde of customers. It was very easy for him to swipe an ajisa plant without being spotted. He melted back into the crowd after taking one. Somen teleported over to a Jolean merchant. The man was startled by Somen's appearance and berated him for visiting the planet, as Yardrats were not members of the Planet Trade Organization. Somen asked him how much one of his abevho peppers cost, but the man refused to answer, instead calling for security. When nobody came, Somen grew confident. He swiped one of the peppers and teleported back home.

He found Hiyamugi and Harusame on the outskirts of their town in an abandoned mill. Harusame was looking over a golden necklace while Hiyamugi ate some dried meat. He gave them the ajisa plant and then asked them what an abevho pepper was. They didn't know and they didn't care, for they just wanted to get high. Somen didn't immediately join them, for he wanted to try the pepper. Yet, when he bit into it, he tasted the spiciest thing he had ever tasted.

In the second scene, the Yardrats continued to sneak off to Lipanto in the dead of night, stealing ajisa plants and other things every few days. Somen got addicted to serrokin in that time. On one particular trip, it was Harusame's turn to get the serrokin. The other two watched from an alleyway. When Harusame stole a flower, a Planet Trade Organization guard came out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground. He began beating Harusame. Hiyamugi ran over to stop the guard, but it was no use. Somen fled in terror, teleporting back home, knowing that his schoolmates were as good as dead.

When he reached his homeworld, he realized that someone had grabbed onto his ankle. It was the younger Namekian. He told Somen that his father had asked the guards to kill any Yardrats who stole ajisa from them in the future, as the boys had been taking a lot of serrokin from their stall. Somen didn't care. The Namekian punched him with an elastic fist. He hit him several more times. Somen eventually caught one of the boy's fists and then instantly teleported back to Lipanto. He left Rikyu in a remote part of the planet before teleporting back home, not caring if the boy lived or died.

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