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Solerey is a fan-made Saiyan teen made in the game "Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi". He is a light hero. He has the "Crazy" voice, which is done by Bryan Massey, who voices Oolong in Dragon Ball Z Kai.


Due to being a light character, he isn't very tall. He wears Trunks Uniform 2 with a dark green top and shoes and bright green pants. He has black hair with a shine of green in it. He wears a scouter. He has the wild hair. Of course, he has the traditional Saiyan tail. He is known for his unusual green skin, which is caused from falling into a strange waste when he was young.


Since he has the Crazy voice, he is crazy. Solerey is cocky and loves to fight.

Signature Techniques[]

He has many techniques, though he uses some more frequently. Such as the Super Masenko, Kamehameha, and Destructo Disk. As ultimates, he uses Destroy the Planet, Super Kamehameha, and Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball.