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Solar Grenade
Alternate names Taiyō Shuryūdan
Debut Shosai Saga
Inventor Serada
Users Serada
Class Energy Sphere
Color       &      

The Solar Grenade (太陽手榴弾, Taiyō Shuryūdan) is an energy sphere invented and utilized by Serada. It begins with the user seperating their arms as far as possible and then forming two distinctly different energy spheres in each hand. In one hand a firey looking energy sphere of a small size, in the other a transparent energy sphere that is twice the size of the other sphere. The user brings both spheres together fusing them into one, a dual layered energy sphere with the firey version in the center and the transparent sphere acting as an outer shell. The user then throws the orb at their intended target, where-in the sphere detonates, causing a large explosion. The second sphere expans into a gaseous shockwave of sorts that leaves behind a highly volatile residual effect, that begins to burn, or melt, anything caught within.