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The Great Namek Slu


Slu is a son of the new grand Elder of New Namek Moori. He was sent to earth to as a gift. The Namekians heard of Goku's demise and decided it was fit to send a warrior to take his place. Currently he is 5 and he resides on The Lookout with Dende.


Slu is a standard looking namekian with his emerald green skin and antenna. He stands at 6'10 and wears a black martial arts gi with a shirt made out of wrapping underneath, and a purple cape.


Slu is a very independent, logical, and dedicated person. Once he's made up his mind there's no changing it. He fights for what he believes is right and holds no one above anyone else. He won't even hold the Kai's above anyone.


Slu is considered to be one of the strongest Namekians, Namek has ever had. Ranking in at around 11th. His power level is somewhere around 10,000 before the events of Dragon Ball Slayers. By the beginning, he was around 120,000.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Slu has incredible strength, even for namekian standards. On earth he has trained under 100x it's gravity, proving his physical worth. Along with other Namekians, Slu has the ability to regenerate as long as his head is in tact.

Ki AbilitiesEdit

Slu is a master of ki based attacks and defenses. It's his dominant fighting style, being able to level battlefields with a shout. His ki is said to be stronger than anyone he's ever met.


Slu is dominantly a range fighter, only switching to Melee when forced into it. He would prefer a range battle, and his arsenal of moves shows that.

Nail GunEdit

A powerful orange and purple beam shot out of his finger tips. This attack is the least energy draining, so he can use it repeatedly.

Super Explosive WaveEdit

A powerful wave expelled from his body that destroys everything it touches.

Heaven's LightEdit

A bright white light focused between Slu's hand, when thrown it grows into the size of a small planet. (Comparable to King Kai's)

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