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Sivus at Full Power

Sivus is an intergalactic pirate who believes himself to be invincible. He challenges many opponents for his enjoyment, however, meets his death one day


Sivus was born on an asteroid, and raised himself. He blended in with the enviorment of Earth for a month, then left the planet fluently speaking English. He traveled to Planet Frieza and defeated it's new commanding officer. Through this, he faced many other enemies, however, died fighting Buk.

Power Level[]

At Full Power his power is 9,752,200


  • Raging Blast - An attack where Sivus launches himself a this opponent full speed, forms a Spirit Punch, and then punches his opponent. This sends his opponent flying, and, as he demonstrates the manuver in the picture, he flies into the air and releases a Full Power Destroyer Beam.
  • Destroyer Beam - An attack where Sivus forms a Full Power Energy Wave in the palm of his two hands while they remain Ki Spheres, then, mixes the Ki with each ball and fires it in a similar way like a Galick Gun, however, with one hand.
  • One Handed Fury! - An attack where Sivus punches his opponent several times, then, floats into the air and fires a Finger Beam.
  • Finger Beam