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Simon Smith Simon Initiative2
Human (Pre-Cataclysm)
August 10, 1993 (Age 132)
Planet Earth, Star City, Nevada, United States of America
Initiative Administrator

Simon Smith is a Human male who was born Pre-Cataclysm Earth in August 10, 1993. He was one of the founding members of the Initiative. He was married to an unnamed wife and had 4 children.


When Tiffany Sadala passed away he was next in line to lead the organization. He supervised the launch of the New Generation Colony ship and was planning to launch the Event Horizon, but with the sudden dramatic increase of the Radiation and the catastrophic changes. The United Nation cancelled the Izumo Plan. Simon agreed and put into focus for the Initiative to save as many lives as possible. He discovers a area were there was little to no effect of the cataclysm. In July 4, 2030, he formulated the Dragon Plan. Simon with the help from countries who supported the plan helped relocate victims who were first affected. While directing at the Initiative headquarters in what use to be Greenland, nation who were against the plan attacked the Headquarters. Simon predicted this and turned the Headquarters into a Battle fortress through the years. The Initiative was able to drive off the attack, but suffered major casualties. Simon was trapped inside the the base due to a avalanche and hardening of the ice. He lost all contact from the out side world. He was able to salvage food from the mess hall and retrofit the control center as a new home. He lost track of time, and ran out of food and water, and the temperature continued to drop. He made one last record of events and access to the Initiative archives and history.


The preserved remains of Simon Smith was found by U.E.A Explorers on March 27, 2610 which is Age 749. It is clear that he froze to death, but the knowledge of his accomplishments will be remembered. It was also discovered that Mercury is his descendant.

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