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"Super Saiyan" Sideways

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Sideways is an alien warrior.

Born on a planet far from Earth, Sidewats is half Saiyan, half Orlen. He spent the majority of his life fighting, and planned to remain like that. However, his fate brought him to Earth, and he planned to destroy it. Before this could happen, he was confronted by Goku and Vegeta. Sideways hoped to suprise them with his super saiyan mode, but the two saiyans already reached that level. After a grueling battle, Sideways was knocked unconscious and fell into the Frigate's Engine, killing him.


  • Ki Blast- Standard energy beam.
  • Flight- The power of flight
  • Super Saiyan- Like all saiyans, Sideways can turn super saiyan.
  • Harakiri-ken-A giant energy ball that can cleave through diamonds
  • Seppuku beam- A long knife of energy that sticks in his opponent and must be shorted out to destroy
  • Ren-kuzumaki-A smaller energy ball that acts as a Sphere of influence.
  • Energiton- Sideways's main weapon, this creates a long scythe blade of energy on his left wrist.
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