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"You know Ryori, you’re my little bro… and I’ve gotta take care of ya."
Shoekki, trying to act as a role model for Ryori

Shoekki Hareki
character image
晴氣はれき•しょうき, Hareki Shouki
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten

A Quest for Booty (mentioned)

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Hosomaki, Earth
Birthdate: September 20, Age 756
Date of Death: May 7, Age 774 (revived)
Birth Power Level: 0.0001
Maximum Power Level: 6
Personal Pronouns: おら
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 133.8 lbs
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Organizations: New Red Ribbon Army (Age 774)
Favorite Food: Mahi Mahi tacos
Favorite Vehicle: Motorcycle bought from Capsule Corp.
Hobbies: Doing drugs, riding motorcycles, smoking, playing online poker
Family: Ryori (brother)
File (girlfriend)

Shoekki (晴氣はれき•しょうき, Hareki Shouki), pronounced show-key, is a Human in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. He is featured in the fourth saga and is introduced in the chapter "Capsule Corp.".



Shoekki is a human. He is a 18 year old male. He has long blond hair, which is wild and dirty, and blue eyes. He is tall and skinny but not muscular. He has a small, scraggly beard on his chin, but no sideburns. While never directly stated in the text, Shoekki suffers from insomnia. This shows in that he has noticeable bags under his eyes. His frequent smoking and drug use has lead to his face also looking much older and more worn than should be.


Shoekki has a rather subdued personality. Being a highschool dropout, he stays around his house or does other unseeable things for most of the day. Shoekki is very big brother-like to Ryori, and he likes to joke and mess around with him. However, Shoekki is still very protective of his brother. He also tries to be a role model to Ryori, but perhaps is not the best suited  for that.


Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

Planet Earth Saga[]

Shoekki, as the older brother of Ryori, was introduced in the Planet Earth Saga. His actual presence was not all that significant until Cardinal came to town. Because thereafter, Shoekki began to intermingle with Cardinal's lackey, File. Later on in the story, after Cardinal stole Ryori, Shoekki was tasked with finding Ledas. Immediately after, Shoekki found out that File was actually a trap, and killed her. This forfeited his life, and Cardinal soon forced Shoekki to commit suicide in order to save his brother Ryori from a similar fate.

A Quest for Booty[]

In the fourth scene of chapter 2, Ledas told Beelzebub that he and Ryori were collecting the Dragon Balls to wish Ryori's brother back to life.

In the sixth scene of chapter 3, Ledas remembered when Ryori had told him what had happened to his brother. He felt guilty, for it had been because of him that Cardinal had killed Shoekki.

In the fourth scene of chapter 4, Ledas gathered the seven Dragon Balls and summoned Shenron, the Eternal Dragon. He used the third wish to bring Shoekki back to life, fulfilling his promise to Ryori. In the seventh scene, after forming a bounty hunting partnership with Beelzebub, Ledas flew off, for he had to go pick up the newly-revived Shoekki.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]

West City Saga[]


  • Like most of the humans in The Forgotten, Shoekki's name is based on the Japanese for dining utensils. His namesake is dinnerware.
  • Shoekki is the only character who smokes in The Forgotten.
  • Shoekki was not revived after the Earth was restored because he was not killed by someone else, but instead committed suicide.
  • Shoekki's theme is For What It's Worth.

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