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Shira is a female Half Saiyan hybrid of a human. She is the daughter of Goku Jr.




Shira trained under Korin for half of her life, learning the basics such as a Full Power Energy Wave, Ki Blast, and Ki Wave. Shira also learned to Sense Ki, Life Energy, and Alliegance. (Such as evil or good energy). This led her to strive a bit for more power, and then learned how to fly. Korin gave her two Senzu Beans for her training with Mr. Popo, and she flew up to Kamis Lookout.

Mr. PopoEdit

She trained under his wing, Mr. Popo teaching her the basics, and strengthning her Ki Blasts. She learned how to use Instantaneous Movement from Mr Popo, then moved on and joined Colt. However, she went under his wing for a year, and the two fell for eachother.


Colt trained her how to use the Kamehameha, and Kaio-Ken. He is also still her master, but, soon falls for her as he was this whole time. They retire to a small cottage next to a large body of water, and live happily there throughout the years as friends. Then, they truely develop real feelings, and things progress.


Shira is shy, kind, and mean at times. When she's irritated, she usually tends to scream at whomever did such a thing. Usually she goes off the walls for mere seconds. At times of danger, just like Colt, she stops, and focuses on her enemy within anger, or calmness.



Ki Blast

Ki Wave


Instantaneous Movement

Power LevelEdit



  • Shira actually had a first love, however, he never appears in the story.
  • Shira was raised in the mountains, then, at fifteen, joined city life up until she met Korin, and spent nearly the rest of her life until she met Colt up in Korins tower.
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