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Shin (Supreme Kai) (Dragon Ball SF artwork).jpg

Core Person
  • 前個ア
  • East Supreme Kai
  • East Kaioshin
  • Kaioshin
  • Kaioshin of the 7th Universe
  • Universe 7 Supreme Kai
  • Occupation
  • Supreme Kai of Universe 7
  • Apprentice Supreme Kai (formerly)
  • Gender
  • Male
  • date of birth
    c. 5 Million Before Age.
  • Sacred World of the Kai (Universe 7)
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball Super
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • Dragon Ball SF
  • Debut:
  • Fan-Manga: Dragon Ball SF Chapter 3 "Journey To The Divine Planet!"
  • Affiliations:
  • Future Shin (Alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Former Supreme Kai/Old Kai (ancestor)
  • Grand Supreme Kai (mentor)

  • Shin (シン) the East Supreme Kai (東ひがしの界かい王おう神しん), primarily known just as Supreme Kai (界かい王おう神しん), is the ruler of the eastern area of both the living and the other-world in the universe and the Supreme Kai of Universe 7. He is introduced in the World Tournament Saga of the Dragon Ball Z.


    Shin is short, pink-skinned (purple in the anime) with a white mohawk and dressed in a posh Kai outfit. He also wears a pair of green Potara earrings (yellow in the anime).


    Shin's attitude changes as the Majin Buu Saga presses forward. When he is first introduced, he squints his eyes at Goku and smiles in a manner that makes him seem mysterious and powerful. Just as what a supreme leader of the universe should be, he is calm, wise, humble and thinks rationally at critical moments. Later on, his constant surprise at the Saiyans power and his dependence on others to protect the universe against Majin Buu make him seem more fearful and innocent, most likely due to his previous inability to combat those kind of powerful beings himself.

    Although he knows a good amount of information about the universe, he is rather ignorant of some important things known by other Kais and Gods of Destruction, due to his lack of full training since the elimination of the other Supreme Kais. For example, he was completely unaware of Zeno and who he was, as in the Tournament of Destroyers, he asked his ancestor who he was, for which he was slapped on the head and informed. Adding onto this, he was unaware of Ultra Instinct, while many of the other Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais were familiar with the ability. Yet another example was his obliviousness about the fusing abilities of the Potara, which led to him fusing with Kibito before realizing the fusion would be permanent.

    He has a strained relationship with Beerus as he rarely gets along with him though he tolerates his occasional rough and rude behavior towards him.


    Shin, the East Supreme Kai of Universe 7.

    Prior to having become a Supreme Kai, Shin had been an apprentice to the old Supreme Kai.

    Enjoying a peaceful life on the Sacred World of the Kai with his fellow Supreme Kais, Shin was unaware until too late that he and the other Supreme Kais had been targeted and marked for death by the ruthless wizard Bibidi, who was determined to wipe them out by unleashing his fearsome monster, Majin Buu, on all of them.

    Shin vs Kid Buu (South Supreme Kai Absorbed)

    After hearing that North and West Supreme Kais had been killed by Kid Buu, Shin and Daikaioh prepared to face off against the buffed-up monster (Kid Buu who had absorbed South Supreme Kai and transformed into what Old Kai later called the huge Buu, or in the games and by TV known as Super Buu). While "Kid Buu" was after Shin, Grand Supreme Kai intervened, but was absorbed by Huge Buu. But Huge Buu turned into an obese, childlike monster, and to his relief, Shin was spared by Majin Buu, whose evil had been reduced thanks to Grand Supreme Kai's good nature.

    To avenge his friends, Shin eventually caught Bibidi off guard and destroyed the evil wizard while Majin Buu was locked up in a ball. Shin then hid the ball deep under the surface of Planet Earth, fearing that he would be powerless to stop Majin Buu himself.

    Shin then returned to the Sacred World of the Kais, aided by a new bodyguard, Kibito, to carry on with his life of peace.

    He eventually become a full-fledged Supreme Kai at some point after the All Universe Hide and Seek Tournament, which occurred during or after 239,856 Before Age. Due to the deaths of the other four Supreme Kais, Shin became known simply as the Supreme Kai.

    Dragon Ball Z[]

    World Tournament and Babidi Saga[]

    Shin and Kibito on Earth during the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament

    Many eons later, Shin and Kibito traveled to Earth to find the help of Earth's greatest heroes, Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta, for he had learned that Babidi (the clone of Bibidi) was planning to release Majin Buu from a Sealed Ball. Babidi had sent two of his possessed human henchmen, Yamu and Spopovich, to start gathering energy for Majin Buu, and the pair did so starting with the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. Shin paralyzed Gohan, and after Yamu and Spopovich succeeded in stealing Gohan's energy, Shin explains he paralyzed Gohan so they could get the energy so he could follow them. They proceeded to head back to Babidi's spaceship, with Shin and some of the Z-Fighters following them.


    When they arrived, Shin was shocked to see that Babidi had already enlisted the aid of the Demon King, Dabura. Much to Shin's horror, Dabura had easily discovered the Kais' and the Z Fighters' hiding grounds, and proceeded to attack everyone, killing Kibito in the process and turning Piccolo and Krillin to stone with his spit. Shin eventually entered Babidi's ship along with the three Saiyans to go through multiple stage battles in order to reach the heart of Babidi's ship where the dormant Majin Buu would be found. Shin warned everyone that Babidi's minions were considered as the strongest fighters in the universe, and it was recommended that each of them should fight together. However, Shin was often left in disbelief by how easily the Saiyans defeated these would-be strongest fighters with ease and by themselves.

    Goku (Super Saiyan) threaten to kill Shin

    After Vegeta is taken over by Babidi's magic, Babidi transports them all back to the World Martial Arts Tournament, and Majin Vegeta begins to kill many civilians (and almost his own wife, Bulma) with a couple of Big Bang Attacks. When it became clear that Majin Vegeta will proceed to kill unless Goku accepts his challenge to the finish, Goku is forced to accept the challenge provided that they are transported by Babidi to an area with no civilians present. Shin had forbid this to happen as the energy loss resulting from a battle between the two will result in Majin Buu's resurrection. Shin attempted to prevent Goku from fighting, but shockingly, Goku threatens to destroy Shin if he gets in the way.


    Seeing that Goku and Vegeta are far too powerful to stop, Shin had no choice but let the battle transpire. After Babidi fulfills Goku's request to be transported to a deserted area, Shin accompanied by Gohan, managed to reach the heart of Babidi's ship where the cocoon of Majin Buu is located. Shin and Gohan are greeted by Babidi and Dabura who are trying to prevent any interruption of Majin Buu's return.

    Majin Buu and Fusion Saga[]

    Shin attacked by Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z

    After failing to prevent Majin Buu's resurrection, Shin is nearly killed in a fight against the Majin. With the little strength he had left, Shin nullified Buu's attack over Gohan thus saving Gohan's life. Buu was later confronted by Majin Vegeta who had already rendered Goku unconscious during their battle. Majin Vegeta challenged Buu to the death to not only redeem himself for the suffering he has caused before but to also avenge Gohan, believing that he is dead because he can no longer feel his presence. Majin Vegeta could not stop Majin Buu despite utilizing a self-explosion technique to finish Buu. Shin had survived his ordeal with Buu once again, but was still badly injured and weak. While trying to find Gohan, Shin had collapsed and lost consciousness.

    Kibito, Shin and Gohan in Dragon Ball Z

    Fortunately, Kibito (who was resurrected by Shenron via Bulma's wish to restore the lives of the good people killed within that day) found Shin and healed him. Then, the two found and healed Gohan, and teleport him to the World of the Kais. There, they would have him unlock the legendary Z Sword, and try and use it to help him defeat Majin Buu once and for all. During Gohan's training, Goku, whose time on Earth had ended (he was dead, due to sacrificing himself to stop Cell seven years earlier) arrived on the World of the Kais. After Gohan had mastered the handling of the unbelievably heavy Z Sword, Shin thought that a proper demonstration of the sword's power was in order. He materialized a block of Katchin, the hardest known metal in the universe for Gohan to cut through with the Z Sword. However the Z Sword was broken from the demonstration (with Goku throwing it at Gohan to slice with the sword) which caused the release of Old Kai, who was an ancestor of Shin.

    Shin in Dragon Ball Z

    Shin, along with Goku and Kibito, witnessed the elder Kai train Gohan personally, awakening Gohan's hidden sleeping powers (as this is apparently a technique that the Elder Kai's enemies had feared). During this time, everyone could sense that Majin Buu had transformed into Super Buu and had exterminated the planet's populace with Human Extinction Attack. When Gotenks could not stop Super Buu, Gohan returned to Earth and was able to best Super Buu in battle, until being absorbed.

    Old Kai had revealed that the Potara Earrings can perform fusion between two beings with one person wearing just one earring on the left ear and the other person wears one earring on the right. Shin and Kibito tested Elder Kai's revelations (and were oblivious to the fact that the fusion was permanent until it was too late) and became Kibito Kai. Although Kibito Kai was much stronger than Shin, his power was still insufficient to defeat Majin Buu. After becoming aware of the permanent fusion, Goku (resurrected by Old Kai's life-force) returned to Earth to attempt to fuse with his son Gohan, who was being outclassed by the much more powerful Super Buu (who had already absorbed Piccolo and Gotenks). Shin's personality was dominant in Kibito Kai, with no notable traces of Kibito.

    Kibito Kai's later roles no longer required direct battle against villains, only interference on Goku's behalf with the use of his Kai Kai.

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