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This article, Shin (LOTSG), takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.

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character image
Legend of the Saiyan God Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Eastern Supreme Kai
Species: Shinjin
Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Position: Supreme Kai
Rank: Eastern Supreme Kai
Grand Supreme Kai (On technicallity)
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

Shin, referred to formally as the Eastern Supreme Kai or Supreme Kai, is the current Primary God of Creation for Universe-7 (B).

Due to the machinations of Buu and Bibidi, his fellow Supreme Kai were slaughtered, leaving him as the only active Supreme Kai in Universe-7 (B) until his ancestor from 15 generations of Supreme Kai ago was freed from the Z-Sword.




Shin became a Supreme Kai shortly before Bibidi and Buu began their assault on the Sacred World of the Kais.

Along with the Grand Supreme Kai, Shin took a final stand against Buu after the Western, Southern, and Northern Supreme Kais were defeated. The Grand Supreme Kai was absorbed by Buu, altering it into a more innocent form due to the Kaioshin's overwhelming good nature.

Along with Kibito, Shin managed to eventually seal Majin Buu away and killed Bibidi, returning to the Sacred World of the Supreme Kais to mourn the loss of his friends.


Shin is quite powerful as a Supreme Kai, he is approximately as powerful as Perfect Cell when he was suppressing his power. Among his generation of Supreme Kai, Shin was the weakest due to not finishing his orientation as a Supreme Kai. After Elder Kai was released from the Z-Sword, he began training his descendant and helped Shin acquire all the powers and skills he needs as a Supreme Kai.


Due to the loss of his superiors shortly after he was appointed as Supreme Kai of the East, Shin is unaware of how to perform certain aspects of his duty such as the creation of new life forms and planets. He also did not know the function of his Kaioshin earrings for roughly 5 million years. With the Elder Kai's release, his training has resumed and is progressing well.

  • Instantaneous Movement - Like all Supreme Kai, Shin can move to any location he knows of almost instantly.
  • Ki sense - Shin is capable of sensing the energy of beings over vast distances. As a Kaioshin, he can also detect and differentiate God ki from Mortal ki.

Battles & Conflicts[]


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