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Shin is a human, he found Raiden and Kuro passed out on the mountain next to his house. after nursing



Dragonball: Raiden Chronicles Episode 3 Welcome to Earth!
Appears in
Dragonball: Raiden Chronicles
Date of Birth
Age 710
Mira (Student)

Raiden (Student) Kuro (Student) Chun (Student)

Daisuke (Student)
137 lbs.

the two boys back to health Shin made Raiden and Kuro his students.


Shin is the Master of the three Saiyans, Raiden, Mira and Kuro. He first found Mira when she crash landed on Earth after her parents sent her away, He trained Mira as his student for 3 years then Raiden and Kuro came to Earth after their planet was destroyed by Emperor Shisaku. He nursed the two boys back to health and took them on as his students. He decided to enter Raiden and Kuro in The World Martial Arts Tournament, He even decided to teach them his signature attack The Omega Spirit Wave. When Raiden, Kuro and Mira entered the Tournament Mira was defeated in the second round by Kuro, then when Raiden and Kuro fought each other in the semi-finals it ended in a draw resulting in the boys getting hospitalized. Then Chun came to the hospital where Raiden and Kuro were at to see how they were but he also wanted to become Shin's student and Shin accepted him then Shin learned that Chun is the grandson of Sho an old friend of his. Later that night he, Chun and Kuro discovered to their horror Raiden turning into a great ape, Shin and Chun ran up to him and tried to snap him out of it but Raiden whacked both of them into the house knocking them out but they later regained consciousness and distracted Raiden while Kuro blew up his tail turning him back to normal.


Shin is tall, bald and he wears red and black robes.


Shin is wise and he's a serious man but he has a sense of humour.


  • The Omega Spirit Wave- This is Shin's signature technique, this attack is formed when he cups his hands, puts them to his side and thrusts his arms foward releasing a powerful blast.