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Betrayal on Sheruta

Age 735


September Age 736


Planet Sheruta


Shar's Elite victory

  • Shar's squad secedes from the Planet Trade Organization
  • Shar takes control of Shosai
  • Sherutan population enslaved
  • Frost is sent to kill Shar

Planet Trade Organization

  • Shar's Elite

Sherutan race

  • Fog
  • Shar (Mid-conflict)
  • Konakku
  • 20 Saiyans
  • Unknown number of Frieza's soldiers
  • Thousands of Sherutan troops
  • 6 Saiyans
  • Fog
  • Most of Frieza's soldiers
  • Konakku slain
  • Most if not all of the Sherutan forces decimated

The Sheruta Conflict, also known as the Betrayal on Sheruta, was a war fought between the Planet Trade Organization, the Sherutans, and later the Saiyan splinter group led by Saiyan Elite Shar.


The Mission[]

Since they had been annexed by Frieza's empire in Age 731, the Saiyan race had become powerful mercenaries for the alien overlord, conquering planets to be sold by the Planet Trade Organization. One such mercenary was Shar, a member of the Saiyan Elite, and commander of his very own squad of Saiyans. Despite having captured several planets for the Planet Trade, Shar had fallen out of favour with its leadership thanks to the unscrupulous methods with which he applied himself. As a result of this, Shar, under Fog of the Planet Trade Organization, were sent on a mission to capture Sheruta, a world in the East Galaxy that sat on the extreme-borders of the Planet Trade Organization's territory in the North Galaxy. The truth of the matter was that the Planet Trade hoped that Shar and his men would be killed during the conflict, if not, they could at least acquire another world to be sold to the highest bidder.

Battle of Sheruta[]

Landing a few months after leaving Planet Vegeta, the Saiyans quickly set about destroying Sherutan cities and killing populations by the score. At the same time Shar began plotting to betray the Planet Trade Organization and with his stronger team members began orchestrating events to kill Fog and other leaders present on Sheruta. Putting their plans into action, the Saiyan's turned on the Planet Trade, killing their higher ranking members and casting a communications black out with the organization in the North Galaxy, despite the loss of communications the Planet Trade Organization was very slow to react and the remnants of Frieza's troops surrendered to the Saiyans or went into hiding from both of the major factions present on the planet.

The battle between the Saiyans and Sherutans continued until the Sherutan people were subjugated completely. With the ruling body of the Sherutans destroyed, they had no choice but to surrender to their stronger Saiyan opponents.


Shar, his Saiyan warriors, and whatever number of Frieza's troops that flocked to their side took full control of Sheruta and severed their ties from the World Trade Organization. The Sherutans were enslaved to work as both a labour force and as cannon fodder in case they were attacked. The conflict on Sheruta had not entirely ended as Planet Trade soldiers that went into hiding continued to mount resistance against Shar's troops.

These events would see Frost sent on behalf of his father to deal with the situation and Baryton would be hired on to support him on his mission.