Sheela (シーラ) is the daughter of Grand Minister and Rena. She has twin sister, Sheele. She is close to her brother Whis and her sister Vados She strives to be an excellent fighter like her father.

Appearance Edit

Sheela is tall humanoid with white skin, violet eyes, and long brown hair although she wears them in high ponytail, similar to Vados, mixed with twintail. She wears a purple gi with a white obi. She carries a small sword near her back.

Personality Edit

Sheela is calm and polite, she also seems to like calculate everything. She loves to fight using a sword instead barehanded unless, the situation isn't up for it. Unlike Sheele, she has more serious side to her.

Background Edit

Not much known about Sheela. She was born at age 780 with her sister and lived since with her parents.

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