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Oc saiyan
No Way Out Character
Vital statistics
Homeworld: Planet Vegeta
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Hair Color: Black
Personal Weapons Systems
Energy Basic Attacks: Flight, Explosive Wave
Heavy Energy Attacks: Break Cannon
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Traditional Saiyan Armor
Chronological & Political Information
Enemies: Planet Trade Organization

"I was a soldier in that war. I still remember the night that we won the war. We were cornered. We were on the brink of defeat. There was simply no way out. We were going to die that night. My best friend died in my arms that night. And just then, just as I was about to be killed, do you know what I remembered? I remembered that I was a Saiyan. And do you know what Saiyans do? Saiyans attack! Saiyans do not relent! And do you know what I did? I transformed."
— Shallin, Day 4

Shallin is a Saiyan who, along with the rest of the platoon, is stranded on Helios and hunted by the Planet Trade Organization in No Way Out.


Prior to the events of No Way Out, Shallin had been looking for a mate for years. However, he was unsuccessful in such endeavors. His mission with the platoon was one that he embarked on because he fancied a female member of the platoon and was hoping to assess her potential as a mate; however, soon into the mission, he decided she was unfit. From there, he continued on the mission solely as to ascertain the monetary compensation given by the Planet Trade Organization for a successful mission.


Shallin is a high ranking middle-class Saiyan with a power level of roughly 2,500. He has basic control of ki attacks and is capable of performing basic ki attacks, such as flight, the Explosive Wave, and the Break Cannon. Like most Saiyans, he is able to control his Great Ape Transformation to some extent; however, his experience with the transformation is limited and he is prone to uncontrollable fits of rage while transformed. Unconventionally, Shallin prefers to fight with a sword rather than his hands - however, in times of desperation, he is not adverse to firing ki blasts or using hand to hand combat.


Shallin is a quiet Saiyan who places high emphasis on honor. He is somewhat altruistic and offers help to other Saiyans when needed; that said, establishing strong relationships with the platoon is not his primary goal throughout the story. He places high importance on the continuation of the Saiyan race and sees the maintenance of tradition as critical.

Throughout the story, Shallin's driving force is to find a Saiyan mate in order to continue his own bloodline. He therefore sees it as necessary not only to escape the Planet Trade Organization but also to determine the location of other surviving Saiyans. However, were the need to be, he would be willing to sacrifice his own life so long as the other members of his platoon were to survive and continue the race.


  • Shallin's name is a pun on the vegetable Shallot, keeping in line with Saiyan nomenclature.
  • Shallin is the only character which Destructivedisk has ever created for a roleplay.
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