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Shadowians are a fan species created by YueHatake. Please dont edit without the writer's permission.


Female shadowians have long hair, slender bodies, and small cat ears. Male shadowians have short cropped hair, long limbs, but muscular bodies. They have large cat ears. All pureblooded Shaowians have cat ears, feet, and tails. They hav soft fur instead of skin. The fur is usually light red, to keep them camoflauged.

Dragon Balls As Well?[]

The creator of the Dragon balls was tuaght by a visiting Namekian. The creator's name is Varal Cowin. She is one of the wisest and oldest Shadowians on the planet. She ordered the DBs to be hidden in the volcanoes and caves, under the protection of the Geos and Burs, which are gigantic worms. She often refuses to let the DBs go into anyone's hand until she is impressed. Varal and her great grandson are the only human-like Shadowian. She has black hair, eyes, and tail. She has pale skin. Her eyes are called the all-seeing. The prophet, Helenusa, claims that a Saiyan would come to their planet looking for the DBs. He says that the Saiyan will either steal the DBs, or impress Varal. Determined not to let the DBs go into the wrong hands, she suspisiocusly watches her people for signs of an arrival. The prophet knows who the Saiyan is, but won't tell Varal, making her furious.

Relationship with the Saiyan Race?[]

Some say that the Shadowians are the ancestors of the Saiyan race. Some say the Saiyans are much older, but neither sides can conclude an answer. The Shadowians are nocturnal, the Saiyans are daytime species. However, the Shadowians can turn into a large lion,jaguar,puma,leopard,cheetah, or any big cat that is worshiped in the villages. One village has the ability of turning into lions/lionesses the rival village could be tigers/tigresses. They do not need the full moon to unlock their full power. The Shadowians are agile, and there are no obese Shadowains, with the exception of pregnant females.