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Shadic is the fusion of Sonic and Shadow. Ways to fuse Sonic and Shadow include using the fusion dance (which was taught to them by Mario in the Xicor Saga in the Dragon Caos Universe) and Unification Caos Control (which was first used in Nazo Unleashed by Chakra-X).

The first interaction between Shadic and the Z Fighters is when Sonic and Shadow used the unification technique with the Super Emeralds in the Dragon Caos Universe Episode called Enter Hyper Shadic: Shadic's Spirit Bomb. This was also the first interaction with Mario and Luigi's normal form named Shadic. The way to get their fusion dance Super form, which was called Super Shadic, was to get their fusion dance or unification technique with the Caos Emerlds. The way to achieve their Hyper form, called Hyper Shadic, was to get their Fusion Dance in Hyper form, or to use the Unification Technique with Super Emeralds.

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  • Goku
  • Vegeta
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