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Shaddas, ancient wizard of Geshtar.

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Shaddas was an ancient warrior born on the Planet Geshtar. He was capable of controlling magic and used it to protect his home planet. Soon, Shaddas became a galactic protector, and moved from planet to planet defeating evildoers and protecting the peace. Soon Shaddas found a lowly planet called Earth, protected by the half Human, half Saiyan warrior known as Singan. Shaddas found them battling a warrior named Abduc and decided to help them, as he sensed the heart of Abduc; it was consumed by madness.

Shaddas repelled Abduc and revealed his identity and role as protector of galaxies. Shaddas agreed to help Singan and his allies defeat this mad warrior.


Shaddas exhibited a selfish, cold personality. His pride in his own abilities often leads to his own downfall, and his desire only to help seems to be his only redeeming quality. However, after he defended his home planet from Abduc, Shaddas' desire to help overshadowed most of his bad qualities.

Power level[]

Shaddas' power level is approximately 987,655.



Base Form[]

  • Shining Slash: Shaddas blinds the opponent with a magical flash of light, then slashes him repeatedly with his sword, finishing the attack with a Vintage Drive.
  • Vintage Drive: Shaddas fires bright beams of light from his fingertips.
  • Eruption Wave: Shaddas punches the opponent in the air, knocks him to the ground, punches the opponent in the stomach, then creates a Fist Grounder with his fist still lodged in the opponent's stomach.
  • Fist Grounder: Shaddas' fist creates a large explosion.

100% Full Power Form[]

  • Final Explosive Attack: Shaddas creates a massive explosion made from the magical power inside him. After the explosion ends, Shaddas is left without energy.


  • 100% Full Power Form: Shaddas powers up to his full potential, however, this form can only last for 100 seconds.