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"Hmm. You monkeys are full of surprises. Unlikeable ones."
— Shaa while facing the Nameless Saiyan.

Shaa is the partner of Zzar. He was the main antagonist of the Shaa Saga in Dragon Ball: Birth of Fear.


Shaa is a very cool headed creature and takes great pride in his power. However, whenever he is near death, he acts like a coward and begs for mercy.

Power level[]

Shaa's power level is approximately 687,940 at full power form.



Base Form[]

  • Mades Blast: Shaa will fire a large yellow beam from his right hand.
  • Impalement: Shaa will knee the enemy in the stomach, forcing the spike on his knee guard to burrow deep into the enemy's skin.
  • Shadow Rush: As the opponent fires multiple energy beams at Shaa, the latter will use the Afterimage technique several times, only to reappear behind the opponent and blast him with a Mades Blast.

50% Full Power Form[]

  • Absorbing: Shaa will drain a portion of the enemy's energy force and use it to regain his own.
  • Red Sun: Shaa will snap his fingers, causing a spark of ignitible energy to fly towards the opponent and explode on impact.

100% Full Power Form[]

  • Desperate Energy Wave: Shaa gets backed into a corner, but performs a highly destructive Super Explosive Wave.


  • 50% to 100% Full Power Forms: Shaa can upgrade himself to 50 times or even 100 times his original strength.


  • His name is derived from the Babylonian king Belshazzar.