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Nesoi Dark Shenron

Nuzoi Ankoku Shénlóng
Manga name Nezoi Dark Shenron
Alternate names Seven-star Dark Dragon
Debut Fanga: "Evil Dragons of Time"
Appears in
Resurrection (SSJJ)
Race Shadow Dragon
Gender Male
Status Alive
Allegiance Shadow Dragons of Time
  • Kaolin Dark Shenron (creator)
  • Cell-X (reason for existence)
  • Five-Star Dark Dragon (brother/comrade)
  • One-Star Dark Dragon (comrade)
  • Epidemic Dark Shenron
  • Three-Star Dark Dragon (comrade/leader)
  • Four-Star Dark Dragon
  • Sky Dark Shenron
  • Naturon Shenron (counterpart)
  • Nesoi Dark Shenron is one of the Seven Shadow Dragons of Time and is the Seven-Star Dark Dragon.

    Appearance Edit

    Nesoi has red markings around his eyes and dark purple skin with golden whiskers and small appearance as he only reaches the size of a small big. He resembles Naturon Shenron but his Dragon Ball like all Shadow Dragons of Time is located in his chest area.

    Personality Edit

    Nesoi seems to possess a Napoleon Complex as he is highly aggressive to his opponents and his brother whom is slightly taller than him. Unlike his counterpart; he is afraid to face much taller opponents and seems to have the ability to learn as he fights.

    Power Edit

    Both him and his brother share the same power as one another as they able to fight evenly with Super Saiyan 4 Xeno Kakarot and overpower Super Saiyan 3 Xeno Trunks.

    Techniques Edit

    • Animality - Nesoi is able to replicate the life-force of any animal and replicate their abilities. Nesoi replicates the souls of a bird, fish, gorilla, and a hare.
      • Flight - By replicating the life-force of a bird; Nosei is able to fly.
      • Underwater Breathing - By replicating the life-force a fish; Nosei is able to breath underwater.
      • Durability - While using the soul of a Gorilla is able to withstand most of punches received from Xeno Kakarot.
    • Ki Blast and Sensing
    • Sonic Boom Wave - An energy wave compromised concentrated sound waves
    • Dynamite Clay Wave - After absorbing Rolomean; he is able to use Rolomean Dynamite Clay Wave. An energy wave of clay that cause anything it touches to explode.
    • Dynamite Touch - He is use to this to cause anything he touches explode. The size of the object depends on the size of the explosion.
    • Absorption
    • Energy Shield
    • Sonic Boom Cutter - A beam of sound short from the mouth with the ability to cut or slice objects.
    • Sonic Dynamite Clay Orb - A combination of Sonic Boom Wave, Sonic Boom Cutter, and Dynamite Clay Wave fired as an energy sphere.

    Forms and Transformations Edit

    Super Dark Shenron Edit

    In order to increase his power; Nesoi absorbs Rolomean while he was in his own Super Dark Shenron form. In this form; Nesoi becomes the same size as a Great Ape while growing an extra tail and becoming more reptilian in appearance. His skin becomes brown and a dark purple underside while gain sharp claws and gains the ability to use Rolomean's abilities the Five-Star Dark Dragon Ball is embedded in his chest next to his Seven-Star Dark Dragon Ball.

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