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Hi! This is just a one-shot poem about Tarble. I've never really done anything like this before, so I dunno how it will be. Hope you enjoy!

The fire, the fire, the cataclysmic fire

Shot down from a place ever higher

Destructive and completely inexplicable

A curse from the gods, oh so inhospitable

Crashing down, the clanging bells of death

A comet so very fast, never to ever rest

Silver in color, the complexion inexorable

Wrapping its bright hands about the people

This demonic ball of murderous inferno

Crashed upon the ground with deadly crescendo

With the clicking of a hatch and a sudden apparition

We found this to be a shuttle of the heaven’s emission

The new angel was small, no more than a child

His tail was frenzied, his hair was utterly wild

In the spirit of his own creation his clothing shone

And after it all he spoke with a choral tone

“The King of my land has sent me to live over here”

I couldn’t help but imagine God with his frightening leer

“and to learn of the fighting culture of all of you”

And He wanted to evaluate our barbaric wars, too!

With unimaginable speed all of our people flocked to him

And to touch his angelic tail we came to outstretch our limbs

The women offered themselves all at the ready

The men wanting to be his companion steady

But he outreached his hand to a small girl timid

She reached her hand back, her smile vivid

“Hi there, I’m a Saiyan prince named Tarble

And, little girl, you’re really quite the marvel!”

My jaw dropped, my eyes really quite wide

Saiyans were never the name of those on the other side

We had called them angels, spirits, but never Saiyans

What if he was not an angel… but instead a demon?

The ancient texts were never to be wrong!

Saiyans appeared in no book, not a simple song!

But from the sky this creature descended

With a celestial vessel he was lended

Of course! By the deduction of elimination

His soul came from the land of damnation

“Attack, attack!” I yelled, with the utmost leadership

He was nothing but a demon trying to jump ship!

They all quickly turned to trust me

My unwaveringly loyal followees

And with a thousand belligerent screams

They pounced, taking him to the ground in teams

He collapsed in mere seconds, no resilience

His strength was gone, he lacked defense

Our threat was gone, our village once more at peace

And he hadn’t been a challenge in the very least

No demon could have been beaten that easily

The devil should’ve sent something harder for me

Unless… he was not the spawn of the devil at all

It was then that I found my assurance slowed to a crawl

An alien he might’ve been, an extraterrestrial

Arrived at our planets with hopes of a race jovial

Instead finding himself trampled and abused

And leaving me with a grudge not to be truced

The young girl was kneeling down next to his unconscious body

She leaned down next to him, his once glistening armor now shoddy

And said, in a whisper, “Hi there, mister Tarble, my name’s Gure

If you’ll be mine for now I promise to always be yours!”

The Saiyan brought himself back to stand on his feet

I halted my citizens, asking them all to take a seat

He staggered a bit, before steadying himself with her

“Well, what’s the name of this planet, miss Gure?”

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