Scylia (シリア, Shiria) is the second daughter of Frieza and Amamiya Ranou. The litte sister to Kuriza and Freya. She is been dubbed as the daughter of Gods. She is current Queen of Girishia formerly known as Frieza Empire. Scylia is the wife of Leotard, son of Vegeta dan Bulma. She is also the mother of Kazusa and Ria.

Following her ascend to the throne, the universe 7 is brimming with peace and there's no more conquer. She is always look out to her family and the people of all universes. She has the power to the future.

Appearance Edit

Syclia has white pale hair that reaches up to her waist, she has blue eyes that can entranced most people. She wear a white gown with blue robe and she wears a blue diamond crown in her head.

Personality Edit

She has calm yet a childish nature unlike her elder brother and sister, she can somewhat be a little careless but she has more loving personality than the rest of her family.

Background Edit

She was born after seven years of Freya's birth. Her birth leads to more people whom born with pale white hair and blue eyes. People starting to call the "Queen of Hafling." This lead to the name Arcosian, a race of Frieza's which born from other race.

Techniques Edit

Divination - The ability to see events far away in time and space.

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