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Featured in Destroyer of Universes
Pronunciation skroht
Adjective Scrotian
Parent star type F-type main-sequence
Orbital characteristics
Orbital period 412.4 d
Satellites 2
Satellite names Tamah, Gou-Gou
Physical characteristics
Equatorial radius 4190.3 km
Polar radius 4176.3 km
Surface area 41.2% land
58.8% water
Mass 8.25629×1025 kg
1.38 R
Equatorial surface gravity 31.3824 m/s2
3.2 g
Axial tilt 3.84°
Surface temperature
Minimum -272.2°
Mean 3.1°
Maximum 85.6°
Composition 71.22% nitrogen (N2)
28.62% oxygen (O2)
0.15% methane
0.01% trace elements
Sentient Species Settlers
Sentient species 1 population 64,759
Number of major cities 1
Technology level Tier 3

Scrote was a free world.


Scrote was a trading world that operated within the western portion of the universe. It was discovered and founded by the Girth-King Tesutè in Age 370, who perished within three months of the start of his glorious reign. In Age 433, when Okinaro the Unshriven visited there, he found a stable independent economy offering modest prospects to travelers and pleasure-seekers alike. However, there were only 123 people living in Quhm, the single city remaining on Scrote at the time. However, after Okinaro found his muhawi-koun spice tentacle kabobs to be undercooked, he became enraged and convinced Lord Beerus (who, along with his attendant, was visiting Scrote in hopes of finding some scrumptious delicacies) to destroy Scrote instead of Mrov due to the slipping quality of Gekk's muhawi kabobs. The Destroyer blew up the planet without hesitation, killing everyone there except for Okinaro, who was merely knocked unconscious by the blast.

Notable facts[]

  • After the death of the first Girth-King, no further Girth-Kings rose to take his place (though there were several rather tyrannical mayors), as it was generally considered in those times that Tesutè was in a league of his own and that it was a waste of time to attempt to emulate him.
  • Beerus originally had no plans to destroy this planet. It was only after he tasted the raw muhawi kabob that he decided to rid the universe of such unprofessional filth.
  • This planet was where Okinaro met Beerus and Whis for the first and only time.
  • Had Gekk not undercooked his kabobs, Beerus would have destroyed the Mrovians instead. Thus, with this planet's destruction, Cuber and Chaiva were ultimately saved (albeit many years later).


  • Scrote's population:
    • At height: 64,759.
    • At lowest point: 0.


Scrote was destroyed by Lord Beerus.

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