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Schala Son

A drawing of Schala.

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Schala Son (Her full name is Chrono Schala-Marle-Ayla Son) is Goku's daughter and the second oldest of her siblings (she is only one year younger than Gohan). She is also the strongest of her siblings (being trained in Martial Arts before Gohan was). She differs from her family in a lot of ways; she is a telepath, so she has powers such as, Telekinesis, Telepathy, etc. She also can summon/control lightning and/or light.


She has her father's spiky-black hair and dark-ish blue eyes. She normally wears the orange gi or just a black t-shirt and jeans along with the weighted boots that her dad normally wears.


Her personality is somewhat different from her family. For one thing, she doesn't mind killing, yet does it as a last resort or it just happens as an accident. Like her father, she loves to fight for the thrill of it. She's very intelligent (she's a little more intelligent than Gohan) and uses it to her advantage during battles. She's also carefree (not caring about ditching school at all so she gets scolded by Chi-chi alot) and fun-loving.


Goku (father)

Chi-chi (mother)

Gohan (older brother)

Goten (younger brother)

Ox-King (maternal grandfather)

Bardock (paternal grandfather)

Raditz (uncle)


Kamehameha (taught by Goku)

Lightning (self-taught move/special ability)

Kaio-ken (taught by Goku)

Ki-blast (taught by Goku)

Flight (naturally taught)

Spirit Bomb (taught by Goku)

Telekenisis (self-taught/special ability)

Telepathy (self-taught/special ability)

Lightning II (self-taught/special ability)

Luminare (self-taught/special ability)


She is named after different Chrono Trigger characters. This is because in the DBZ universe she is in, CT events lead up to the events in DBZ, and Chi-chi is the descendent of Chrono and Marle.