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Dragon Ball PF Character
Vital statistics
Homeworld: Earth
Species: Namekian
Eye Color: Black
Father: Piccolo
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

Saxophone (サックス, Sakkusu) is the son of Piccolo and a member of Team Dragon Ball. He is the rival and fusee of Mato.


Saxophone was born in Age 775. Growing up, he was always a good friend and rival to Mato. The two, at some point, learned the Fusion Dance together, and became able to fuse into Sato.


Saxophone appears similar to his father, almost identical; both being tall, thin, and angular. Like all Namekians, he has green skin, dark eyes, pointed ears, antennae and four fingers on either hand. He normally wears a teal gi with a blue belt and brown shoes.


Saxophone is honest, hyperactive and overly cheery. He enjoys being part of the crowd, and hanging out with the other members of Team Dragon Ball.


Saxophone was trained by his father, making him a very skilled opponent in battle.

  • Flight: The ability to fly using Ki.
  • Ki Blast: The most basic form of an energy wave.
  • Special Beam Cannon: His father's signature attack, it is charged by placing two fingers on the forhead and charging ki, then shooting a drill of energy.
  • Masenko: An energy wave invented by his grandfather, it is charged by placing both hands above the head, one on top of the other, and firing a sphere of energy.
  • Light Grenade: A powerful energy ball attack.
  • Mystic Attack: The ability to extend the user's arm great distances.
  • Explosive Breath Cannon: A powerful energy beam shot from the mouth and tongue.
  • Eye Lasers: Electricity-like ki beams fired from the eyes.