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Sark is the most powerful member of the Dragon Clan of the Nameks, and joins Kakarot and his fathers group to stop Frieza.


Bending Matter[]

* Materialization is a technique where Sark can channel his energy to create a shadow of anything, then form it into what he wishes it to be. He must, however, have a picture of it, or know it's name.

* Creation is a technique, like Kami, where Sark may make temporal or permanent Dragon Balls, and other special wish granting items. Due to this, he is known to be a powerful Namek.

* Advanced Healing allows Sark to repair bones in an allies body, rather then just heal them from a near death situation. However, on Saiyans, Zenkai does take effect, but two times stronger.


Sark only has two attacks, which are both complex.

* Bending Your Head! An attack where Sark channels his energy to use Materialization to make a puppet of his enemy, then, uses his creation technique to make it into a vodoo like attack. This allows his opponent to become a puppet doing anything in his command, no matter what the Power Level is

* Thats It! An attack where Sark uses Creation to create a powerful Dragon Ball, and wishes his enemies to be vanquished to another dimension, where his own creatures eat his enemy. These creatures include banished Nameks (Lord Slug), and a consistency of ferocious dragons under his command.