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Sanzen is a Half-Saiyan, 'hypnotised' by the Planet Trade Organization. He sits as its second strongest warrior and can transform into a Super Saiyan, bumping just below Sage's power. Due to being hypnotised he sometimes has power spikes in his rage and near surpasses Sage's power; however, he quickly calms down to show no threat.


Masena - A similar technique to the Kamehameha, where the user cups his hands behind him and charges a simple ball of Ki, the energy however is red and serves to be dangerous to use as it can suck some of your life force just to increase its power.

Executor - A technique fairly similar to King Vegeta's 'Execution' Ray.

Big Bang Crash - One of Sanzen's weakest moves; he uses this fairly often to get his opponent off guard and possibly damage them while distract them for a more powerful move such as the Masena.


Super Saiyan

However very powerful, Sanzen barely uses this form as it shows the extent to his power to his enemies, and he believes this form is nothing but a nuisance.