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Samara is one of the four elite soldiers that the Ice-Jin Arctus brings to Earth with him. He is the same species as Vug and possesses a red scouter and two arm cannons. He is unwaveringly loyal to Arctus and is his closest friend, mentioning that he would die for him. He acts as the leader of the other elite soldiers, consisting of Watum, Cheriz and Lufa, keeping them in line and stopping them from doing anything they shouldn't be doing.

Arctus saga[]

He, Arctus and the others came to Earth to kill the Saiyan Goku, but when they learned that he was away (training Uub) they attempted to track him down by destroying various towns and cities. However they not only found Goku but the rest of the Z-Fighters as well. They engaged them in a battle where Samara fought Piccolo and Krillin singlehandedly. Amazingly despite the fact that he was outnumbered and that he was just a grunt he managed to quickly gain the upper hand on them. Before he could kill them however the battle was interrupted by the arrival of another Ice-Jin, Frosta, a relative of Arctus who decided to kill Goku himself. He attempted to kill Arctus and badly injured him but before the final blow the Z-Fighters intervened and stopped him. Goku told Samara and his fellow soldiers to take Arctus back to their ship so that he could be healed and the four flied off to do just that.

After doing so they flew back and helped the Z-fighters by killing the Frosta's soldiers (with ease) and then began the attack of Frosta. Samara felt that he owed Goku and the Z-Fighters a debt for stopping Frosta from killing Arctus and told them of this before engaging Frosta. Despite their massive power levels they were no match for Frosta and were beaten within inches of their lives. Before Frosta could kill them however, Arctus showed up and took on Frosta, shocking everyone when he went into his 5th form. Seeing his leader brought renewed power to Samara and he got up and helped the Z-fighters, Arctus and his fellows to kill Frosta. When he was dead Samara thanked Goku. Arctus agreed not to kill Goku and left the planet with Samara and the other elite soldiers but later came back to help the Z-Fighters in various times of need.

Name Pun[]

Samara: Fruit from Ash tree.


  • Full power energy wave
  • Flight- Uses Ki to levitate
  • Instant Transmission
  • Bakuhatsuha
  • Hell Wave - Fires large and destructive energy balls in rapid succession
  • Finger Beams - Fires 10 beams of energy from the tips of his fingers