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Sama is a Lower-Class Namekian Warrior. He strives to become more powerful, and becomes the mentor of Kakarot.


  • Ki Blast
  • Ki Wave
  • Light Hellzone Grenade (A weaker version of Hellzone Grenade. The enemy is kicked into the ground, and a flurry of Ten Ki Blasts goes at the enemy. As it hits, a Ki Wave is released to finish the technique).
  • Light Grenade
  • Rage! (When Sama's apprentice is attacked, and injured, Sama is overcome with rage, and kicks the enemy multiple times, then, punches them into the air. Utilizing Telekenesis, he holds them into the air, while forming a one handed Light Grenade, the Soma Blast.)
  • Soma Blast (A wear version of the Light Grenade, often formed in one hand.).
  • Telekenesis