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Dragon Ball Generations Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Water Chief
Birthplace: New Namek
Power level:
Homeworld: Northland, formerly Earth and New Namek
Species: Namekian (Warrior-Type)
Eye Color: Black
Children: Tube
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

Salam (サラム, Saramu) is a Warrior-Type Namekian who lives in the Inner Circle of the Northland as the Water Chief of the area. As the Water Chief, he knows many Water Techniques that he uses efficiently in battle. He is the father of Tube and Worm, the good and bad halfs of his original son Ander.


Salam was born on New Namek, however, through unknown circumstances, he ended up on Earth and eventually on the Northland. He trained with the Water Dojo at some point whilst on Earth, and, whilst on Northland, was given the role of Water Chief by the previous one.


Salam is a very dutiful and serious man who will risk anything to protect his kingdom. He also is very trusting, as he accepted Gollo without knowing anything about him.


Salam appears similar to other Nameks, with green skin, antennae and pointed ears. He is very tall, around 8'0", and has a very defined musculature. He normally wears white and hazel battle armor, a black jumpsuit, a brown belt, a red cape, a pink scouter and white gloves and boots.



  • Flight: Salam can fly using ki.
  • Water Blasts: Very similar to Ki Blasts, except made from water instead of energy.
  • Water Creation: Salam can create water from thin air, however, it does exhaust ki, and, the more water he creates, the more ki he exhausts.
  • Water Control: Salam can control both the state of matter and the shape of water.
  • Ocean Incarnation: The most powerful water attack, it involves reaching out and pulling the energy from nearby sources of water and moonlight and channeling it into a powerful energy blast.


  • Unlocking Potential: Salam can use the Namekian ability to unlock potential, as he unlocked both Benkei's and Tube's potentials.
  • Regeneration: Salam can regenerate like other Namekians, as he was able to regrow his arm when it was cut off in a fight, and, when his left arm, right fingers, both legs and parts of his torso were blown off in an explosion, he grew them all back in an instant.