The twins were originally named Keepi and Keeli, but since "Beet" is red and not Peek (Keepi's name pun), they are now nameless

The twins are the two gentle 100% saiyans, they lack the abilaty to turn SSJ1 but in base theire power levels goes into SSJ3.

Unlike most saiyans, one of them has a red skin, while the other has an azure/blue skin


The went to Earth to be Kakarotto's adopted brothers but Prince Bartek stood in their way.

One of the twins first apeared saving Good Tullece from Evil Tullece's blow, but due to his good heart he could kill him.

The other twin apeared to stop Coola and Freeza from killing our heroes (who due to Bartek's magic, were forced to use just false SSJ to stop them).

The twins eventually met their fate at the hands of Prince Bartek, but were ressurected by him to serve him along side Skel and Jheese

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